My opinion on Villains

Villains are such intresting characters in fiction. Some you love, some you hate. The thing I most like about Villains is how unpredictable they are. You can be watching a kids show and realize that the villain has just fooled you. They are truly amazing and some of them are absolutely terrifying. Some villains are dumb and some are brilliant. But they are, without a doubt, EVIL!

Top 10 villains in fiction (that I know of)

1. Of all the villains I’ve seen, I’ve never seen one quite like Kilgrave (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Anyone can be dangerous with the power to control anyone with words, but Kilgrave brought that to a new standard. Raping girls with his power and making people to horrible things for even slightly insulting him (or just when he’s angry), Kilgrave has made people kill themesleves, stare at things forever, drug addicts, and sex slaves. For me, his most unsettling feature is his treatment of his parents. Turning it’s his parents into his slaves when he first got his powers, he burned his mothers face with an iron, which led to them abandoning him. Years later, he reunited with them and turns his dad into a slave and then having him killed and killing his mother earlier. He’s like Joffrey with powers (and Joffreys already bad enough). Truly the best villain I have ever seen.

2. HABIT is a sadistic evil entity that enjoys being just that. Possessing people into doing horrible things such as killing their dogs, killing their friends, or even killing their girlfriends and the EATIING THEIR B A B Y. He’s also done this for quite some time, possessing real life monsters such as Albert Fish, Jack The Ripper, Josef Mengele, and Vlad the Impaler (wouldn’t be surprised if Edwin Epps was possessed as well). HABIT is simply pure evil, an all powerful entity with the mindset of Patrick Bateman.

3. Joffrey Baratheon is the sadistic boy king that everyone loves to hate. Starting off as a slightly sadistic and bratty prince, grown into a fully sadistic, ANNOYING, and hatable cunt. Abusing his girlfriend Sansa by killing her dad after promising her mercy and later forcing her to stare at his decapitated head. Joffrey also has his men beat her, and even after he’s not her boyfriend, he threatens to rape her. He also enjoys humiliating and making fun of his uncle Tyrion, and loves to shove the fact that he’s king down everyone’s throats. Other sadistic acts he’s done include: forcing prostitutes to beat each other, cutting off the tounge of a singer who’s song offended him, killing a crowd of peasents after one of them threw (well deserved) shit at him, and so on.

4. I know Stephen King has said that Flagg is his greatest villain, but I personally find Atropos (Stephen King) to be the best villain in his collection of great villains. A sadistic being that has existed as long as humankind, Atropos is one of the fates that has a job to cut the life lines of humans and does it with glee and pride as he hates humans for being such short lived creatures. He often tries to make them die in the most painful ways possible, at one point getting a woman raped and then bludgeoned to death. He is a servent to the Crimson King who gives him the job to kill a kid who would grow up to oppose the Kings plans. Atropos uses this to harm as many people as possible by turning an innocent family man named Ed into a woman hating, wife beating maniac and manipulates him into crashing a plane at a pro abortion rally, killing hundreds in the process. Worst of all, when he is foiled by a Ralph, the protagonist, he tries to get revenge by killing a six years old girl that Ralph had bonded with over the years. Pure evil.

5. It has been said before and is about to be said again, but The Joker (Nolanverse) is one of the greatest villains ever and the perfect villain for Batman. A sadistic and manipulative anarchrist, The Joker lives to exploit the worst in people. Getting people to gang up on a single man with the threat if blowing up a hospital (which he ends up doing), manipulating Harvey Dent into becoming Two Face, and trying to get two different groups of people (civilians and criminals) to blow each other up, The Joker is introduced by robing a bank and killing all of his goons in the process. Truly one of the greatest (RIP Heath Ledger)

6. Handsome Jack is the pure definition of an asshole. Killing to get his way into power, Jack became president of Hyperion and wanted to turn Pandora into a peaceful society. Not a bad thing, just his methods of doing so where awful. Turning his daughter into a living weapon against her will and starting massacres is just the beginning. Jack hires people to work for him so that he can kill them after they completed there job. He gleefully brags about scooping a fathers eyes out with a spoon in front of his children and even shooting a baby. He may have excuses and he may genuinely love his daughter but man is he one of the best villains I’ve seen in a long time, definetly my favorite villain of all time.

7. Bill Cipher is an entity thingy that just wants to have a good time. His definition of a “good time” however may involve the deaths and suffering of a few billion people. Bill wants to take over our demension and turn it into his own fun house to do whatever he pleases with. He almost succeedes and ends up taking over a town which he turned into Hell by turning random civilians into stone and stacking them up into they make a “throne of human agony”. He also casually shuffles the functions of every hole in a mans face for wanting to work for him. Classic Bill. He is pretty funny tho.

8. Patrick Bateman is your classical 80’s business man. Working, doing drugs, and of course, raping murdering and torturing random innocent civilians. Bateman is a serial killer to end all other serial killers. A cannibal, necrophile, misogynistic, rascist, and all around bad dude that set a sewer rat into a woman’s vagina so it eats her from the inside out, Bateman’s murders can get pretty petty. At one point he kills one of his co workers for having a better business card then him. His kills can get so petty that he once killed a kid to see how it felt. Then there’s of course the agonizing journey he put a homeless man and his dog through. Yeesh...

9. Majora is an mask entity.. thing that loves to wreak havoc and terror wherever it goes. Weather that be corrupting the Skull Kid and abandoning him later, turning people into dekus, or causing the moon to crash onto the planet, this this has no boundaries whatsoever.

10. Edwin Epps is a horrible example of the terror of slavery. A sadist who has his slaves whipped for picking less then 200 cotton a day, Edwin is also obsessed with female slave Patsey and even rapes her on several occasions despite the fact that he has a wife. A religious man who believes that he is doing no wrong and that slaves were created to be his property, Edwin’s most shockingly evil act came when he forced Solomon Northup to whip Patsey at gunpoint, then lost patience and took the whip and began hitting her himself. Disgusting human being through and through. A real shame to be the same species as this monster

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