Draconen (pronounced Drah-kor-nin) - most commonly-known by other incubi and succubi as the "Malevolent Incubus" - is an incubus who appears to women as the man of their dreams, seduces them and starts controlling their lives - before then turning on them and driving them insane, when he becomes bored of them.

If he senses evil within one of his victims, he will grant her a favour for something like vengeance, power or even eternal life - only for it to then later lead to ruination for the victim. He also controls the other incubi and succubi in his domain, by blackmailing them, turning them against each other, and (in the case of many succubi) seducing them. His only motive in life is to control the lives of everybody around him.

Always plotting to either gain power over others or to maintain it, he never entirely abandons any previous schemes - and always finds a way to combine at least three or four of his previous plans, so that he can come up with a better one.

Some of Draconen's fellow incubi think that he may actually be mad, seeing as how he also spies on those around him. His only real ally is the scheming succubi Gelthet, who is his lover, co-conspirator and main rival all at the same time. However, Draconen hopes to be able to keep her fully under his control.

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