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  • I live in somewhere
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is *sshole on the internet
  • I am Male
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Now, being honest, if I weren't immortal, everything here would die. Immediately. Think Xadophrez is strong? I've killed millions and millions (even billions) of people who tried to oppose me. I've destroyed thousands of planets, even Thanos is envious of me. Remember when your dog died? Yeah, I kill those that are in poor health, just for my entertainment. I meet all the criteria for being Pure Evil. I created cancer and every other deadly disease in the world. Ebola? Too easy. Lung cancer? Walk in the park. Typhus? Piece of cake. I created genocide, omnicide, homicide, suicide (my favorite), familicide, fratricide, sororicide, matricide, and patricide. Hitler is a child compared to me.
~ Description of yours truly.

Hello everyone who happens to read this! I am RandomnessIsAwesome, but you can call me Random. I try to keep an eye on sockpuppet accounts and trolls. Just think of me as your Immortal Pure Evil (but sometimes not)-detective. I want to help this wiki out. I am willing to help anyone w/ rules or something. Just don't mess with me, and we're good. Also, I use the villain infobox instead of the user infobox because I'm an asshole.

Friends of Mine (I hope)

Ruben the Ageless Stranger

B1blkal AKA Ruben

  • B1bl1kal - My favorite content moderator, kind, strict, and an amazing enforcer, just a great guy in general, however don't mess with him! Also a great friend of mine.
  • Jester of chaos - My favorite admin, very kind and a great enforcer.


  • September 28, 2018 - Joined this wiki.
  • November 30, 2018 - 1,000 Edits
  • December 8, 2018 - 100 Discussion Posts

Favorite Villains

  • Scar - Simba's uncle and rival, a treacherous mastermind who murdered his brother, tried to murder his nephew, and made the Pride Lands miserable.

Favorite Villainesses

  • Zira - If Scar was female and had brute strength instead of great brains and was male, this is what he would be. Almost the exact opposite of Scar.

Favorite Types of Villains

  • Complete Monsters - By far my favorite type, (sadly the most abused one) just goes to show how cruel and sadistic a villain/villainess can be, and what they can accomplish with very low resources.
  • Masterminds - They are extremely intelligent, having the brain power of a factory, these types of villains can only be defeated once their arrogance is revealed.
  • Chaotic Evil - They cause chaos around them, and most of them I feel should be terrorists.

Pages I Created

My User Watchlist

  • Billcipher5old6 - Edit-spamming.
  • Mmue14047: Category abuse, where he removes categories from pages where said-categories would qualify, while adding categories where they won't qualify. Frequently targets the same pages (mostly Star Wars articles). Usually blows his cover by sending hostile messages to users who assume it's him and by vandalizing other users' profiles.
  • Grobda - Extremely long history of ban evasion, edit-warring and hostile behavior. Tends to deny/lie about resorting to sockpuppetry in spite of evidence. If you see him, report him to me or an admin/content moderator.
  • Dima Kuzmenko - Relentless category abuse and edit-warring. Always completely ignores warnings, targets the same articles and tends to be active on the same Wikis. Nowadays, he always seems to blow his cover by asking for a page that was locked due to his constant category abuse to be unlocked and has repeatedly resorted to account spamming to cheat the new edit-throttle system the wiki has.
  • LePokemon/Yveljk - Frequently ruins infobox cleanups in the same manners and resorts to plagiarism. Outright stated he doesn't care about the rules concerning plagiarism. May change entire sections from English into French for no good reason at all. Tends to be active on the same Wikis. As of recent, he has also resorted to blanking pages along with hostile behavior.
  • Juan Carlos Cortez - Constantly spams bizarre fan-fiction in spite of warnings (both in the form of articles and even fake userpages). Most of his articles are just made up of complete gibberish copy-pasted from Wikipedia articles as if to give the illusion that his "articles" are genuine to non-observant users. Always uses near identical variations of the same usernames.
  • Lady Satsuki - Relentless cross-wiki edit-warring, PE abuse, page hijacking (AKA renaming a page to something different and replacing it with completely different content), plagiarism and ban evasion. Tends to target the Jedah and Angel Eyes article most of the time. Once things don't go her way, she frequently becomes aggressive and resorts to attacking other people's userpages across multiple Wikis to get what she wants (and may or may not include death threats).
  • Ion - Tries to hijack pages by replacing pages with completely different and unrelated info as if he is trying to create new articles by doing it on already existing pages. Is the "Add new page" icon really that hard to find?
  • Ethian: Repetitive antagonist fussing and edit-warring regardless of warnings. Also constantly lies about each of his alts by trying to play it off as if they are not all used by the same person in spite of the suspiciously similar behavior shared among each account. Also, cross-wiki message spamming and impersonation:
  • Exodius - Edit-warring. Always constantly edit-spams each and every one of his own profiles for no particular reason.
  • Titinak/Destroyer of Everything - Frequent category abuse and hostile behavior. Constantly ignores the PE Proposals rule and always greets users with a confrontational and self-entitled attitude whenever someone reverts his edits. Goes after the same pages and uses similar usernames between alts.
  • Pigletisbacon - Abusing multiple accounts. Possible sockpuppeting.
  • Isi744 - Harassment and trolling.
  • Gret Vers/Gret Vorts - Sock puppets of Dima Kuzmenko.
  • Dima Kuzmenko - Using sock puppets to evade ban.
  • Yankiedude - Blanking articles.
  • The Basketball Court/BrittalCroftFan - Trolling, spamming, sockpuppetry, vandalism and harassment.

My Page Watchlist



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