Move along, nothing to see here. I'm merely going to use this profile as a personal reference sheet for what pages i have made, am still working on and want to make in the future.

Created Pages The Stitchwraith | Plushtrap Chaser | Councilor Vay Hek | Wolf of Saturn Six | Frohd Bek | Nef Anyo | Executioner Ballas | Jordas | Glassmaker | Kela De Thaym | Tyl Regor | Grineer Queens | Alad V | Stalker's Acolytes | Arlo's Zealots | The Grustrag Three | Doctor Tengus | Stalker

Grineer Queens | Executioner Ballas | Alad V | Hunhow | Heart of Darkness

Pages in need of creation Captain Vor | General Sargas Ruk | Parvos Granum | Natah | Erra | The Man in the Wall | Prince Vorkken | Jergingha | Mental (Serious Sam) | Bierce

Current Project

Note to self: Try proposing AM, the progenitor of the evil AI, as VFH of March 2021.

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