Hi, I'm TheSuperGenius but you can call me Harold (yes, Harold is my name) or you can just call me Genius. I have joined this wiki since September 2018. 

PAges that I created

Disambig pages that I created

Pages that I created that were later deleted

Page watchlist

  • Chick Hicks: A user has added "Bullying" has been added to the crimes section in the infobox even though bullying is not illegal. If anyone keeps adding bullying to the crimes section, I'll tell an admin to lock the page.
  • Dru Gru: Has been added to the Redeemed category which is false. Dru is both a villain and a hero, but still, he didn't reform. If the page keeps getting added to redeemed, I'll tell an admin to lock the page.
  • Does Bad Things Guy: Has been added to Pure Evil multiple times. If it keeps happening, like non-stop, I'll tell an admin to lock the page as well as the other pages on the page watchlist.
  • Snowbell: The page has been removed from a category called Anthropomorphic Characters even if Snowbell was shown to have human thoughts which is the definition of anthropomorphic. If it happens again, I'm going to suggest that the page will be locked.

Ways to make me annoyed or unamused

  • Deleting pages that I feel should belong here: Listen, I am aware of the rules, but if a hero is also a villain, I feel that he or she belongs here. And no, I do not want to here excuses or arguments, thank you very much.
  • Trying to add templates on my pages: Look, there's nothing wrong with my articles, so if my pages are fine, then leave them alone.
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