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While the lack of a page is not a rule here, I abide by a code of honor where I do not make proposals for characters who do not have pages.

Proposed Candidates


Beasts of no nation ver6.jpg
The Commandant


Pure Evil Candidates

  • I'm definitely wanting to propose this character.

  • The Fallen Third from One For The Road and The Fallen Third (Will look at this candidate two weeks after the release of Hail The Fallen Third) *
  • The Toy Box Demon from Good Boy*
  • Dalles (1989 Anime)*
  • Doberlord (Thundercats: Dogs of War)*
  • The Grundel
  • Jev
  • Gorgan
  • Rao Vantika
  • Control
  • Sergei Ivanovich*
  • Mr. X from Lupin III (This will not take his appearances from Part II/Red Jacket into account as they are not likely canon and rather a different continuity.) *
  • Carlos and Consano *
  • Chris from Lupin III: Farewell to Nostradamus *
  • Nigel Harrington and Taipan *
  • Leopoldo Fago from Lupin III: The Italian Adventure*
  • Emperor Ireid Obies*
  • Big Guy and Anaconda from Tattoo of Death
  • Henry Starling from Star Trek
  • Controller Emck from Star Trek
  • Niklon from Star Trek
  • Dr. Njam from Star Trek
  • Enab from Star Trek
  • Bajoran Cult Leader from Star Trek
  • Maje Jal Valek from Star Trek
  • Verad from Star Trek
  • Gul Dukat from Star Trek (IDW Comics)
  • Sho'Tokh from Star Trek
  • Emperor Alexander from Star Trek
  • Vandar of Stone from Star Trek
  • Megatron (Star Trek Version)
  • Nicole Carson from Star Trek
  • Captain Pete Flamm from Star Trek
  • Styx Mori from Journey to the Year 3000
  • Hammer Terhune from Xenozoic Tales
  • Sean Russell from Xenozoic Tales
  • Sven Ragnar from Delta State
  • Darren Morton from Sliders
  • Dexter Miles from The Barber
  • Joker from The Further Adventures of Batman
  • General Garneaux from G-Saviour
  • Ansah from The Phantom (Comic)
  • Adix from The Phantom (Comic)
  • Governor Koong from Droids, a 1985 cartoon.*
  • Shishigumi Lion Chief from Beast Stars
  • Dr. Che Garcia from Last Alert (Might save this for Pixarfan1234 when they do 300+ edits)*
  • Professor Bucky-Wise from the Ninja Gaiden ova. (Might save this for when Jadium does 300 edits.)*
  • Jaquio, Generalissimo Killt, and the Plutonium Boss from Worlds of Power. (Might save these for when Jadium does 300 edits.)*
  • Dorchenov/Dukedolf from Metal Armor Dragonar (Might save this for when Jadium does 300 edits.)*
  • King Constantine III*
  • Ra Moon* (May create a page for his comic book counterpart if they turn out different enough.)
  • Lord Wily (Manga Version)*
  • MegaMan DS (Manga Version)*
  • Silver Horn* (There is evidence that his game is or may not be part of the main canon.)
  • Akuma (1995 Cartoon)*
  • M.Bison (1995 Cartoon)*
  • M.Bison (Udon COmics)*
  • Vega (Udon Comics)*
  • M.Bison (G.I. Joe X Street Fighter)*
  • Von Romme from Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures
  • James Compton from Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures
  • General Vostok (Provided Delta does not get to him.)
  • Kaburagi Kark from Lord of Vermillion
  • Corpus's Creator/the one with no name from Mighty Max*
  • Master Brain (Mighty Max)*
  • Admiral Evar*
  • Lord Harkon (All arguments about him being honorable and well-intentioned seem reliant on alternative-character interpretation. Also, just because one heinous crime is offscreen does not automatically mean he can't pass the standards through other means.)
  • "Thanatos" from Secret of Mana.*
  • Emperor Drakonis from Legend of Mana*
  • Emperor Drakonis (Shiro Amano Manga)*
  • Montross*
  • Admridal Screed and the Great Heep from Droids, a 1985 cartoon.*
  • Governor Koong (Might save this for when Jadium does 500 edits.)*
  • Agandaur: I believe this game is stand alone and Sauron makes no actual appearance.*
  • Mouth of Sauron (Battle for Middle-Earth)*
  • Witch-King of Angmar (Rankin-Bass Incarnation)*
  • M.O.D.O.K. (Iron Man 3)
  • William Stryker' (X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the PS2 & Wii)*
  • Bastion (Next Dimension)
  • Bastion (X-Men Destiny)
  • Totopepe from Witch and the Hundred Knight*
  • Kagan (May consider making separate pages for his film and comic portrayals.)*
  • Dark Koutei from Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden series 4.
  • Silverman from Zoid comics made by Marvel in the United Kingdom.
  • Glemy Toto (Comic BomBom Manga)
  • Ende from Seraphic Blue
  • Morgan Douglas from Seraphic Blue
  • Demon Lord Ackdam from Dragon Slayer*
  • The Major (Blaster Knuckle)
  • Beast of White Rock Valley from Blaster Knuckle
  • Shuzo Saionji from Cyber City Oedo 808
  • Barclyss from Forever Home
  • General Kail from Forever Home
  • Empress Verona from Eternal Twilight
  • Ry'jin from The Tiamat Sacrament
  • Gyle from The Tiamat Sacrament
  • Malviticus from The Great Gaias

Characters listed as NPE who should be re-evaluated for a potential PE status. (This will not include rejected evil characters.)

Rejected characters we must reconsider. (I'd re-propose them if I mark them with an asterisk and this is more of a wish list.)

  • Adam Sutler: Is every bit as guilty as Peter Creedy. Also he seems more xenophobic than well-intentioned. Also, just because the original version had preventions does not automatically mean they cannot be absent in another, look at the Utrom Shredder who lacked the redeeming features of his Original Comic Book counterpart.
  • Alexander (Murder Party): TBA
  • Ardos: Not only is attempting to blow up an island's worth of people not fridge horror (Eldes specifically told him: "You're willing to sacrifice everyone so you can escape? You should be ashamed!"), it is also far from generic villainy for the setting of Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD which are dubiously canon spinoff titles. Also would other villains' crimes really jack up the standard of these games if they were so reliant on fridge horror?
  • Cypher Reagan: TBA
  • Damien Thorn: His relationship with his father is of fanaticism, not love for him. Also, he either shed whatever remorse he had or was faking said remorse.
  • Firefly (Arkhamverse): TBA
  • Frost (Mortal Kombat): One of the reasons she should be added back is that she and Sektor are not so similar. (Worth noting that the person who got her cut did not have a great track record at removals.)
  • Gallius Rax: TBA
  • Gideon Hask: TBA

I.P. to check

  • Heavy Object (I might consider working with another person on this.)

Individual Works

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Upcoming live-action remake.)
  • Fatal Fury Manga by Ken Ishikawa. (Might talk with another user on this.)
  • Legend of Heroes (Might talk with someone on this.)
  • Tales of Vesperia