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My Gender: Male

I live in: Michigan, USA

My Occupation: Nurse

I'm a tragic villain. I turned to the darkside after the love of my life and best friend left me for someone else. Now, I find love repulsive, and have a deep hatred for humanity. As Mr. Freeze says, If I am to suffer, than humanity will suffer with me.

There is no God, people who believe in God are delusional and self-rightous. They totally ignore all the suffering that their pathetic deity is unable to stop (such as all the suffering I have endured). They make me hate humanity more.

I also have a kink. I like to be hit, slapped, and dominated. 

My Favorite Pages

  • Slashers - I love slashers.
  • Honorable Villains - I do have a strong sense of honor. Any villain that cheats is a loser. Just because you're evil, doesn't mean you can't show respect to those that deserve it.