"Death Lord.. perhaps it is a grand title, foolish to some but in the end, what else could I describe myself as to such simple creatures? Satan is far too dated, Evil is but a shifting concept.. no, only Death is an eternal and all-known force.. you of all people should know that, Doctor" - Err Ort


Ancient, powerful and malevolent - the Death Lords were once feared above all other races and mirrored the more famous Time Lords in evolution, yet as Time Lords grew to control and manipulate time and dimensions the Death Lords became obsessed with mortality and the many means by which even the mightiest of species perished.

When the Time Lords were ravaged during the Time Wars the Death Lords watched and even manipulated some of the events, eager to see the power death could have over even their "cousin" race.


This would cost the Death Lords dearly however as many of them were erased from existence after the Time Wars, leaving only a few lone individuals in the universe : one of the more prominent being Err Ort, who would become fixated on continuing the "research" his race had been conducting for time immeasurable.

Now the ancient Death Lord continues to move across realities using his TOMB and is a formidable foe even to the most seasoned of adventurers.


  • TOMB (Death Lords travel in TARDIS-like craft known as TOMBs, these devices are powered by death - with vast arrays of technology and devices collected by a Death Lord : common devices are things like engines powered by dying stars, life-draining "batteries" and so on.. like a TARDIS all TOMBs are vastly bigger on the inside than on the outside, to the point the Doctor theorised that some particularly powerul TOMBs (such as those used by Err Ort) were pocket universes in their own right)
  • Death Affinity (Death Lords have vast knowledge of death and its many related phenomena, to the point they can even tell if a being is about to die, they can also sense the "death" of entire universes, often arriving in a dying time-line or world in order to watch the process (and in some cases, to manipulate events to ensure maximum loss of life) )
  • Regeneration (Death Lords have a unique form of regeneration in which they will, upon becoming severely old or injured, transform into a new entity - unlike Time Lords they regenerate via possessing the bodies of recently deceased : for this reason many weak or old Death Lords murder a victim shortly before they feel the regeneration process arising, if they fail to find a body upon regeneration a Death Lord will be stuck in an astral "ghost" form, becoming akin to a psychic parasite)
Dr Who Theme (1974-1980) in G-major

Dr Who Theme (1974-1980) in G-major

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