Pinkie Pie Breaks the Fourth Wall for the Last Time

Pinkie Pie Breaks the Fourth Wall for the Last Time

You have reached the page of Suxx (yes, that is my persona, laugh all you want) - really nothing much of worth is on this page save for my random raves and collection of strange stuff I found online (video very much related).

I joined this wiki because I enjoy the "darker" side of life so villains always appealed to me - sure, you can be nice and wholesome but to quote the Joker:

"Where's the fun in that?".

Of course I'm not a total douche either, I'm Chaotic-Evil of the "Chaotic" Variety (if you want to use alignments - so don't expect me to make much sense.


Suxx was once an ordinary man with a family, kids and a stable life - then his life was changed forever when a string of incredible bad luck combined with an addiction to gambling saw him lose his job and family, causing him to spend several years as a wandering vagrant relying on soup kitchens and shelters to survive.

It was during this time Suxx lost touch with reality and began to become extremely chaotic in nature - living by his own "code" and seeing those who had a stable or "happy" existence as being in need of a "wake up call".

To Suxx the universe ran on absurdism, if it made any sense at all it was simply a cover for the true chaotic nature of things - since the universe made no sense Suxx believed that people and society shouldn't need to make sense either.

Suxx would take to dressing as a wild, somewhat frightening clown-like figure and continued his wandering, moving from place to place as he took what he required and shared his chaotic "philosophy" with any who cared to listen.

Due to his appearance and irrational behavior many soup kitchens and shelters outright barred him, which resulted in Suxx adopting violence to get what he needed - in turn this attracted the attention of the law and thus Suxx never stayed in one place for too long.

To this day Suxx continues to move from place to place and although he does not actively destroy (chaotic evil is not "chaotic stupid") he has absolutely no qualms about doing so if he is presented with the opportunity - being on the very outskirts of society as a vagrant and drifter he is quite happy to watch it destroy itself naturally, only attacking when he is denied something he wants (normally food or shelter) but will also aid more active "villains" if they seek to destabilize the world more than it already is...

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