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Hi. This is Thesecret1070. I am an admin of this site. Edit as much as you wish, but one little thing... If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!!


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Again, this is to show that this user is slowly running out of ideas. But this little side box shows that I am fan of Dabi, the pic used to be Muscular and then Emperor Zurg, but since Dabi is cool, he's in the box so he can watch you.

This was an inspiration from JacobKyleF and SleepingGuy
A Werid but lovable person, this user is kind but sensitive. But she sometimes needs some help with stuff, please message her if you want to help her with something and don't message her if your a sockpuppet, a troll, or you just want to annoy her.
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More evidence to show that this user is massively bored. Another thing for you to look at. For real, don't steal this template, as SleepingGuy is the one who made it in the first place.
For real though, do NOT steal this. Me nor one of my allies like that when someone steals our template. If you do it, Muscular will come into your bedroom in the middle of the night with a muderous grin on his face and it will haunt you for the rest of your life. Plus, Zurg will know if you stole my templete, he's watching you while you scroll through my userpage. :D

"A good villain must have a good outfit. Muscular on the other hand is a good villain with an awful outfit. He could have worn an outfit based on Carnage from Marvel. Then he would be cooler" - Me critisizing Muscular's outfit.

I'm Tabbykitth, or better known as Tabby. I consider myself the Anti-Hero of the Villains Wiki community as I am nice, but I can be impatiant sometimes. My birthday is Feburary 5th meaning I am an aquarus. I'm active, but not all the time. I also consider myself to be the only person who simps for Muscular (even though I'm 1.3ft shorter than him, no joke, I'm legit 5.4ft when I thought I was 5.7ft). Please refer to me as Tabby since my username is pretty hard to pronounce, and it is okay if you get my gender confused, I don't really mind being called a he. Also, I would really appreciate it if someone does a drawing of my OC which you can see on the infobox I used on my userpage.

My Bio

I'm quite smart when it comes to knowing about villains, and how a villain can be pure evil. I can be compared to Mayura from Miraculous at times because I'm quite similar to her. Why am I quite similar to her? Just like Mayura, I want to help at anyway I can. There are other similaries between us, but I'll explain it later. I'm quite comical because I tell a lot of weird jokes that nobody will ever get (when I mean weird jokes, I mean really odd jokes). I'm not really talkative because I'm a bit shy. My favorite villains are Mayura and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. I like the band called Europe and some of their music. My favorite disney and non disney songs are This is Halloween and In the Dark of The Night, but I like the metal covers of those two songs the most. My favorite shows are The Big Bang Theory, My Hero Academia, and Miraculous Ladybug. My favorite heroes are Sheldon Cooper and Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir. My favorite episodes from some of my favorite shows are Scoobynatural from Supernatural, Befena, Miracular, Miracle Queen, and Heroes Day from Miraculous Ladybug, and any episode from The Big Bang Theory. I'm a violist which isn't very common because violinists make up most of the world's ochestras in my opinion. I have an Xbox one which I use to play Sonic Mania, Sonic Mania Plus, Sonic Forces, and Sonic Generations. I also like writing, and I might create some fanfictions later this year. I'm a big fan of My Hero Academia's most underrated villain, Muscular.

Fanfic Bio


In Real life:

I ain't telling you, that's private!


Takehito is 7.7ft tall with ash blond hair, a red eye, a black eye patch over his left eye, a black and dark gray outfit, black gloves black and dark gray wings, and a black tail.

Powers and Abilites (Fanfic)

Page Watchlist

Lila Rossi (Keeping an eye out for false info)

Hawk Moth (Same thing goes for him as Lila Rossi, plus, he is getting worse and worse by every episode, I just might have to watch him even more than I ever do because he becomes so bad on a PE level, I might actually scream)

Mayura (Same thing goes for Lila Rossi and Hawk Moth)

Muscular (Just in case if a vandal targets his page)

Flect Turn

That's all I have to watch, but if you want me to watch more pages, talk to me on my message wall.

Favorite Pages



Jester of Chaos



Inferno Pendragon

Queen Misery

Magma MK-II

Red Chevalier

The Siblinghood of Tri-Demigods (Sadly, I'm not part of it yet)






Other Allies

Romeo and Robot

Percival C. McLeach



Dark Priest Hargon

Shinobi76 (He isn't a bad person, he's just trying to help out.)

The King Peacock


This one is for the users that I'm neutral with, not exactly enemies though because they do have good in them.



Any user who makes sockpuppets

Coolster17 (Oh my god, he antagonist fusses EVERYWHERE including a wiki I always work on called Pooh's Adventures Wiki. If your an admin at any wiki, if you see someone who is changing antagonist roles, that's him and block him across fandom PLEASE! I do not want to see that bastard again!)

You Know Who (If you dare impressonate me, Muscular will come into your bedroom in the middle of the night and will strangle you to death. Plus I can catch his sockpuppets easily, he always asks for some villains that are very minor or non-villains to be added to the wiki.)

Dmsisco (Getting a bit worried about this guy, I think his next move is to blame me for his actions. I did nothing to you! I think of his as Muscular, but without Context.)

Roslynn PO384 (Geez, fanfiction is not allowed here.)

Natgall09 (Insulted me once on an opinion I made)

Frogcraft (Some troublemaker that is known to cause trouble on some articles)


Have 300 edits (Succeded)

Have 500 edits (Succeded)

Learn how to use a villains wiki templete or ask someone for help. (Succeded)

Have Muscular, Dabi, and Tomura Shigaraki headlined. (Ongoing, Muscular failed and he was ignored)

Play The Sonic 3 & Knuckles Major Boss theme on my viola (Ongoing, that's if they have sheet music for it)

Get myself listed for Voting for Pure Evil Proposals (Succeded)

Have Muscular become a PE (Succeded)

Get the good ending in Sonic and Knuckles (Ongoing)

Survive High School (Ongoing)

Become a better violist (Ongoing)

Create a fanfiction of my own and get it reconized (Ongoing)

Get all As in school (Almost Succeded in Sixth Grade)

Create an entire Lego Land in my bedroom (Ongoing)

Make friends on the internet (Ongoing)

Become an admin (Ongoing, probably will fail)

Find a Muscular action figure (Ongoing, probably will fail)

Introduce Muscular to VFH (Failed, Dabi will done soon)

Favorite ships

  1. Muscular x Kuin Hachisuka: OMG YESSSSS! These two are a perfect match! A match made in heck, and two very evil villains, this ship is perfect!

Villains who would be best friends with each other

  1. Muscular and Carnage: At first, Carnage would think that Muscular is Venom because of his apperance, but after Muscular shows him his bloodthirsty personality, both would become best friends.

My top 20 favorite villains gallery.

My Top 20 most hated Villains Gallery

My Gallery of my fanfic forms.

My Favorite Villain Quotes

This is gonna be nothing more than a warning shot. We'll pull those false heroes down from their shining pedestals...And, in doing so, we'll create a bright new future for this world.
~ Dabi to the Vanguard Action Squad.
Little kids are always so quick to say it's someone else's fault. Don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I took them out because I was mad about the eye thing. I wanted to kill people, it's as simple as that and those two tried to stop me. What happened was the result of all of us doing our best. The real travesty is promising to do something you aren't able to do. THAT'S WHY YOUR DEAR OLD MOMMY AND DADDY DIED!
~ Muscular to Kota Izumi about his parents.
You may call me... Infinite... in the brief moments that remain to you.
~ Infinite introducing himself to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Favorite Songs


The Final Countdown

Rock the Night


Danger on the track


A Heart of Stone

On the Loose

Lover Chaser


Caleb Hynes

This is Halloween (Metal Cover)

Johnathan Young

In the Dark of The Night (Metal Cover)

Imagine Dragons



Fall out Boy



Ones who I don't remember

Paint it Black (I don't remember who did this)

Favorite Video Game music themes

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Sonic 3 & Knuckles Major Boss theme

Flying Battery Zone theme

Sandopolis Zone theme

Death Egg Zone theme

Final Boss theme

Sonic Mania

Mirage Saloon Zone act 1 theme (Skyway Octaine)

Titanic Monarch Zone act 2 (Steel Cortex)

Chemical Plant Zone boss theme

Ruby Illusions (Final Boss theme)

Sonic Forces

Infinite's theme

Sonic Forces Final Boss (Death Egg Robot phase 2)

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

Marble Zone theme

Sonic Generations

Big Arms theme

Death Egg Robot theme

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Oil Ocean Zone theme

Winged Fortress Zone theme

VFH canadates that I voted for (Not counting my own canadates)

July 2021: Jareth (Failed, second or third place)

August 2021: Thrax (Osmosis Jones) (Succeded)

October 2021: Baran (Dragon Quest) (failed)

November 2021: Lord Commander (Failed)

VFH Canadates

September 2021: Muscular (Failed)

December 2021: Hawk Moth (Failed)

???: Dabi or Tomura Shigaraki (Might let someone else do Tomura)

My backup VFH Canadates just in case if someone plans to do mine.

My Sandbox (Don't steal my ideas)

My signatures

  • Muscular MHA.png Muscular Approved (Chat About It?) (An inspiration from Shinobi76 and credits to SleepingGuy for the color of the text)
  • Flect Turn Full Body Profile.png Let's Reflect About The Past (Chat About It?) (An inspiration from Shinobi76 and credits to SleepingGuy for the color of the text) (This will be my signature as soon as someone makes Flect Turn's Article)
  • Dabi Anime Action 2.png Have a Flametastic Day! (Chat About It?)
  • Koku Hanabata Anime.png Trumpet Approved! (Chat About It?)

Others wikis you can find me on

  • Pooh's Adventures Wiki (I'm a content Moderator/Thread Moderator there and please don't vandalize that wiki)


  • My first VFH canadate was Muscular.
  • I'm an aquarious.
  • I started simping for Muscular around six months ago.
  • My favorite colors are black, red, dark red, and white.
  • On VFH, if you see a signatire that says Muscular Approved, that would be me. That's my signature for now on.
  • I can be a bit stupid at times, but overall, I'm pretty smart.
  • I don't get angry often, this just proves that I'm a nice person.
  • I tell bad jokes/puns as you can tell with my second signature which is a pun on Flect Turn and his quirk.
  • My favorite colors are black and red (if you want to color my username, that's what colors I want my name to be).