Ragethorn is the embodiment of nature's wrath and resides in the Green Glade - a mystical dimension that is linked to the biosphere of every inhabited world in the multiverse.

Ragethorn exists to watch over the natural cycle of all worlds and will oppose the actions of those who have infringed upon the "sacred laws" via unleashing the rage of the elements as he sees fit.

Ragethorn has caused the extinction of all life on Mars after judging the Martians destruction, caused the destruction of the dinosaurs in order to progress evolution and sank the city of Atlantis when its people began to deplete the natural resources.

Ever since then Ragethorn has brought the rise and fall of innumerable empires across time and space, ranging from the Roman Empire of old to inter-steller unions - caring not the methods needed to do so but always holding himself to a certain code of honor when it came to those that actively opposed him.

As such Ragethorn will honor all promises to the letter and can never break an oath - this has been used in the past to avert the deity's wrath and some have even managed to befriend him, though the balance of nature always comes first and even long-term allies risk becoming destroyed if they transgress against the "sacred laws".

Worshipped by ancient druids, pagan-cults and even entire alien cultures Ragethorn has been known to bestow remarkable gifts upon his followers - the entire race of the "Tree Elves" have become eternally bond with Ragethorn and are one of the few sentient species permitted to enter the Green Glade, where they tend to the plants and animals while helping to enforce the "sacred laws": as "Tree Elves" progress in age they lose more and more of their humanlike traits and become more plant-like, the eldest "Tree Elves" are akin to living avatars of Ragethorn and become part of Green Glade's "Living Forest".

Ragethorn has a distrust and loathing of humanity - especially those in the developed world - finding them to be "base" and "wicked" creatures: this has led him into conflict with Earth on several occassions, though he finds Earth's abundance of natural diversity to be too great for him to destroy outright - for this reason he allows humanity to exist.. for now.

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