aka John

  • I live in The East
  • I was born on May 16
  • I am Male (?)

Hiya. I am John also known as Thingy1. I spend most of my time on video games and YouTube videos because I have nothing to do. I don't like to go outside because I have terrible social skills so I prefer to stay at home. But of course I only go outside when there's school or I wanna get something to eat. I am suffering from mild autism which I have been cursed since the day I was born.

And no, I am not the robot in my avatar. You see, I am human while the robot is Pepper the Emotional Robot. I picked him as my avatar because I found out he gives some people spooky vibes though he doesn't look creepy to me and for some reason, I can imagine Pepper being John Kramer's messenger like Billy the Puppet giving instructions to his victims about the game lol.


  • Name: John (full name classified)
  • Alias: Thingy1, Thingy, John Doe, Jason, Gamer, Pepper, The Emotional Robot
  • Gender: Male (Genderless?)
  • Date of Birth: 16/05/2003
  • Height: 5'4
  • Weight: ?
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Powers and Skills: Gaming expert (sorta), Fast typer, Insomnia (good and bad), Stealth mode, I know how to use the "device" and I'm keeping it a secret because it will ruin everything, Biokinesis (?), Subconscious manipulation/Subliminal messaging (?)
  • Strengths: Immune to loneliness, Master at stealth, Knows how to play video games, Insomnia keeps me up at night (which may be helpful but mostly its not)
  • Weaknesses: Lazy as hecc, Socially anxious/Introvert (can't even make proper face-to-face communication with anyone at all), Insomnia (again, its mostly harmful for me)
  • Likes: Gaming, Songs/Music, YouTube, Internet, Animals, Being at home, My laptop and phone, Being alone, Being lazy, Supernaturals, and I got nothin.
  • Dislikes: Going outside, School/College, Interacting with people, Bullies/Cyberbullies, Trolls, Tryhards, Hackers, Losing, The Media, Brainwashers, Bad subliminal messages hidden in almost every form of media, Being told what to do 24/7, and again that's all I got, there's more likes and dislikes that I didn't add but I don't want to do because... well y'know.
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