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  • I live in Florida
  • I am Cthulhu's Right-Hand Man

Favorite Villains

  • Colonel Tavington: He is rather obscure, but still a disgustingly evil character.
  • Slender Man: Amoral, mysterious, looming. That is all that can describe him.
  • Mewtwo: A true Shakespeare tragedy, and with my favorite superpower: telekinesis.
  • Doctor Facilier: So dastardly and delightfully evil. He's smooth like that.
  • Nameless Madman: The original psycho from the dark depths of Edgar Allan Poe's mind.
  • Smaug: Just a overall classic villain. Plus he's a dragon.
  • Q: John de Lancie.
  • Light Yagami: A "bright" student with a God Complex.
  • GLaDOS: "There will be cake. I promise." And for a robot, she has a great singing voice.
  • Emperor Doviculus: Tim Curry + heavy metal
  • Ganondorf: Link's most recurring and threateing foe. What can I say that hasn't already been said?
  • Kefka Palazzo: Combine madness with poetry, arrogance, and nihilism and you got this guy.
  • Apocalypse: "I AM APOCALYPSE!" I love everything about this guy, so evil, yet so philosophical.
  • Frieza: The coy and sophisticated monster of the DBZ series.
  • Quan Chi: The mastermind behind Scorpion's clan being killed and Bi-Han's death. What a jerk.
  • The Joker: Every incarnation (except one) is just amazing about this famous clown.
  • Hannibal Lecter: The evil genius with a craving for human flesh who still has manners.
  • Judge Claude Frollo: The ultimate hypocrite and religious fanaticn.
  • Oogie Boogie: Who else do you know has a torture chamber with a casino twist?

Pages I'm Watching

  • Slender Man: This is the main one. I know quite a lot of the Slender Man and its mythos. I watch the page so no fanboy or twit completely butchers it. It can be very difficult to write Urban Legends like Slender Man since there are so many incarnations of him.
  • Eddie the Head: This one is a special villain. Yes, I created the page, however, I don't really watch most of them because I finish them. Myself a fan of Rock and Metal, I have to make no one does anything stupid to it.
  • Mewtwo: As a character, Mewtwo is badass yet tragic. So, I want to make no one destroys his page, naturally. Which some people actually do in small portions. Very self-explained from that logic alone.
  • Most every SCP page: Along the same lines as the reason for Slendy.


Favorite Songs/Videos

Random Stuff

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