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Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, BYE!
~ Bill Cipher's famous quote.

I was Dimentiothetrickster but I moved to this account as the other one I did not used for a long time. Normally if one account was not used for three months then I will never return to it. I will not edit much here, but talk with an admin and watch the users.

Im a teenager, not sure if I still count as one, who obsessed with drawing, cartoons, villains, and shippings. The reason Im here is to talk, provide ideas, and catch trolls and cyberbullies. I aware that Im mentally handicapped, so if I talk in an abnormal way, please dont reply with rude attitudes.


Dipper Pines

Scooby Doo (mostly in the original series and Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated)

Courage the Cowardly Dog


Star Butterfly

Finn the Human

Jake the Dog

Kid Goku (include the 18 years old Goku in the Piccolo Jr. Saga, the Goku afterwards sucks)


Batman (Batman: The Animated Series)


Pacifica Northwest


Kick Buttowski

Kendall Perkins


Bill Cipher and his human self

Bill Cipher: A powerful demon that was given personality and a sense of humor, and some charms that make him great. Sometimes, simplistic designs can make good villains.

Gideon Gleeful: Before The Beast with Just One Eye arrives, we need a villain to assume as a Big Bad. And Gideon has done a pretty good job on that.

Professor Pericles: Small parrot with high intellegence and mastermind behind many events of the show. But too bad he is no longer evil. Some villains need to stay evil.

Katz: An evil red cat who uses disguises to trick his victims.

The Beast: A demon who wants to absorb children souls to live forever.

The Lich: Yeah admittedly I disliked him back then but now I like him. Having rewatched AT and I say he is good. Still, he is not a perfect villain like people claim him to be.

King Piccolo descends

Ice King: Good bumbling villain. Not to mention about the depth that he got later in the show.

King Piccolo: A great villain, aka Dragon Balls Bill Cipher. Better than all the villains after him. Good design, and the series should have ended with the Piccolo Jr. Saga.

Emperor Pilaf: Great bumbling villain. Ludo shall call him master.

Anti-Pops: A great Cartoon Network villain.

Gene: A great recurring villain before Anti Pops.

The Joker: I like this version most due to we see him from episodes to episodes (he is the main antagonist of the series after all), not appear in only one time only to be defeated. Also animation is way better.


Pacifica Elise Northwest

Because they lacks something to be on the list:

Randall Flagg

Lord Voldemort

Pennywise the Dancing Clown




Because they are merely jerks:

Pacifica Northwest

Draco Malfoy

Kendall Perkins

Severus Snape


The Punisher: Sorry people but I just find him a douchebag who think he could do what he want.

Fire Lord Ozai: One of the lamest villains I ever seen.

Unalaq: Lame design, no personality, being overshadowed in his own arc, bad villain.

Preston Northwest: Abusive asshole.

Larry Quinn: Simply because it is intended for comedy doesnt excuse their poor attempt of making a villain. Like, what the fuck is this? This guy is just a loser, trying to impress a girl to be rich. He has no talent or ability at all.

Broly: Totally overrated. Dont know why. Him on his own is an already bland and lame character, but the fact that he has a fanbase who ridiculously shoves him down our mouth makes me despise him. And when Frieza is revived for the Tournament of Power, those fans still whiny about it is not Broly who is revived.


Gravity Falls

Samurai Jack

Star vs the Forces of Evil

Over the Garden Wall

Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Dragon Ball (original series)

Regular Show

Batman: The Animated Series

Adventure Time



Dipper x Pacifica (Dipcifica): Cute couple that have chemistry that was hinted throughout the show. During Season 1, it was considered a crack ship and I really like the concept, the best concept of ship I see from the show. But it was not until Season 2 that I am totally an addict of the ship. Regardless, it is the first ship I care about in the show, even when it is just a concept.

Star x Marco (Starco): Good chemistry, cute.

Janna x Tom (Jantom): Similar to Dipcifica in Season 1, they have interesting concept.

Wirt x Lorna (Wirtna?): An enjoyable ship to watch.

Bill Cipher x TG (Aroace): TG is an OC owned by a Deviantart user named TheGeneraless. This is the only ship which involving Bill Cipher that I truly like, as it is a healthy relationship for him, not the toxic ships that the trolls do with the main casts of the show. And it makes sense for his character (I know Bill Cipher does not care about making sense, but you know).

Wirt x Beatrice (Wirtrice?): Another great ship from OTGW.

Kick Buttowski x Kendall Perkins: A daredevil and a genius, a couple that is meant to be.


Knighthood45: Remove one edit only to then to do exact the same thing that he removed. Recently due to I report him to the admins that he stopped doing that, but we still need to keep an eye on him. After I left this wiki he went back to his old ways until when Jester of chaos blocks him twice and he apparently learned his lesson.

Super Poison Ivy: Spamming, trying to puzzle people, once vandalized a page of an admin, and then talking to herself. I suggest the admins never make her a trusted user again or she will think she can do whatever she wants.

Miss Chievous: Inserting fanfics into pages is one thing, but forced people to believe it (see this), she really take this to an unacceptable level. She apparently stopped doing so.

Learnedhand41 now known as Learnedhand21: Keep adding false information into Ice Age 5 villains, yelling at people only to get what he want. I decided to give him a chance after he return to this wiki but he seems will never learn anything. His account was at last globally disabled by user choice, or by Fandom.

CARTOONSROCK: Article fussing, edit warring despite the explainations and being told to stop, lying and repeating his mistakes despite promising to stop.

Quanchi112: Cyberbullying on other sites so no place on this wiki.

EvilLamp: Rude attitude here, regardless of the nature of the user.

Eternal eclipse1: Possibly a sockpuppet who wants revenge due to put the One Line Templete on the Renya Karasuma page only a mere second after I posted the article despite my explainations.