The Spirit Of Destruction

Primeval Origin

Long before the rise of the ancient civilizations of the multiverse, there existed a sea of endless chaos, the dying breath of a previous existence - slowly dispersing to make way for a new and ordered creation.

Yet out of this sea of chaos would rise a dark and formidable presence, the sum total of all destruction, although vast, the presence was also incorporeal and incapable of exacting its will upon the multiverse.

For centuries, the presence remained just that, a spectral force that swept across creation like a plague yet could do little to truly change the flow of the order that had replaced its glorious chaos.

That was to change however when a great warrior sold his soul to the darkness, believing himself to be in the service of a divine power - upon surrending his will to the presence the warrior would become lost forever and his body would become the instrument through which the great spirit could finally walk amongst the realm of the living..

Rise to Power

Upon gaining corporeal form the great spirit was mindful to keep its lust for power under control, it knew that true power could not be obtained through mass slaughter and mayhem - instead it opted for forming great alliances with every race and faction it came across.

A master of deception and greed the great spirit befriended many diverse cultures and secretly pitted them against each other, watching as they fought wars for his amusement and skillfully taking control of their ruined cities.

He gained particularly strong ties with four powerful races during his rise to power: the Goblins, Ifrits, Dryads and Sprites.

The Goblins were primitive and stupid but loyal beyond reason - they would become the great spirit's warriors and enforcers, they looted and pillaged without care but always brought their lord great tributes.

The Ifrits were fiery demons, hated and reviled by other races - they would become the great spirit's hidden generals who aided in his schemes of conquest.

The Dryads were originally peaceful guardians of nature but grew corrupted by the great spirit and served as his ambassadors and spies - their beauty and charm allowing them to easily infiltrate societies and destroy them from within.

The Sprites were perhaps the most valued allies of all and taught the great spirit much in the ways of magic, they acted as his shaman and mages.

Lord of the Realm

After decades of manipulation and conquest the great spirit finally created a Dark Realm by which to begin his onslaught in ernest - gathering his four most trusted ally-races together to form his horde, he began working on the construction of the Great Tower.

3 years passed and the Great Tower was finally completed - within its walls lay the great spirit's most terrible creations and tributes, the Dark Realm had been completed.

The great spirit took a further year to gaze over his creation before he decided to begin work on the final stage of his grand plan.

Dark Empire

The great spirit gathered his armies and war-machines to wage a full-out war against the multiverse, naming it the "Dark Empire" - he began a campaign of brutality that earned him the title of "Spirit of Destruction" and indeed it was now more than ever that his true nature was evident.

No longer a mere madman and a sorcerer, the Spirit of Destruction was at last the living embodiment of destruction itself.

Fall of Darkness

Yet even the gods can fall, as was the case for the mighty Spirit Of Destruction - his "Dark Empire" carved a path of destruction across the multiverse until they came across a power more terrible than even they could imagine.

In his haste to destroy the Spirit of Destruction had disturbed the slumber of Those Who Sleep In Shadow, unable to even fight against such titanic power the Dark Empire was crushed like a fly and the Spirit Of Destruction was forced to engage in a hopeless battle against the entities.

Those Who Sleep In Shadow struck down the Spirit of Destruction, as he fell their rage subsided and the entities returned to their eternal slumber - leaving the lifeless body of the once great spirit to eventually be recovered by a small band of followers, who proceeded to entomb the dark lord in a crypt worthy of his stature.

The Return

So it was the Spirit of Destruction lay for untold centuries in a lifeless tomb, it would seem as though that would be the last the multiverse had heard of the great spirit.

Yet destiny has a way of changing things - for the loyalty of the great spirit's minions was to prove even greater than he would of imagined: after centuries of gathering power and magic the Goblins, Ifrit, Dryads and Sprites once again joined forces and entered their master's tomb.

There they would perform unspeakable rituals to awaken the Spirit of Destruction once more, taking the weakened lord back to the Dark Realm to begin his quest for multiversal conquest anew.

Powers and Abilities


  1. Fireball Spell (emits a powerful bolt of flame from his hand.)
  2. Flamethrower Spell (emits a stream of flame from both hands.)
  3. Domination Spell (slows enemies down in battle.)
  4. Anger Spell (puts his minions into a rage, increasing their stamina and defence.)
  5. Confusion Spell (confuses enemies, making them easier to deal with.)
  6. Shield Spell (forms a force-field around himself that absorbs most physical damage.)
  7. Berserk Spell (drives his minions into a mindless bloodlust.)
  8. Shock Spell (forms a field of energy around himself that stuns enemies that get to close.)
  9. Legion Spell (puts his minions under direct control, allowing him to command their movements from afar.)
  10. Sanctuary Spell (grants him temporary immunity to all harm but at same time inhibits his ability to do harm to others.)
  11. Submission Spell (causes those with lowered willpower to become submissive to his will.)
  12. Combustion Spell (creates a pillar of flame within the area he is standing.)
  13. Inferno Spell (creates a fiery inferno within his local vicinity.)
  14. Betrayal Spell (causes weak-minded opponents to attack one another.)


Goblins (the backbone of the great spirit's army and the natural fighters of the four main allied races - they come in five distinct orders (raiders, riders, archers, gunners and grunts). Raiders are heavy-armored but slow, riders utilise war-wolves as mounts, archers have primitive bow-and-arrows, gunners are equipped with basic rifles and grunts are fast but relatively weak soldiers.)

Ifrits (the higher-ranks of the great spirit's army who come in four distinct orders (generals, advisors, torturers and chiefs). Generals command smaller-scale raids under the guidance of the great spirit, advisors aid in the great spirit's grander plans, torturers are tasked with dealing with prisoners and chiefs take the role of puppet-rulers in realms that have been successfully conquered by the great spirit.)

Sprites (the spell-casters of the great spirit's army who come in five distinct orders (shaman, mages, priests, overseers and lorekeepers). Shaman monitor the spiritual world searching for weaknesses and opportunities, mages create new and powerful spells, priests act as healers to the great spirit's armies, overseers keep a watchful eye on the many realms under their control and lorekeepers are tasked with collecting information for use by the great spirit.)

Dryads (the Dryads are a mixed race that are seductive yet deadly, they come in four distinct orders (infiltrators, ambassadors, consorts and assassins). Infiltrators enter enemy realms and tear them apart from within, ambassadors ensure the great spirit's influence is expanded, consorts act as both protectors and servants to the great-spirit and his chieftiens while assassins are tasked with destroying threats to the great spirit's power.)

Servants (the most basic of the great spirit's minions are his servants, captured from conquered lands servants come in several orders (laborers, cooks, guards and disciples). Laborers are tasked with building and repair-work, cooks feed the growing armies, guards act as the most basic type of troop and disciples exist to wait upon the great spirit and shower him with tributes and praise.)

Objects Of Power

Heart of Darkness (the Heart of Darkness is a powerful mystic-relic kept with the great spirit's tower that allows him to teleport in and out of his dark realm at will and access to all its resources: he can also use it to see distant events via the use of scrying)

Blood Pit (the Blood Pit is a deadly black magic item that allows the great spirit to sacrifice others in order to replenish his own vitality - it is reserved mainly for moments when he is in dire need of recovery)

Dark Forge (the Dark Forge is where the great spirit forges new armor and weapons, the Dark Forge is eternal and can never be destroyed nor altered - not even by the power of gods)


Life-Force Absorption (the great spirit can absorb the life-force of living creatures and use them to summon minions from afar or revive them from the dead, he can also convert life-force into mystical energy by which to utilise his formidable sorcerery)

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