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Hi. I am ShadowPirateX. Like anyone with anyone else on this wiki, there are many villains i like. Before i signed up, i was the one who created the article about The Deleter. Currently, this is the wiki i'm most active on. I'l do my very best to share information and create articles if they don't exist yet.

I primarily like video game villains.

My favorite video game villain is...

Yami, Emperor of Everlasting Darkness.

The reason i like him so much is primarily how badass he is. He almost envelops the entire world he lives in, in complete darkness and he almost kills his archnemesis, the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, the most powerful God in Okami.

I also like how symbolic Yami is. His true form representing that even the most innocent looking creatures can be evil and that evil starts out small. His 1st form representing humanity's desire to destroy, as seen when he destroys the floor underneath him and Amaterasu during their final battle. 2nd form represents humanity's desire to burn, as seen when he covers himself in flames. 3rd form representing humanity's desire to gamble and take risks, as seen how his 3rd form is a slot machine and Yami's attacks relies on luck. His 4th form represents humanity's desire to use energy for selfish reasons, as seen when he uses energy for the sole reason of killing Amaterasu. His 5th and final (and my favorite) form represents the fact that evil comes from our hands, as seen since his 5th form has a single, large, hand.

That's all i want to say about him.

Articles i've created

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