Life's only meaning is to die; do what ever want.
~ His view of life whenever asked.
Yes worship your imaginary friends it doesn't matter in the least!
~ whenever someone prays in front of him especially a victim.
The so called 'gods' were merely people with a good amount of power and massive egos.
~ What he thinks about the gods.

Physical Description of him and his loved ones.

Shi: Despite being the son of a Japanese couple he looks very pale with long spiky black hair. His most noticeable similarity to his parents is his purple eyes which he inherited from his mother. He is very thin and appears younger than most his age despite his eating habits. His clothing consist pitch black boots with purple laces, Grey jeans, Plain black T-Shirt, and a long black Trench coat which is commonly buttoned up showing his signature symbol, a purple three eyed Oni with long curvy upside triangles starting around his knees. He was five foot six.

Jade Motarasu: She was a young and beautiful woman with long black hair at the age of twenty nine at the time of her death. Her height was five foot four and she weighed roughly one hundred pounds. She had beautiful and unique purple eyes that her son inherited. Unlike her son she was very religious and caring individual. Faith: Angeloism - The belief that when someone dies the are judged only by actions not belief to see if they go to Kontentsu (heaven) or Muko (hell).

Ken Motarasu: He was a strong and muscular man with medium length messy black hair at the age of thirty two at the time of his death. He was a strict but loving father who always did what he thought was for the best of everyone. He was close to his son at the time of his death. He was aware of his wife and son's powers and helped keep their secret from getting out. He was five foot ten and two hundred and twenty pound around the time of his death. He had dark brown eyes. He like his wife was very religious but he believed in Bristology - The belief you are judged by both actions and faith after death but he didn't force his belief on others and never judged.

OC bio

Born to two farmers who were devoted followers of their faiths who loved him very much. Unfortunately for them is both Yorokobi and his mother, Jade Motarasu were mutants. While he had near limitless gravity manipulation, his mother had the ability to heal who would heal anyone who was in pain and in need. When Yorokobi was eight the local priest witnessed her heal her own son who accidently hurt himself, being a racist and under the impression mutants were servants of Toxocara (Who spread this false belief himself to cause more pain, hate, and chaos throughout the world) had ordered the families death. Yorokobi's parents hid their child who saw their deaths by two thugs hired by the priest. One year after the death of his family as he mourned them he saw the two thugs and with his power he gruesomely and slowly killed them. The Priest claimed he was a monster and needed to leave or be killed. Most of the town agreed and the young boys fragile mind snapped and as he left he destroyed the town. As he traveled he was persecuted and deemed a monster due to rumors spread by Toxocara who feared his ever growing power. At first he had guilt for killing people and the destruction he caused but over time he didn't flinch at the thought. He grew to hate nearly all humans and sentient life to the point he started to enjoy his killings. He quit believing in Bristol for most of his short life due to him not only allowing all the misery in his life but also that he would allow him to live and bring similar despair to others. However he does have some if few morals such as not killing children up front even warning them to get their families out of town while they can. Over his journeys he found a close friend with a waitress named Violet after she stood up to him and defend him when others called him a monster. As time as passed he has fallen in love with her but he never could express it very well due to some insecurities. He later became a friend of the main hero Xylus who was an alchemist who could bypass equivalent exchange due to him being a strong fighter and an orphan himself. Both Shi and Xylus were dubbed God's due to their great power, Xylus the 'God of Destruction' and Shi the 'God of Death' or 'Shinigami'. Shi enjoyed this due to him believing all gods were merely people born with great powers. Shi was known as an intelligent individual and to believe in evolution.

His main goals were to protect Violet and kill Toxocara before he can steal Bristol's body and enslave reality and 're-make it in his image'. He was shown throughout the story that he stole from his victims bodies and while he liked animals would kill them when he needed. His powers while great have taken a toll on his body and shortened his lifespan considerably. He has in the last few years has been worshiped by the cult known as 'Shi sūhai-sha'. While at first he loved it he soon found out that they allowed among them rapist, child molesters etc.. He was fine with murders but upon hearing two of these type he killed all the cult minus the leader who he killed later when she constantly insulted his two friends and two people who were neither friend or foe by snapping her neck. After Toxocara entered Xylus's body and was killed due to Xylus using his mind to imprison the monster and forging a sword formed of his soul causing Toxocara to shatter. After this Shi calmly says he is glad the adventure is nearly over. When asked what he meant he answers that he plans to kill Bristol so he can have his revenge for all the misery the universe caused him. Xylus states that Shi must realize Bristol is God and killing while possible would destroy all reality. Shi states he has come to realize God did exist as time passed and he hated him for not doing anything about peoples suffering despite claiming he(Bristol) wanted to help the world. After Xylus pointing out everyone including Shi himself and Violet would cease to exist along with the afterlife. After a moment he said it was worth it and said to be stopped he would need to be killed by Xylus. After a long and destructive fight Xylus impales Shi in the chest. As he coughs up blood he tells Xylus he was a superior man and he thanks him for putting him out of his misery. Xylus and Violet mourn him and eventually marry after a while and have a son. This son is Shi/Yorokobi reincarnated by Leben(The omniverse and Bristol is its avatar) which realized he was a by product of a life of only suffering so it decided to give him a second chance at life with a family that will be able to fully raise him into an adult, show by his unique purple eyes.

Funny enough his new parents were his only two friends in life. They are aware of his rebirth and feel no ill feeling towards him and as they tell stories of his past life to his new self while they say he was a good person deep down.

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