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So, where to begin? I am someone who specializes mostly in Western movies and to a lesser extent, video games and romans. Mangas, animes, and comics books are really not my speciality. While villainous and ruthless towards my enemies, I have some redeeming qualites. I am honorable and protective. This is my favorites types of villains who have redeeming qualities by the way. I am here because I like fictionnal villains. Without them, a work, whatever it is, is quite boring. What would be Star Wars without Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine? Also, I find villains far more entertaining than heroes. They are much more into action and less into talking of insignifiant things.

I am here to : - Watch some pages and reverts blatlantly wrongs edits - Keep this Wiki the most safe possible from spamming or vandalism - Make Pure Evil Proposals or removals. - Expanding pages of villains I'm familiar.

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