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Hello. I'm just an individual with an obsession with evil jesters (mainly video game ones). Also just doing some edits and trying to help out. Dimentio is the best... change my damn mind, I dare you.


Favorite Villains

Anime & Manga

  1. All For One - The guy is just a freaking badass. Multiple Quirks? Very manipulative? Ha, you've caught my attention. His theme just says practically everything about him. To think the guy shares an actor with Bols in the English dub is crazy.
  2. Isaac Ray Peram Westcott - Honestly, he doesn't really seem to get the attention he deserves in both the East and West (seriously, I can hardly find any videos of the guy on YouTube, I couldn't even find one in English). He's an interest character if I am going to be honest, though he is pretty freaking evil.
  3. Super Buu - As evil as the guy is, he's a lot of fun to watch, having multiple moments of badassary and comedy (the dude literally wiped out all of humanity and turned people into chocolate bars just to eat them). Also, he's the closest we'll probably ever get to an evil Patrick Star... sorta, but you get what I'm saying.
  4. Dio Brando - The guy's just a classic. Yes, he's another villain who is evil as hell, but like he's cool too. Kinda like his fashion choices.
  5. Ryuk - I don't know, he's just funny. Light's fine too for the most part, but Ryuk is just too hard not to love. His design his also pretty freaking cool, and he is kinda the main reason why Light became a delusional mass murderer to begin with.


  1. Omni-Man - I don't know what it is, but he's just an interesting character. The guy killed countless people while posing as a hero in order to take over the world for the Viltrum Empire, yet, after realizing how much he loves his son, he ultimately redeems himself for the better. Kinda like the more complex villains, honestly.
  2. Joker - Clowns. He's an evil clown. I like that for some reason. He's also probably Batman's best known villain, and he has multiple moments of comedy and he has done some very vile deeds.
  3. Darkseid - Just look at his Omega Beams. He's freaking awesome. Also, he's a galactic tyrant and literal god... how am I not supposed to love that?
  4. The Batman Who Laughs - There is just something interesting about Batman suddenly becoming this Joker like monstrosity and going completely insane. His design is also kinda unique, kinda hope to see him in a future animated Batman film.
  5. Shredder - The guy just simply looks awesome. Even his name is kinda cool, though I will admit that I am not entirely sure which version of the character is my favorite.


  1. Darth Vader - Vader is probably one of the most tragic villains in all of fiction. He was born a slave and was separated from his mother at a young age to join a religion of freedom fighters that would at times be strict, even on his emotions, and lose his first mentor figure. After returning to his planet ten years later, he finds his mother who dies in his arms due her injuries from the sand people and soon marries a woman that he's not supposed to be married to, though he loves her dearly. He soon gets manipulated by the Dark Lord of the Sith who he believes is his friend at first and later on, he has visions of his wife dying in child birth. He only turned to the dark and did countless horrible acts just to save her, yet, he ultimately failed in the end while losing all of his limbs and being burnt alive. Up until he reunited with his son, Vader just a completely irredeemable monster, and while he may have done horrible things, he does ultimately redeem himself in the end by sacrificing his own life to save his son's. Does Disney continue botching his story? Yes, but if you have a head canon where almost everything after Episode VI is non-canon like me, he's still a good character.
  2. Steppenwolf (Zack Snyder's Justice League) - Damn, the Whedon Cut's Steppenwolf really was botched. He's another villain who just cannot help but feel sorry for. Though Steppenwolf does many horrible things, he really does just simply want to go back home and rest and see his family again. The acting done for him really sells that all he wants is to go back home and it is honestly quite a shame neither the comics or Whedon Cut gave us a Steppenwolf like this.
  3. Scar - I don't know, I just simply enjoy this character quite a lot. Jeremy Irons and Jim Cummings really are the perfect actors for him and he is quite a manipulative bastard, though it turned out he was a bit of a coward at the end. Also, Be Prepared... a perfect villain song, and probably the best song in the movie.
  4. Jack Torrance (film version) - Jack Nicholson's performance of the character is just great, though he did play characters who were generally insane all the time. The "Heeeeere's Johnny!" quote is just something you cannot forget about and by end of the movie, the guy is just scary, running around a hotel with an axe to attempt to kill his own family while screaming mad.
  5. Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - Probably another one of the more sympathetic villains out there. As horrible as he is, killing half of life in the universe and being responsible for countless genocides, he has some general redeeming qualities, as he cares for his daughter and regrets killing in order to achieve his goals and he does hold some respect for his enemies. He also kinda wins at first, with the Avengers being left nearly helpless.

Western Animation

  1. Bill Cipher - As horrible as the guy is, it's too hard not to love him. He's generally funny and his design, while simple, is kinda unique. But as funny as he can be, he is also a total monster, wiping out his entire dimension and planning on sending the entire universe into chaos once he escapes Gravity Falls. He's also completely fine with child murder.
  2. Emperor Belos - Kinda looking forward into seeing where his story goes if I am going to be honest. I like his design and Matthew Rys does a great job voicing the character. He's also actually one of the very few villains in more recent years who actually kinda gave me the creeps when he first showed up, so I gotta give him credit for that.
  3. The Lich - Another one of the very few villains who actually can give me the creeps. His design is honestly quite creative and Ron Pearlman has the perfect voice for the is psychopath. He's probably one of the darkest villains we have gotten on TV in more recent years.
  4. Spinel - Gotta admit, she's probably the most sympathetic villain from the entire series, despite not even appearing in the main show. Imagine being abandoned by your friend for centuries, believing that what you are doing is just a game, only to find out they moved on, died, and didn't come back to even say hi. That's pretty tragic if you ask me. Her song, "Other Friends" is also quite fun.
  5. Aku - He's just a lot of fun, despite being a dark lord who killed countless and took over the universe. He has a lot of comedic moments and generated several memes, and he is quite the badass too. Seriously, gotta love this guy.

Web Animation

  1. Derek Lucks - To think that the creators of SMG4 can actually create such a dark villain. I mean, seriously. His theme is great, he's quite the intelligent and threatening bastard, and I'm not gonna lie, I kinda hope he returns in some capacity in season 3. I feel like more could be explored with his character.
  2. Alastor - I freaking love this guy so much. His radio voice, his design, his personality, what's not to love? Hoping to see even more from him when the show continues.
  3. Black Hat - Well, he's incredibly funny. That's always a good start. He's design kinda reminds me of both Count Bleck and Alastor if I am going to be honest, two great villains on there own. Hope to see more from him eventually.
  4. Striker - I don't know what it is, but I think he's just an interesting character. He seems generally charismatic and affable at first, but then it turns out he's just a psychopath who plans on killing Stolas to make more money. He's also really the first villain in his work to be taken completely seriously and gets away scot-free in his first episode so he could eventually return. Honestly, I am looking forward to seeing where his character goes in later episodes and possibly future seasons.
  5. Tyrian Callows - Always gotta love the completely psychotic villains. Hoping to see more of him in the future.

Video Games

  1. Dimentio - Does my profile not say it all? He's just the best, ranging from his theme to his design. Also, The Ultimate Show, perfect final boss theme.
  2. Sephiroth - Everything about his character defines awesome. First off, he literally summoned a supernova to kill the heroes. Second, One Winged Angel is an AWESOME battle theme. Third, just look at him, he's perfect.
  3. Flowey - As horrible as he got, it is hard not to feel sorry for him. He literally died as a child and when he was revived, he had no soul and was completely devoid of emotion. In the end of the game, when he finally gets emotional from having countless souls inside of him, he ultiamtely redeems himself by saving monsterkind by using everyone's soul to break the barrier underground, though he would then soon return into the form of a flower. Unlike say Darth Vader, Flowey's story doesn't have a completely happy ending, and it is just heartbreaking.
  4. Count Bleck - His honestly the best written Mario villain to this date, having a genuine tragedy that drove him to total madness. He ultimately redeems himself in the end after reuniting with his lover and sacrifices himself to save the multiverse from the destruction he started, and wherever he is now, he seems to be spending his time with his lover for presumably ever. Wish we had more Mario villains like him.
  5. Mephiles the Dark - While the game he comes from is crap, Mephiles is certainly the best villain in Sonic. He's cunning, manipulative, and quite the omnicidal maniac. His theme fits his dark personality and let's be really, he's probably also the most evil Sonic villain to this date.

Overall Winners

Least Favorite Villains

Anime & Manga

  1. Champ - Where. The hell. Am I supposed to begin with this guy? The guy is a freaking pedophile and serial rapist. Does that REALLY not say enough? His design isn't even all that pleasant to look at.
  2. Syura - A serial rapist who raped Bols' wife... people, leave Bols and his family alone, please. I beg you.
  3. Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri - Another pedophile and rapist, I don't think I even have to say more for this one. He's nearly as bad as Champ.
  4. Kyosuke Higuchi - The guy is just a creep, clearly having some insane lust for Misa Amane and he has no concern for anyone but himself, killing a fellow worker just because he disagreed with the entire Kira thing. He's just the definition of a Hate Sink. Only thing I can really give him credit for is that he is at least not a rapist.
  5. Muscular - First off, oh my god, that eye bothers me so much. Second, in a series where a lot of the villains are played sympathy, there is absolutely nothing sympathetic about Muscular. Doesn't help that he doesn't even have redeeming qualities. All he wanted to do was kill people, and he seems to be completely fine with child murder.


  1. Black Noir - The guy's a serial rapist who takes sadistic pleasure in killing people and literally eats babies. How the hell am I supposed to like this guy?
  2. John Godolkin - Another damn pedophile... that should really say it all. They are literally the most hatable characters, especially when they have no redeeming qualities.
  3. Red Skull (Ultimate Marvel) - I'm sorry, but whose idea was it to give Red Skull of all people sympathy? The guy committed too many horrible acts, ranging from serial murder to rape.
  4. Desaad - Doesn't even have the "evil is cool" vibe, unlike his boss. He's just a sadistic psychopath, and his DCEU counterpart is no better.
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