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Top 15 most evil villains of all time

Honorable Mentions (and why they didn’t make the list):

1. Bill Cipher: Didn’t make it because it’s implied he has some remorse for destroying his dimension and killing his family.

2. Joker (DC): Is heavily dependent on the writer. He’s been played sympathetically before (The Killing Joke, Batman: Going Sane and Emperor Joker) and seems to genuinely love Punchline.

3. Frieza: Genuinely respects Goku, treats his men pretty well now and is implied to care for Berryblue.

4. Montgomery de la Cruz: Due to stupid writing he came to care for Bryce Walker and was played sympathetically at the end of season 3 and posthumously through much of season 4.

5. Kai Chisaki: Truly cared for his boss and intended to repay his debt to him for taking him as a child.