The Dark Light is a council comprised of seven major villains throughout the cartoon universe. They seek to spread their darkness and evil throughout the universe and make everyone see the darkness even the light itself and destroy all those who oppose them or get in their way. They mostly operate from the shadows and have their enforcers carry out their plans in the limelight. They also form partnerships with other all power villains in return for access to each other's power and resources.

1st Dark Light


  • The Lich - Primus Inter Pares, founder, and magic expert.
  • Anti-Pops - Secundum Inter Pares and space expert.
  • Bill Cipher - Inter-dimensional guide and demon philosopher.
  • Rob - Weakness identifier and bond destroyer.
  • The Beast - Master Manipulator and bringer of death.
  • Storm King - Head of the cavalry and army commander.
  • Toffee - Strategic Genius and former enforcer. Serving as Lord Dominator's replacement.


  • Uncle Gumbald - Ruler of Gumbaldia and enforcer in The Land of Ooo. Operates mostly under The Lich.
  • Mr. Ross - Keeper of the Timenado and enforcer in The Park. Operates mostly under Anti-Pops.
  • Toffee (Formally) - Originally an enforcer, promoted to full membership after Lord Dominator was ousted.


  • GOLB - Original partner, formed by his ties with The Lich. Supply's The Dark Light with extensive knowledge of the universe and cosmic power.
  • Streaming - Originally Internet, formed by his ties with Anti-Pops. Supply's The Dark Light with extra calvary and insight about their enemies.

Former Allies

  • Great Diamond Authority - Former partner, who supplied The Dark Light with gem tech, weapons, and access to gem controlled planets. The partnership was dissolved after the diamonds gave up their tyrannical ways.
  • Monster Steven - Created by The Dark Light as a form of revenge for losing their partnership with the diamonds and to use as a weapon to help further their goals, but was quickly returned to normal.

Former Members

  • Lord Dominator - Ousted from the group after her failed attempt to destroy Wander's galaxy. As well as losing her ship and powers, deeming her useless to The Dark Light.

2nd Dark Light


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