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Least Favourite Villains

This is based on whether or not they are poor characters in my opinion, not on them being hate sinks.

  • Joker (Suicide Squad) - A cringey edgy interpretation that doesn't even feel like the Joker and a gigantic downgrade from Heath Ledger. Though he is improved upon in the Snyder Cut and I actually liked his scene there.
  • Lex Luthor (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) - He doesn't even resemble Lex Luthor. He's just an annoying and cringey Joker knockoff.
  • The Enchantress (Suicide Squad) - A generic, boring and unmemorable doomsday villain with pretty much no character.
  • Aldrich Killian (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - Ben Kingsley's Mandarin was a far more intimidating villain than the boring forgettable antagonist what we actually got.
  • Malekith the Accursed (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - Everyone brings it up, but he is a very bland and boring villain who has nothing interesting about him aside from the makeup.
  • Green Goblin (The Amazing Spider-Man) - Dane Dehaan is an okay choice, but the design is atrocious and he's forced into the last minute. He doesn't have a rivalry with Spider-Man as passionate or investing as the one in the comics which takes away from the fact that he killed Gwen.
  • Yokai (Big Hero 6) - The movie is so smug about using Alistair Krei as a red herring making it incredibly obvious he's actually someone else. While his design is cool and his tragic vengefulness has potential, he is idiotic for not trying to save his daughter with the portal he's remaking, showing no remorse over his prize students death and even not caring what Abigail would've wanted because she's "gone".
  • Doom (Fant4stic) - Ruined one of the greatest Marvel villains. His design is terrible and he's all but as generic and characterless as they come.
  • Maltruant (Ben 10) - The final villain of the series should have been Vilgax. Maltruant barely makes an impression due to appearing in very few episodes and his rivalry with Ben is so lackluster compared to his rivalry with Vilgax. Also a waste of Mark Hamill.
  • Guy Gagné (Turbo) - A stupid twist villain who showed his true colours in front of the whole world for no good reason.
  • Steppenwolf (Josstice League) - Incredibly flat character. Not even intimidating and has a lame design. The Snyder cut vastly improved him in both character and design.
  • Dawn Bellwether (Zootopia) - A twist villain shoved in at the VERY last minute. We don't get any time with her as a villain.
  • Fire Lord Ozai (Live Action The Last Airbender) - He doesn't look intimidating at all.
  • Smiler (The Emoji Movie) - If women have no choice but to be a princess or a bride, how come Smiler (a female emoji) is the most powerful Emoji in Textopolis? Also anything from the Emoji Movie belongs here.
  • Talia al Ghul (The Dark Knight Rises) - A lame twist that came out of nowhere at the last minute. Bane should've been the main villain the entire time.
  • Vuk (X-Men: Dark Phoenix) - Literally nothing to her.
  • Scar (2019 The Lion King remake) - Took one of the best Disney villains and made him a boring, characterless generic villain. Just like the movie, honestly.
  • Supreme Leader Snoke (Star Wars) - Killed off before he can make a big impression. Second worst Star Wars villain.
  • General Hux (Star Wars) - Worst Star Wars villain easily. He's made an unintimidating butt-monkey with unfunny jokes at his expense and him being a spy makes no sense.
  • Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) - Turning her evil was such a stupid decision. Her turn to the darkside was incredibly rushed. Season 8 is terrible.

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