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I'm Red Chevalier. I edit and occasionally go on discord. If you have any questions or issues feel free to come to me with them (unless it's to ask me to create or edit a page, do that yourself).

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Villain Types I Like

  • Villains who believe in what they're doing: Whether they're anti-villains, hardcore extremists or full on knight templars, having villains that believe in a cause or end goal makes the plot so much more interesting because it introduces a clash of philosophies. This doesn't mean the villain has to be sympathetic, and these types of villains can often go off the deep end, but it means there's more to the story than just "good guy vs bad guy".
  • Villains who pretend to be good or use "good" causes to further their own ends: This is similar to the above type, but a bit different. While the above sees themselves as good, these ones either know they're wrong or just don't care, yet masquerade as good guys in order to achieve their goals. Having villains like this sends a message to always be skeptical and to be wary of questionable acts done under the pretense of righteous ends, as even "good" causes can be corrupted.
  • Villains who relish in being evil: On the other end from all of the above, villains who are outright evil and relish in it can be enjoyable, but are very easy to get wrong. If a story is filled with too many villains like this it can get boring fast. However, if used sparingly and if the villain in question is given an interesting and fun personality, this type can work well.
  • Villains who are human: Non-human villains are fine, but human villains often reflect the darker parts of ourselves and add a new layer of complexity onto the story. It's easy to characterize "evil" as just being a monster or demon, it's a lot harder to recognize how it can spring out of ourselves if our own flaws are left unchecked.
  • Villains that represent inhuman forces: This is on the opposite end of the trope above, but villains like the Lich and Cthulhu can be terrifying because there's no reasoning with them. They're driven by totally alien desires and will not stop until they've achieved them.
  • Villains that are dumb (but still threatening): This is a more niche one than the ones above, but I believe that the dangers of incompetent leadership are something that should be represented more in media. In addition to evil done under a righteous guise, a lot of evil in the world is done out of stupidity or adhering to a broken philosophy. I don't want to get political, but I'm sure we can all think of some good examples of this in the real world wink wink.

Villain Types I Don't Like

  • Villains who turn evil out of loss of a loved one: This trope isn't necessarily bad, but all to often have I seen this used as a crutch to explain away horrific acts the villain does. It's just jarring to see villains killing dozens of innocent people because "my parent/spouse/younger sibling/friend died" and does very little to flesh out a villain. Bori Khan from the awful Mulan remake is an example of this trope gone wrong. His revenge is used as a crutch for his entire character, and he's left so bland you could switch this motive out for any other one.
  • Villains that are more interesting or likeable than the hero: This isn't the fault of the villain themselves, but I dislike stories where the villain is given a fleshed out or sympathetic motive and the hero is left bland and one dimensional. All it does is lead to me rooting for the villain and against the hero. Even worse are stories where the bland hero does villainous or morally questionable things to project the image of the plot being complex; if there are two sides in a story that are doing bad things, I'm naturally going to root for the side that does them in a "cool" way, which more often than not is the villains.
  • Villains who are quirky or eccentric and that's it: Again, quirky villains aren't necessarily bad and eccentric villains can be super engaging or memorable (the Joker, Dimentio and Evolt being excellent examples) but all to often do I see this trope being used as a crutch in place of making the villain actually interesting. Just having the villain crack jokes doesn't make them well written and often times they just become annoying, though I suppose this fixes the issue I mentioned above.
  • Pure Evils/Complete Monsters: Again, a villain being this isn't necessarily bad, but I dislike all the attention this trope has received on the wiki lately and how it's been treated as a badge of honor or indicator for how well written a villain is. 90% of the villains who are "Pure Evil" are very uninteresting and poorly written, and only fall under this by default due to being given little in way of an actual motive. There are plenty of well written villains who are Pure Evil, but the fact that this wiki seems to be becoming increasingly centered around this trope worries me.

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