My people, today we enter a glorious era of enlightenment: no longer shall man be the subject of oppression by foreign power or gods, from this day forth man shall be in charge of his own destiny - by bringing me to power you have ensured the eternal safety and liberation of your people: this will be your greatest hour!
~ The Voice (upon being voted into power)


Birth And Early Life

Be brave my son, the world is a dark and cruel place but it is the duty of every man to try and make it better...
~ Franciso (Malcolm's father)

The Voice was born Malcolm Trevor Grey, the youngest of four children to Franciso and Elisa Grey: although Elisa was a deeply devout woman Franciso was always of the position that humanity would some day outgrow what he felt was an oppressive system of gods and foreign powers - he installed this belief in his children despite Elisa's efforts to reverse them and Franciso's teachings had an especially large impact on the young Malcolm.

In a final effort to stop her children going astray Elisa had them enlisted into a "educational home" - which was in reality a hellish prison where youths were held and indoctrined into the ways of society (which at the time was ruled by fanaticism and imperialism): Malcolm suffered terribly in this prison and was abused by his peers as well as the staff until he managed to flee along with some older boys to safety.

Malcolm would spend the rest of his youth in the barren wastelands until he was found by a militia preparing for what they called a "Great Struggle" - after Malcolm explained his situation to the militia they took him under their wing and he once again found himself surrounded by men and women who shared the same beliefs his father had done: Malcolm found comfort in these beliefs and made a silent oath to never again be enslaved by the oppressive society he had been born into.

The Great Struggle

Why should man bow to uncaring gods and foreign tyrants? tell me! if man is to be ruled it should be by man and man alone...
~ The Voice

Malcolm spent the next couple of years training with the militia for the "Great Struggle" and at the tender age of 17 Malcolm was to experience his first true taste of warfare as the militia waged war on the society that had oppressed them: starting a three-year conflict known as the "Great Struggle" - during this war Malcolm became more and more fanatical in his views on humanity and its place in the universe: his past mistreatment along with the deaths of his fellow militia only serving to make Malcolm's belief stronger with each passing day.

Malcolm began to gather a following around himself due to his daring attacks on the battlefield and his many passionate speeches, although even during these turbulent times some realised the threat Malcolm posed and tried to kill him - though he always survived such attempts on his life and they only served to make him even more determined to succeed.

Ultimately, one cold winter's night, Malcolm watched alongside many others as the "Great Struggle" came to an end and the oppressive society that the militia had fought for so long finally collapsed in on itself, allowing the militia to take command of the now largely ruined planet and start the long process of rebuilding.

Rise To Power

Man has no need for another saviour, no - what man requires is the undisputed leadership of his fellow man: so do not bow to me, do not serve me or worship me - no, the old gods had many commandments but man has but one: Obey!
~ The Voice

For 3 years Malcolm watched as the militia rebuilt the world and he matured to the age of 20 - at which point he began to push for leadership, believing that he was "the Voice of man" that his father and the militia had so often talked about, the legendary leader required to truly unify humanity and ensure the dark days of oppression would never return.

Malcom took to naming himself "The Voice" and gained many supporters as well as many enemies as he waged a year-long crusade of political activism and speeches: during this time claims of brutality had already surfaced as many found themselves under attack from roaming gangs supposedly being paid by Malcolm to intimidate people in siding with him but there was no way to prove this and thus no action was ever taken.

Eventually Malcolm gained enough public support to seize power and at first the majority of humanity rejoiced at what they believed was the start of a new era of enlightment and liberation: though from the start of his reign the newly appointed "Voice" of man made it clear he was going to rule the world with an iron-fist.

Massacre of Colony-I


Do not shed tears for the dead nor the dying, they have made their choices - shed a tear instead for the extremes of which you have force me to go: I am like a father exacting discipline on unruly children, you curse my name but I assure you all.. the fault is yours alone to bear.
~ The Voice

A year into his rule The Voice had formed the Golden Empire and began to make plans to dominate the stars and make humanity the greatest power in the universe - however he was met with opposition by the inhabitants of Colony-I, who viewed him as an extremist and a madman, The Voice demanded their surrender to the Golden Empire but they refused and ultimately The Voice ordered the entire colony purged.

So it was that a fleet of stellar-bombers went to Colony-I and under orders from The Voice bombarded the entire planet with nuclear-weaponry, massacring the entire population of 2.4 billion and rendering the planet uninhabitable for generations to come - The Voice declared this was but an inevitable fate for those who would oppose his rule and showed no remorse as he set in motion his plans to expand his empire further into the stars.

Expansion Of The Empire


Execute the traitor, destroy the doubter, annihiliate the deserter - set the stars ablaze with the wrath of man.
~ The Voice

For the next three years The Voice expanded his Golden Empire across the known galaxy, annexing hundreds of worlds into it either by force or manipulation - many worlds surrendered willingly under sheer terror and in reward for their "co-operation" were spared the massacres countless other worlds endured: though even the worlds that surrendered willing were forced to become heavily polluted and mechanised as the Golden Empire colonised their worlds, drained them of resources and built large war-factories across entire continents to fuel their eternal war-machine.

Seige Of Colony-IX


Citizens of Colony-IX - your will is no longer your own, your world is no longer your own, your very lives are now under the eternal protection of The Voice of man - do not bow, do not worship, simply obey...
~ The Voice

After the Golden Empire established itself as a galactic power The Voice was quick to lay seige to the final fortress of opposition left in his native reality: Colony-IX, which lay on the very outskirts of the galaxy and had traditionally been a neutral-zone with no contact with the other worlds - The Voice prepared a massive invasion-fleet sufficient to darken the skies of Colony-IX and demanded their immediate surrender to the Golden Empire.

Unable to fight back against The Voice or his countless war-machines the inhabitants of Colony-IX surrendered willing, yet The Voice was not content and had the magnificiant palace of Colony-IX destroyed - this was an act of sacrilege as the palace was sacred to the people of Colony-IX but The Voice made it clear he would never again allow the citizens of Colony-IX to engage in "fruitless worship" or "false hope" - this was to be the signal of a new and terrible age for not only Colony-IX but the entire Golden Empire.

The Age of Terror


My people, until you learn that I am the father and you are the children I shall have no option but to discipline you - why must you insist on disobedience? can you not see the errors of your ways? I am offering you all a paradise - instead you force me to bring you misery...
~ The Voice

For 5 long years following the takeover of Colony-IX The Voice waged a terrible "Age Of Terror" across the Golden Empire in which he and his war-machine laid waste to opposition of any kind while also ruthlessly purging the galaxy of any signs of "gods" or "foreign powers" - countless massacres, atrocities and crimes were committed in this era and The Voice remained unrepentive - to him this was all necessary for the ultimate good of humanity and to this day he has shown no signs of regret or sorrow over the billions of lives lost, ruined and shattered by his legions of war-machines, soldiers and weaponry.

A New Dawn


My people, rejoice - for we have stumbled upon a gateway to infinite worlds and infinite opportunities: bask in the glorious knowledge that soon all worlds in all realities shall be under the eternal protection of The Voice of man...
~ The Voice

2 years after the Age Of Terror came to an end The Voice declared to a now fully-enslaved population that under his orders the Golden Empire would be expanding further than anyone had ever dreamed - for he had managed, through the aid of many scientists, to perfect inter-dimensional travel: at long last The Voice had the power to travel across space and time - to reach out into the depths of infinity and take what he pleased, now The Voice begins a new age of expansion and will not be content until all of Creation is a part of his eternal empire..


The Voice is a fanatical dictator who seeks ultimate control over every being he encounters but is also a brilliant leader who knows his limits and will ally with those who are more powerful than himself in order to try to obtain valuable allies or usurp their power: The Voice has never truly expressed any form of friendship outside his games of power and indeed he may be incapable of true friendship.

When addressing his public The Voice is prone to melodramatic speeches which can be surprisingly effective - utilising a subtle mix of terror and manipulation to get his views across: he believes that humanity should not bow to "gods" or "foreign powers" but rather be ruled by a single human entity of supreme power, which he refers to as "The Voice Of Man" - unsurprisingly he thinks of himself as being that individual and plays his role without mercy.

The Voice sees the mass-murder of innocents as meaningless and although he would prefer to dictate over a population of enslaved yet very much alive minions he is just as content to rule over a mountain of corpses if he feels it necessary: to The Voice several things are worthy of death and these things are as follows - disobience, free-thought and resistance, to The Voice any one of these traits in an individual of group must be mercilessly purged and if the individual refuses to surrender them he deems them worthy only of death.


The Voice is a middle-aged White male nearing 6ft in height and being of a fairly average build for a man who engages in regular exercise - he has black hair worn short and is clean-shaven with dark brown eyes.

The Voice dresses in a black military-suit with a single medal on the right of his chest that resembles a golden-fist: this is the symbol of his Golden Empire and he wears it with pride - although he rarely expresses any emotion, his face being cold and aloof except when he goes into a speech: at which point his eyes often flare up like hot coals and he seems to become possessed with a fanatical zeal which eerily vanishes shortly afterwards as he returns to his usual emotionless state.

The Voice rarely walks alone and is accompanied by at least three heavily-armed guards who dress in similiar uniform to himself with the exception that they also wear black helmets in the fashion of soldiers - they rarely talk and seem to exist only to do what their master commands.

Powers and Abilities

The Voice has no superhuman abilities but is in possession of absolute political and military-authority in his empire: which expands over several planets and as such he has a large army and masses of advanced technologies by which to exact his will on the universe, with the recent discovery of inter-dimensional travel The Voice has the knowledge required to enter new realities and further his rule across time/space.

The Voice is also a very experienced manipulator and leader with a talent for words, making him a formidable opponent outwith the battlefield as he can often sway enemies or trick them: if The Voice finds himself unable to escape a confrontation he utilises military-techniques he learnt from his many years of service in the Terra Army and although not as fit as he was when he was younger he can still prove a match for many experienced soldiers when he puts his mind to it.

The Voice is also completely ruthless and willing to use millions of lives as pawns or shields in order to gain what he wants: often when he feels he is in danger of defeat he shall threaten the destruction of entire worlds and has been known to act on these threats on more than one occassion.


The Golden Empire is a vast empire and comprise of many varied troop-types, here we list the most common as well as the most well-known.


When it comes to obedience it is not a matter of right or wrong - it is a matter of "do" and "don't"...
~ The Voice

Grunts are the foot-soldiers of the Golden Army and jave bar-code style labels on their neck that not only acts as registration but also always them to be remotely controlled from afar via advanced cybernetics: as a result most Grunts are either insane or loyal out of fear - few, if any, truly manage to rebel and they number in the millions - taken from many colonies they are the most basic of troops but can be surprisingly effective in battle due to their fanaticism and lack of restraint, after all many Grunts feel they have little left to live for anymore so are especially dangerous in battle.

Scouting Squads

You shall be my eyes and my ears - where you go my armies shall follow: you are my children and like any father I am proud.. your service shall be rewarded.
~ The Voice

Scouting Squads are very seldom anything special in terms of appearance - often little more than a modified Grunt: however they are granted the much more important task of moving ahead of an invasion fleet and gathering information on enemies - this often makes them the first people on a war-zone and often the last to leave. If a regular Scouting Squad is deemed unable to perform their duty they are disbanded in favor of an Elite Scouting Squad.

Elite Scouts

You may question your right to kill a thousand men but those who know the truth realise that you have no right to let them live...
~ The Voice

Elite Scouts are highly-trained and effective but otherwise nothing terribly special - an upgraded version of the regular Scouting Squadrons - they are sent to deal with situations a regular Scouting Squadron can't handle and differ greatly in the fact that they are rigged with explosives: if an Elite Scouting Squadron is unable to finish the job they are assigned they are under orders to detonate these explosives, this serves as a shocking reminder of how little the Voice cares for human life and inspires hate, fear and revulsion in his enemies and citizens alike.

The Screaming Legion

Let the universe itself tremble at the sound of our battle-cry: OBEY!
~ The Voice

Truly terrifying both in appearance and behavior, the Screaming Legion are perhaps one of the Golden Empire's most feared weapons - crazed warriors dressed in black armor and donning specialised sonic-packs that blare intense music sufficient to be counted as a sonic-weapon, this in turn drives them mad and they yell their battle-cry of "Obey" continually: working themselves up into a berserker rage that is almost unmatched.

Loud, insane and deadly these warriors are so feared that other soldiers are warned of their arrival before they even land on a war-zone because once the Screaming Legion makes contact with solid ground they will spew forth like a river of hate and consume anything in their path.

The Raider Fleet

Know this, for every act of courage you display in my name so too shall your reward be raised...
~ The Voice

Led by the Raider himself this impressive fleet of war-ships are modified to be extra-fast and are both designed and trained extensively for the "art" of raiding - often appearing out of nowhere these shameless pirates are the bane of countless worlds and are even used as a form of bogeyman by some parents in worlds that are aware of their existence.

The Silent Squadron

Those who suffer in silence shall be held dear in my heart, for they have learnt to obey without question - for this they recieve my gratitude.
~ The Voice

The Silent Squadron are an elite-unit of armored-soldiers who have taken an oath of silence as a symbol of their undisputed loyalty to the Voice - this coupled with their large supplies of powerful weaponry and emotionless stance makes them a formidable force both on and off the battlefield.

The Penal Legion

My generosity extends even to my enemies - they too shall have the chance to fight for me but do not mourn their deaths, after all it is more than they deserve...
~ The Voice

Enslaved aliens, heretics and prisoners of all kinds form the Penal Legion - a large regiment that exists purely as canon-foder, many of these poor souls don't wish to fight and can become panicked: which is cruelly used by their tormentors as a means to manipulate them on the battle-field, unleashing the frenzied horde onto an unsuspecting war-zone and often causing chaos in the process.

The Fists Of Change

All men can kill, few men can kill with purpose - those that do shall reap the greatest rewards of all...
~ The Voice

The Fists Of Change are the Golden Empire's hand-picked "best of the best" - although this basically sums down to them being the Golden Empire's secret-police, their job is to aid in enforcing the many laws of the Voice and "protecting" colonies and occupied worlds via any means necessary: although given great power due to their rank the Fists Of Change must always be mindful to report to The Breaker regularly in order to update him on their progress: failure to do so is often a painful beating and even death.

The Maidens Of Terra

I care not if you are male or female, I care only that you obey.
~ The Voice

Although it is uncommon for the Voice to send women to war he is certainly not the type of ruler to pass up a valuable source of power and he regularly opens grand recruitment centres dedicated to what he calls his "battle-maidens" - only the strongest and most loyal of women are allowed to graduate this training and when they do they are granted considerable power in the ranks of the Golden Empire as elite-troops sent to deal with the more "delicate" matters of war such as sabotage, assassination and peace-talks that often end in bloodshed.

Doomsayer Legion

In order to save the universe from the gods and foreign powers mankind must be prepared to not only purge the stars of such monstrosities but also to purge themselves...
~ The Voice

Altough the Voice condemns all forms of worship he has allowed the Doomsayer Legion to remain, a cult dedicated to the Voice and his ideals they are a bizarre sight on the battlefield, dressing in robes and often praising their oppressor as a savior of humanity - they are allowed to exist for the fact that they obsessively hunt down enemies of the Voice and take bloody vengeance in his name: which amuses him sufficiently to keep them active, at least for now..


You are my greatest champions, to you I bestow the greatest honor a man can have - to be the fists by which the Voice of Man shall crush the weak and foolish...
~ The Voice

Although a ruthless tyrant not even the might of The Voice can conquer Creation alone, to this end The Voice has created ten powerful warriors to do his bidding - rarely seen and only talked about in whispers these beings are amongst the most feared weapons the Golden Empire has developed in its long history and are rumored to be heavily-modified clones of The Voice himself.

The Harvester

Bring me your weak and your dying - I shall heal their wounds and ease their suffering, my only payment for this service is thus: obey.The Voice

The Harvest was created to bring the weak, dying and infirm to the Golden Empire - often by force: this twisted servant of the Voice does his job like a silent spectre of death, moving amongst the chaos of a battlefield, entering homes and abducting men, women and children as they sleep - targetting those who are ill, weak or dying.

He even walks the war-zones and takes the bodies of dying enemy soldiers, dragging them all into the vortex leading back to the realm of the Golden Empire - what becomes of these unfortunate souls after this depends on their reaction to the Voice's demand: to obey him in exchange for eternal health and a second-chance of life.. or death and enslavement.

The Observer

The common man is like a child, they require the constant observation of others to prevent them from wandering astray...
~ The Voice

The Observer was created to aid in one of the Voice's most important tactics in controlling his empire, observation - unlike other watchmen, who can grow weary and tired or even neglectful of their duty the single-minded Observer can pursue his job constantly with the type of zeal only a Keeper can truly exhibit: he sees himself as the eyes and ears of the Golden Empire and is obsessed with finding "juicy" information by which to please the Voice.

The Breaker

Wise men understand that in order to repair a damaged universe one must be prepared to break a few bones...
~ The Voice

Every dictatorship in history has had thugs by which to enforce their will and the Golden Empire was no exception, yet their came times when even the dreaded Screaming Legion was insufficient to suppress certain threats: thus the Voice had The Breaker created to act as the ultimate shock-troop, when The Breaker arrives on a scene it is a sign that things have greatly displeased the Voice and fills even the most hardened of warriors with dread.

The Seeker

Seek out the enemies of man and teach them the error of their ways, should they surrender to The Voice of Man you have done well, if they resist.. further education is in order...
~ The Voice

The Seeker was created to be the ultimate pursuer of the many heretics, traitors and free-thinking outlaws that fled the colonies captured by the Golden Empire - his task is simple: find those who resist the Voice and convince them to give up their futile attempts at resistance, if they resist his own attempts at "education" he is authorised to end their lives under the crime of treason - for disobeying the orders of a Keeper is akin to disobeying the Voice himself.

The Salvager

Never underestimate the value of an enemies' resources - even the most primitive of species may have things of use to me...
~ The Voice

The Salvager was designed to aid in the collection of resources from the many worlds currently under occupation by the Golden Empire as well as those that are currently war-zones, everything from natural resources to advanced battle-armors are collected by the Salvager and his many underlings to be taken to the Researcher for further inspection: unlike the other Keepers the Salvager is not obsessed with gaining favor with the Voice but is rather devoted to the Researcher - however like all Keepers he will violently oppose any who dares to question the authority of the Golden Empire and the ideals it represents.

The Researcher

If knowledge is power it is your duty to surrender it to me - for the Voice of Man shall know no equal in power...
~ The Voice

The Researcher is designed to be a fanatical collector of information for the Voice, his existence is devoted to collecting as much information as he can on the nature of everything and relying his findings to the Voice - his obsession is so great that he even regularly engages in self-experimentation, forever trying to push the limits of science and technology so as to get a new breakthrough worthy of praise from the Voice himself.

The Dreamer

Dreams are a dangerous thing, if mankind is to truly be free of the oppression of gods and foreign powers then we must learn to dream as one...
~ The Voice

For many years it was rumored the Voice sought a daughter but was unable or unwilling to father his own, thus it was claimed he created The Dreamer as the next best thing: the only female Keeper she nevertheless surpasses most of her brothers in power and is a skilled psychic limited only by her inability to harm a member of the Golden Empire: the Voice is wise enough not to give such a powerful creation free-will and thus she is as fanatically devoted to him as the others.

The Dreamer utilises her powers for the single goal of controlling the thoughts of citizen and enemy alike - this combined with the innumerable other mind-washing technologies in use by the Golden Empire ensures that only the most brave or foolish of men ever dare to defy the will of the Voice.

The Architect

I have no need for statues or palaces, let the battlefield be my monument and let each man who obeys without question be my pillar...
~ The Voice

The Architect is the most powerful of the Keepers and is said to be the closest to "perfection" in the eyes of The Voice - who is said to treat him much like a son and takes a silent pride in his many actions both on and off the battlefield: his job is to ensure the gears of war that keep the Golden Empire running never cease and that the enemies of the Voice are reminded of the futility of their actions.

The Possessor

Mankind must not be afraid to claim what is rightfully his: this universe was made for man and man alone and all within it belongs to them...
~ The Voice

The Possessor was designed for the single purpose of officially claiming colonies for the Golden Empire - this may seem a trivial task compared to the grand conquests of his fellow Keepers but he pursues it with equal zeal: no sooner has he landed on a new colony than he begins a crazed speech on the glory of mankind and the Voice, he then has entire nations gather to swear their obedience to the Golden Empire - often ordering the mass execution of any who refuse: once a colony has endured this ritual it is proclaimed official property of the Golden Empire and The Possessor takes off in pursuit of the next colony to claim.

The Raider

Do not think of it as piracy - think of it as a sharing of wealth: those who are unable to defend what is theirs have no right to claim it.
~ The Voice

The Raider was designed with one thing in mind: looting - the Voice preaches how gods and foreign powers are evil and corrupt yet like most dictators he has no problem with engaging in piracy himself, in fact he has several fleets dedicated to the "art" of raiding: The Raider is in command of these fleets and guides their many exploits across space and time - to him the universe is full of hidden treasures by which to prove his worth to the Voice and he pursues them with fanatical zeal, unable to rest until the ultimate prize is in his grasp.

Golden Empire Uniforms By Squad

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