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Hello there, I am Tripp Everett, a fellow user who wants to help the comunity as much as possible through making pages and edditing, If you want to see my user page, suit yourself, just don't edit anything, you have been warned.

Pages Created

Antón Castillo (I think this is the most evil villain Giacarlo Esposito ever played, even more than Gus, he enslaved many people in his country, had several executions to anyone who oposed him and killed his son, Diego, with the only redeeming qualities he has is still some care for his son and wife and has a slightly tragic backstory of his father dying in front of him and being sent to labor camp as a child).

Large Rattler (i'm questioning how this guy didn't had a page until now, he is probably the only villain in the games that can compete with David, and that's saying a lot).

The Catalyst, how did it not have a page until now is beyond me, he caused every single event in the franchise and killed his creators, just because he was redeemed by the end doesn't mean he wasn't a villain.

Proposal Ideas

  1. Doctor Saleon (Approved)
  2. James Marcus
  3. Vincent Goldman

Favourite Villains

  1. Mike Ehrmantraut
  2. Bill Cipher
  3. Tomura Shigaraki
  4. Esdeath
  5. Gustavo Fring
  6. Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  7. Donquixote Doflamingo
  8. Joker (Arkhamverse)
  9. Albert Wesker
  10. GLaDOS





Romeo and Robot

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