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The Cauldron (RP Info)

Long before the modern age, when magic was still young, a mysterious spell-caster broke away from his fellow wizards and oracles to become the first true warlock: crafting a large cauldron with the intent of using it to summon forth an army of unspeakable evil by which to ravage the land.

Yet the terrible warlock was unprepared for the courage of his brothers and sisters, who advanced upon him and waged a mighty battle with the mad warlock - which climaxed in the warlock falling into his own cauldron and becoming consumed by the evil alchemical mix within.

Believing their fallen brother to be dead the surviving wizards and oracles attempted to destroy the cauldron to prevent it from being abused again, yet try as they may they couldn't even dent the horrible object and in the end they were forced to bury it deep beneath the earth's crust, guarded by several powerful spirits of mana.

Centuries passed by and during that time the spirits of mana that had been guarding the cauldron began to change, slowly but surely a dark voice spoke to them from the cauldron and drovw them insane - causing them to dig endlessly, dragging the evil cauldron with them as they slowly but surely made their way back towards the surface world.

However by the time the spirits dug their way to the surface the world had already entered a new age, one that would become known as the "Age Of Man" - knowing that humans would grow to become a powerful and potentially useful pawn the cauldron instructed the now enslaved spirits to take it to the furthest reaches of the world, which they did without question.

From the dark corners of the world the cauldron continued to speak to the spirits, instructing them to bring forth sacrifices and exotic items to be thrown into the alchemical mix that still brewed within its indestructible structure - each time they did so a new agent of darkness emerged from the cauldron.

These monsters would be unleashed on the world by the cauldron, which whispered to them from afar and like faithful children they often brought tributes to the "source" that had created them - thus the tales of child-snatching hags, man-eating ogres and thieving goblins spread across the human world.

To this day the cauldron continues to bring forth evil into the world, having little care for the march of technology - seeing it as a blessing, knowing that when humanity finally gave up on magic and superstition they would be defenceless against the army of darkness it has been perfecting for centures..

Behind The Cauldron (RL Info)

I'm a wikian who enjoys participating in roleplay, page-fixing and so forth - other information on my personal life is for those I trust (yeah, pretty brief but hey, you wouldn't expect a massive life-story would you?)

Top 10 Villains List

  1. Apocalypse (X-Men) - if Xavier is Martin Luther King and Magneto is Jason X then Apocalypse is pretty much the Ku Klux Klan of the X-Men stories, a true monster of a mutant who offers salvation only to those twisted enough to follow his merciless code of Darwinist extremism.
  2. Magneto (X-Men) - although a dangerous mutant and occassional megalomaniac Magneto means well, which makes him different from many of Xavier's other foes
  3. The Joker (Batman) - one of DC's most (in)famous creations, a fitting match for one of their greatest heroes
  4. Gozer (Ghostbusters) - s/he needs some love, greatly under-appreciated villain from a classic film
  5. Cthulhu (Lovecraft) - evil, alien and the inspiration for innumerable copycats and homages
  6. Mr. Burns (The Simpsons) - we don't need to question why he's on this list, do we?
  7. Judge Claude Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame) - tragic yet undeniably evil Frollo shows what happens when faith and madness combine to corrupt the hearts of men.
  8. Bowser (Mario) - whether plays for laughs or not Bowser is a classic villain, even if he's becoming more of an anti-hero these days..
  9. Peter Stegman (Class Of 1984) - if you have the chance, watch this amazing piece of classic 80s "b-movie" madness.
  10. Alan Yates (Cannibal Holocaust) - a guilty one perhaps, given the controversy of this film, still - it shows humanity at its worst and still lives up to its name (though it may not be as shocking by today's standards)
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