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My ponysona's devious side! xD

Hello everyone, I am Bobby Gulley or Bobby G. First of all, I join this wiki because I love villains. They are the most enjoyable characters in all media. Some are pure evil, some are comical, and some can be sympathetic. Hope I have fun in this wiki. =)

Favorite Main Antagonists

My list of my favorite main villains in any media. ^^

  1. Lord Tirek - My favorite antagonist and villain overall. Ever since his arrival in Season 4 and then since his return in Season 8 and 9, Tirek has took Sombra's place as my number 1 favorite all time villain! He is everything I wanted in a My Little Pony villain. A powerful threat with a good backstory, great characterization, great voice acting by the amazing Mark Acheson, and a force to be reckoned with. His fight with Twilight Sparkle in Season 4's finale is one of the greatest and most epic moments in the entire series. I also love his chemistry between Cozy Glow and Queen Chrysalis in Season 9. I also loved the fact that he can change in appearance whenever he gains power or loses it. Definitely the best villain in the series and my favorite overall villain.
    1. Tirac (G1) - The G1 version of Tirek, who is known as Tirac in this version, is much more darker and scarier than his G4 counterpart. He's the only MLP villain (so far) who is pure evil. I was taken by surprise by how dark and evil he was, considering he's in a show intended for children. He even threatened to behead Spike if Scorpan does not follow his orders. That is cold man! And I love dark evil villains. LOL!
  2. King Sombra - Way before Lord Tirek showed up, this villain here, was my favorite overall villain for a long time. Sombra is the closest that G4 had to a pure evil villain (not counting Cosmos because she's from the comics, not in the show). I always liked the fact that Sombra is the darkest and one of the most evil villains in the show. Sure they made him more of a hammy villain in Season 9, but I still enjoyed him regardless. However, because Tirek has proven to be more interesting than Sombra nowadays in my opinion, Sombra is now my second overall favorite villain. LOL! Funny enough, I used to be like the other bronies when the Season 3 premiere aired. I also didn't liked the fact that Sombra didn't really do much and that he had only little screen time and dialogue. However, after rewatching the episode so many times, I realized that Sombra was actually a very well written antagonist, because they made him a looming threatening presence, similar to Sauron. Plus, he is very clever with his traps. When he returned in Season 9, I was so excited to see him again. While I was not disappointed with his more hammy personality and voice, he didn't get a chance to retake his position as my number 1 favorite villain. Sorry, Sombra. LOL! Overall, a great villain! ^^
  3. Queen Chrysalis - The best female antagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Her design is awesome. Her voice is awesome. She was such a huge surprise in the Season 2 finale. And I loved her so much! She's a great villain! I love her chemistry between Tirek and Cozy Glow as well.
  4. Cozy Glow - The second-best female antagonist in the show. She may be a cute filly on the outside, but she's an evil monster on the inside. Sometimes, evil can show up in the most unexpected of places, and that includes children. LOL! I love her chemistry with Tirek and Chrysalis and I loved her personality and craziness! I wish they would explain her backstory more, but what we get is what we got. Period. LOL!
  5. Discord - Back when he was an antagonist. He was my favorite antagonist in the show up until Tirek, Sombra, Chrysalis, and Cozy showed up and Discord redeems himself to become an ally of the ponies. He's a trickster back when he was an antagonist and was once a powerful ruler. He's one of the most powerful foes that the Mane Six has faced alongside Sombra and Tirek. :P. He was definitely entertaining and he's the main reason why I got into the show in the first place back in 2011. He's also the best-reformed antagonist in the show, but his actions in Season 9's finale is questionable, considering how much he has learned over the years and he made a huge mistake trying to test Twilight's confidence as ruler by summoning the baddies of Equestria to team up, putting Equestria in danger in the process. He sort of made up for it in the Ending of the End Part 2 by fixing his mistakes. But yeah. But still, overall, Discord is a great character and John De Lancie did an excellent job voicing him. :D
  6. Negan (TV Series) - Back when he was the antagonist in Seasons 6 to 8, before he became the redeemed anti-hero (similar to Discord) in the rest of the series. What is there to say about this amazing antagonist that shows up in AMC's The Walking Dead. He was the best antagonist in The Walking Dead. He's everything I wanted in a human antagonist. A badass who gives Rick Grimes a run for his money and he has the most impactful introduction of any villain ever. They got the perfect actor to play him too. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was freaking AMAZING as Negan! He's funny, charming, even threatening and intimidating, and downright badass. I don't know what it is... there's just something ... about ... him... *Stares at the picture of Negan and blushes, but then slaps myself*. NO! I'm a straight guy! I like women dang it! REEE! LOL! Moving on!
    1. Negan (Comics Series) - Back when he was an antagonist in Volumes 17 to Volume 21 and becomes an anti-hero for the rest of the series. This version of Negan is what started it all. Just like the show's version of Negan, he has the most impactful introduction and he killed Glenn with his bat, Lucille. That was INSANE! That is what makes him such a great antagonist.
  7. Grogar (G1) - The G1 version of Grogar is very cool. He may look like your typical kid-friendly power-hungry tyrant for a little kids show, but his design is awesome, his voice is awesome, his powers are awesome. Everything about this version of Grogar is AWESOME. Plus, this version is the REAL deal and not the fake Grogar that appeared in G4, when Discord was posing as him. I wished they would have featured the real Grogar in G4. I hope G5 makes up for that. Anyway, yeah. Grogar is an amazing villain in G1!
  8. Storm King - Ah yes. This villain. The Storm King appears in the movie and he's very similar to the Emperor from Star Wars, Hades from Hercules, and Lord Tirek from the same franchise, My Little Pony. Storm King didn't appear much in the movie, but his influence and his threatening nature are what make him a good villain to me. Even though he is goofy and is a man-child, especially when he was testing out his new toy, the Staff of Sacanas. LOL! He's a funny villain, but he's also pretty evil too when he betrayed Tempest Shadow, his closest ally. I wished he would have had more screen time. He would be higher on the list if he did. But other than that, he's a good villain, but not a great villain. Liev Schreiber did a fantastic job voicing him!
  9. Judge Claude Frollo - My favorite Disney villain, alongside Scar. He's the darkest Disney villain, the most realistic, and the most complex Disney villain. He's a very awesome and badass villain! His voice cuts like butter too, it's that freaking amazing. Tony Jay, rest in peace man. :(. Frollo's song, Hellfire, is the absolute BEST Disney villain song ever! He also has the best Disney villain death! The way he died was so symbolic and ironic! It's him falling to his death, like many other Disney villains, but he fell into the lava, symbolizing him falling down to the lake of fire in Hell! It's so AWESOME and satisfying! Overall, he's an example of a perfect villain.
  10. Green Goblin (Marvel) - The best Marvel supervillain for me! This version of the Green Goblin from the comics is the original version. He did many things that would ruin the life of Spider-Man/Peter Parker, including killing and even doing the NO-NO to her! That... is... freaking... CRAZY!
    1. Green Goblin (The Spectacular Spider-Man) - The BEST version of the Green Goblin in my opinion! OMG! His voice! His design! His craziness! It's so freaking perfect! Steve Blum did a fantastic job playing this psychotic villain. Even Norman Osborn, his true identity and voiced by Alan Rachins, is also great in this show! He's a greedy and corrupt businessman who neglects his son Harry and even framed him! He even broke his leg to frame him! Father of the year, everyone! LOL! And whenever he puts on the Goblin mask, he takes on the personality of the mask, and becomes a psychotic killing machine! He is insane and I love every moment he's on-screen! It's sad that the show got canceled, I would have loved to see more of Norman/Goblin since it was shown he survived in the cliffhanger of the show. I am hoping the show will continue in the future.
    2. Green Goblin (Spider-Man: The Animated Series) - This version of the Green Goblin is great too, but not as great as the Spectacular version. This version introduced the double-personality between Norman and the Goblin, something that will later be used in the Spider-Man films. Neil Ross played him perfectly and unlike Spectacular Spider-Man's version, this version was voiced by one man and he voiced both Norman and Goblin! That is so talented! Just like the comic version, this version found out Peter's secret identity and begins to try and ruin his life and career. And he almost succeeded by kidnapping Mary Jane. However, he didn't kill her. The time-dilation accelerator that the Goblin has to travel from place to place went haywire and Mary Jane fell off the bridge and right into the portal. I have to say, this version is more disturbing because Mary Jane suffered a fate even WORSE than death! That's CRAZY! Overall, a good version of Gobby!
    3. Green Goblin (Spider-Man Films) - Ah yes. The most famous version of the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn. He was featured in both the Sam-Raimi verse and the MCU at the same time! Willem Dafoe did a phenomenal job as the character. He's the BEST live-action version of the Goblin. Yeah, his suit ain't the best, but he was still great overall. They updated his Goblin suit in the MCU. And I loved it! Similar to the Spectacular version, this Goblin never killed Peter's love interest, Mary Jane. In fact, Spider-Man saved her life! I wished they could have gone a darker route, but I'm okay with what I got! This is also the ONLY version of the Goblin who actually dies and shares his fate with the comics version until they brought him back in the comics. Of course, the MCU brought this version of Gobby back too and they actually cured him in the end, but not before he ruined the life of the MCU version of Peter by killing Aunt May. Well. There you go! Overall, a great version of Gobby! :D!
  11. Hobgoblin (Marvel) - The comic version of Hobgoblin is a mysterious son of a bitch! LOL! He came long after Green Goblin died and is meant to serve as the replacement for the Green Goblin, up until Gobby came back. We never found out his true identity up until much later, where it was revealed it was Roderick Kingsley. Overall, he's cool. But not as cool as the Green Goblin. LOL!
    1. Hobgoblin (Spider-Man: The Animated Series) - This version of Hobgoblin is very different than in the comics. He actually shows up way before Green Goblin showed up. And this version is not Rodrick Kingsley, but Jason Phillips Macendale, who was the second Hobgoblin in the comics. I could be wrong on that though, I didn't read the comics that much. But this version of Hobby is more memorable for me. Mark Hamil was fantastic as Hobgoblin in this version. He was the coolest villain in the show, alongside Green Goblin, and the most entertaining! However, he did have a dismal send-off, right after his identity was revealed.  He became too whiny and a pushover for the Green Goblin. I wished the show would have continued, I would have loved to see Hobgoblin fight Black Cat. That would be badass! Sadly, that never happened. And it sucks that Hobgoblin didn't appear in Spectacular Spider-Man, because he would have shown up in Season 3.
  12. Joker (DC) -The comics version. The clown prince of crime himself! The one that started it all for supervillains and the most memorable. The best DC supervillain for me. The Joker is Batman's archenemy. They are like two sides of the same coin. Batman is serious while Joker is hilariously evil! xD! But he can also be very scary and intimidating!
    1. Joker (DC Animated Universe) - My personal favorite version of the Joker. Once again, Mark Hamil did a great job voicing this version. I was introduced to the Joker by this version and let me tell you, I think he is VERY entertaining and fun to watch. He's also pretty funny too. x3
    2. The Joker (Nolanverse) - Another fantastic version of the Joker. This is the most realistic portrayal of the clown prince of crime and the scariest version as well. Heath Ledger was perfect for the role. He was born to play him. He even won the posthumous academy award for his portrayal of the Joker! That man has skills. Sadly, he passed away from drug overdose. Rest in peace, man. :'(.
  13. Emperor Palpatine - One of the best cinematic villains and my favorite Star Wars villain. I know a lot of people loved Darth Vader and that he is iconic, but Palpatine deserves the credit too. He's eviler than Darth Vader and he's his master. I love his voice, his appearance, his creepy nature, and his evilness. Ian McDiarmid played him perfectly! That is how you do a great villain! Sadly, he wasn't written very well when they brought him back in Episode 9 "Rise of Skywalker". Ian McDiarmid still gave a great performance, but I much preferred if they didn't bring him back and just have Snoke be the main antagonist, instead of him getting killed off too early in Episode 8 and then bringing in the Emperor to fill in the gap. That's an example of a trilogy that was not prepared well. You have to write the whole trilogy and not write your own story for one movie. Still, Palpatine is a great villain in the original and prequel trilogies, but in the sequel trilogy, he was killed off once again by Rey! Plus, Rey is his grandchild? Really dude? LOL!
  14. Scar - The best Disney villain alongside Frollo, and another personal favorite of mine. I know some people say that Scar has become a man-child after he took over Pride-Rock, and while I kinda agreed with that, it also fits his character too. Scar is so power-hungry, that he even killed his brother Mufasa to assume the throne. Whoa! That's insane! And I loved it! Scaris the first villain I was introduced to as a kid and I loved him ever since. His design is great, his voice is great, and his story is interesting too. Plus, Jeremy Irons is a legend! He played him perfectly! Oh yeah. He also returned as a ghostly figure in The Lion Guard and not only did they get a different actor to play him, who sounds nothing like Jeremy Irons, they also gave him a full backstory of how he got his scar. I have to say. I was slightly disappointed. I loved the non-canon fan-made Savu0211 comic version of how he got his scar better because, in that version, he got his scar from a bully named Riku (not to be confused with Kingdom Heart's Riku. LOL). And no one helped him much in that situation. It turned him bitter and cold. And that is more relatable. Still, despite the disappointment in the Lion Guard, I still love Scar as a whole! :3 The live-action Scar is okay, but he's too much like his original version that I won't bother putting him on this list. LOL.
  15. Zira - The main antagonist in the sequel, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. We never saw her in the original version, because I like to think she went out to hunt while the events of the climax of The Lion King were taking place. When she came back, she saw Scar's dead body and tries to attack Simba out of revenge, but Simba banished her to the Outlands. We actually saw how they got banished in The Lion Guard. Zira is a great antagonist too. She was the first female antagonist I was introduced to as well. I always ship her with Scar. I mean, why are they so close to each other. Yeah, I know the director says that she's simply a follower of Scar, but in the deleted scene, Zira says that she missed being Scar's "queen". Sooooo. Yeah! LOL! The late Suzanne Pleshette was great as Zira in the second movie. Her new voice in The Lion Guard is okay, but it does not sound like Zira. LOL! I also love her connection with her children: Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu. She neglects her eldest son Nuka in favor of Kovu. I feel bad for Nuka ya know. He tried to gain his mother's affection by attacking Simba but he was killed. I loved the deleted scene where after Nuka says "I finally got your attention didn't I?", she actually smiles, showing that even though she is a vengeful villain, she shows affection and care to her children. She was not fully evil. However, after they'd deleted the scene, Zira was betrayed by Vitani for siding with Simba's pride, and the outsiders turned on her after she says she's going to kill Vitani for her betrayal. Okay, movie, make up your mind! LOL! Still, she's a fantastic villain!
  16. Shere Khan - Another one of my favorite villains. Shere Khan is a suave Tiger who serves as the main villain in 1967's The Jungle Book. If I was alive during the 1960's (I was born in the 90's), The Jungle Book would have been my favorite film and Shere Khan would be my favorite Disney villain. I love how cold and calculating he is. He can also appear like a gentleman, such as his talks with Kaa, Mowgli, and the vultures. However, he is a vengeful Tiger who hates humans in general, which is understandable, but to kill an innocent man-cub, who has done nothing to him, then yeah, he's still a villain. But a good villain regardless. He also appears as the main villain again in The Jungle Book 2, this time he has a bigger right to kill the man-cub since his defeat in the first movie. He was one of the highlights of the sequel. I wished the third movie would have been made, as we would have seen Shere Khan finally redeem himself, but oh well.
    1. Shere Khan (TaleSpin) - Now here is a version of Shere Khan that I really love as well. In this amazing show, he is a very rich typhoon who owns his own company called Khan Industries. Just like his original version, he is suave, cold, and calculating, however he is not as villainous as his main counterpart. In some episodes, he can be a villain, but in others, he is an anti-hero. A two-dimensional character. That is what makes Shere Khan such a joy to watch on screen during the show's run. Too bad the show ended, I would have loved to see more of him.
    2. Shere Khan (2018) - This version of Shere Khan is pretty terrifying! You definitely don't wanna cross paths with this guy. This version is more based on the book's version of Shere Khan. He even has his own minion, the striped hyena named Tabaqui, just like in the book! I consider this version of Shere Khan to be the evilest and scariest version of them all. Benedict Cumberbatch did a GREAT job voicing him! :) He's always so great as villains, such as Smaug. We will get to Smaug later down the line.
    3. Shere Khan (2016) - This version of Shere Khan is based on the Disney version. However in this version, he is the King of the Jungle and is feared by many animals. His backstory is more fully fleshed out here as well, and he has a scar and a blind eye. Gee, I wonder who else has that type of scar. LOL! This version is voiced by the always talented Idris Elba. Great work, Elba! :D! Also, just like his 2018 version, he is pure evil. He has gotten more screen time than his animated counterpart. Did I wish that they didn't have him show up earlier, yeah, but it didn't matter anyway. I also loved his battle with Bagheera in this version. I always wanted to see them interact in the animated movies, but it never happened, which sucks! Good thing this movie made up for it, but I just wished the animated versions met. The only time the animated ones interacted was in Jungle Cubs and that's it.
  17. Sprout Cloverleaf - The first antagonist of MLP G5. He's not a big bad villain like The Storm King, Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, and Grogar, but I think a normal pony who lets power get to his head is just as fun to watch. Sprout is not a villain per say, but more of a mommy's boy who has gotten attention by the other Earth Ponies and he became more power hungry and paranoid due to his prejudice against Unicorns and Pegasi. He reminds me of Prince Charming from the Shrek films. LOL! He is very entertaining, but I can see why others won't like him as they see him as an annoying character. Eh, he ain't that annoying to me. I find him pretty funny in most of his scenes. LOL! I was surprised that they got Ken Jeong to voice him in this movie. I didn't even recognized that was his voice. He did a great job as Sprout! Ken Jeong has also voiced another villain before, which we would talk about later down the line.
  18. Sir Pentious
  19. Striker
  20. Verosika Mayday
  21. Valentino
  22. Vox
  23. Velvet
  24. Stella
  25. Catra
  26. Azula
  27. Firelord Ozai
  28. Alpha 
  29. Toffee
  30. Nywlo 
  31. The Governor
    1. The Governor (TV)
  32. William Carver
  33. Stranger
  34. Steele
  35. Aku
  36. Sauron
  37. Saruman
  38. Smaug
  39. Azog
  40. Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  41. Ultron (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    1. Infinity Ultron
  42. Doctor Octopus (Marvel)
    1. Doctor Octopus (Marvel's Spider-Man)
    2. Doctor Octopus (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
    3. Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
    4. Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man Films)
  43. Venom (Marvel)
    1. Venom (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
    2. Venom (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
    3. Venom (Sony's Marvel Universe)
    4. Venom (Spider-Man Films)
  44. Kingpin (Marvel)
    1. Kingpin (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
    2. Kingpin (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
  45. Tombstone (Marvel)
    1. Tombstone (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  46. Hammerhead (Marvel)
    1. Hammerhead (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
    2. Hammerhead (Marvel's Spider-Man)
  47. Sandman (Marvel)
    1. Sandman (Spider-Man Films)
    2. Sandman (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  48. Rhino (Marvel)
    1. Rhino (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  49. Mysterio (Marvel)
    1. Mysterio (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
    2. Mysterio (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    3. Mysterio (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
  50. Vulture (Marvel)
    1. Vulture (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
    2. Vulture (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  51. Electro (Marvel)
    1. Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man)
    2. Electro (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  52. Lizard (Marvel)
    1. Lizard (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
    2. Lizard (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
    3. Lizard (The Amazing Spider-Man)
  53. Harry Osborn (Marvel)
    1. New Goblin (The Spider-Man Films)
    2. Green Goblin (The Amazing Spider-Man)
  54. Shocker (Marvel)
    1. Shocker (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
    2. Shocker (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  55. Kraven The Hunter (Marvel)
    1. Kraven The Hunter (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  56. Carnage (Marvel)
    1. Carnage (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
  57. Chameleon (Marvel)
    1. Chameleon (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
    2. Chameleon (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  58. The Tinkerer (Marvel)
    1. The Tinkerer (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  59. The Enforcers (Marvel)
    1. The Enforcers (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
  60. Hydro-Man (Marvel)
    1. Hydro-Man (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
  61. Spencer Smythe (Marvel)
  62. Alistair Smythe (Marvel)
    1. Alistair Smythe (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
  63. Dr. Landon (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
  64. Molten Man (Marvel)
    1. Molten Man (The Spectacular-Spider-Man)
  65. Mister Negative
    1. Mister Negative (Marvel's Spider-Man)
  66. Zhao
  67. Pony of Shadows
  68. Starlight Glimmer (in Season 5)
  69. Lavan
  70. Erebus
  71. Catrina
  72. Baridi
  73. Gul'dan
  74. Sargeras
  75. Aquamarine
  76. Spinel
  77. Warren T. Rat
  78. Madame Mousey
  79. Peg Leg Pete
  80. Grand Moff Tarkin
  81. The Master
  82. Dalek
  83. Randall Boggs
  84. Nightmare Moon
  85. Lord Shen
  86. Janja
  87. Makucha
  88. Niju
  89. Dave
  90. Chantal Dubois
  91. Makunga
  92. The Fossas
  93. Koto
  94. Uncle King Julien
  95. King Fossa/Bone-Fossa
  96. Dr. Blowhole
  97. Kahmunrah
  98. Tzekel-Kan
  99. Lord Farquaad
  100. Rumpelstiltskin
  101. Fairy Godmother
  102. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin
  103. Ocelot
  104. Samuel Norton
  105. John Kreese
  106. Terry Silver
  107. Carface
  108. Sharptooth
  109. Jafar
  110. Gaston
  111. Ursula
  112. Turbo
  113. Bill Sykes
  114. Maestro Forte
  115. Tai Lung
  116. Malthus (Annabelle Demon)
  117. Valak
  118. Bathsheba Sherman
  119. SixTass the Lipstick Face Demon
  120. Wicked Witch of the West
  121. Rameses
  122. Mrs. Tweedy
  123. Hans Gruber
  124. René Belloq
  125. Chozen Toguchi
  126. King Mighty One-Eye
  127. Jenner
  128. Don Karnage
  129. Prince John (Disney)
  130. Sheriff of Nottingham (Disney)
  131. Hopper
  132. General Mandible
  133. Red
  134. Belladonna
  135. Kai
  136. Dag
  137. Tortoise John
  138. Mr. Grasping
  139. Ozzy and Strut
  140. Ichy and Dil
  141. Rinkus and Sierra
  142. Pterano
  143. Rotti Largo
  144. Pope
  145. John Silver
  146. Cecil Fredricks
  147. Sir Lancelot
  148. Vincent
  149. Prince Charming
  150. Freddy Krueger
  151. Michael Myers
  152. Pazuzu

And lots more. :3

Favorite Secondary/Central Antagonists

Here is the list of all of my favorite secondary antagonists in any media. ^^

  1. Simon 
  2. Tempest Shadow
  3. Beta
  4. Nuka
  5. Vitani
  6. Darth Vader
  7. Johnny Lawrence
  8. Crimson
  9. Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze
  10. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
  11. Rattlesnake Jake
  12. Tamatoa
  13. Ludo
  14. Arnold Ernst Toht
  15. Byron Hadley
  16. Zigzag
  17. Chief McBrusque
  18. Scuttlebutt
  19. Twitch
  20. Scroop
  21. Mike Barnes
  22. Tory Nichols
  23. Sato Toguchi
  24. Karl
  25. Sabor
  26. Hotep and Huy
  27. Ronno
  28. Roscoe and DeSoto
  29. Pain and Panic
  30. Abis Mal
  31. Iago
  32. Flotsam & Jetsam
  33. Undertow
  34. Jasper and Horace
  35. Mr. Smee
  36. Kronk
  37. Lawrence
  38. Helga Sinclair
  39. Kaa
  40. Ushari
  41. Cheezi and Chungu
  42. Makuu
  43. Nana
  44. Brom Bones
  45. Diablo the Raven
  46. Duke of Weselton
  47. Namaari
  48. Lock, Shock & Barrel
  49. Jesters
  50. Forty Thieves
  51. Uto & Kago

Favorite Major/Supporting/Minor Antagonists

  1. Gavin
  2. Jared
  3. Toplofty and O'Bloat
  4. Ahuizotl
  5. Dr. Caballeron
  6. Garble
  7. Mane-iac
  8. Grubber
  9. Svengallop
  10. Timberwolves
  11. Daybreaker
  12. Jabba the Hutt
  13. Pharaoh Seti I
  14. Balthazar
  15. The Hawk
  16. Bad Bill
  17. Herman Dietrich
  18. Bogs Diamond
  19. Mzingo
  20. Nne and Tano
  21. Kiburi
  22. Reirei
  23. Goigoi
  24. Dogo
  25. Bootlick and Slug

Least Favorite Antagonists

Here is the list of the villains that I thought were plain bad, unenjoyable, lame, and are uninteresting. Remember that these are only my opinions and if you enjoy these villains, that is great. ^^

  1. Loki (From the Son of the Mask movie. Not the one from Marvel. That version of Loki I adore. But this version... yeah. He's a very weak villain overall from one of least favorite movies of all time.) 
  2. Jean-Claude (He is basically "Gaston 2.0". That's pretty much it about him! LOL)
  3. President Koopa (Yeah. He looked nothing at all like he did in the games. However, the late Dennis Hopper did an okay job as him.)
  4. Dingle Kringle (A dull villain. Nuff' said.)
  5. Owen (Walking Dead) (Compared to other antagonists in The Walking Dead, he is the weakest of them all. Though he did redeem himself in the end.)
  6. Martin Brisby - The villainous version of him that appeared in the second film. Don't get me wrong, Eric Idle did an okay job as this baddie, but overall, he is weak compared to Jenner from the first movie and I was hoping Dr. Valentine was still the main villain instead. LOL
  7. Sarousch - Though I do enjoy his voice and he is entertaining to watch at least. But overall, he is a weak Disney villain, compared to his previous villain, Judge Claude Frollo!
  8. Maximus Elephante - I love Matthew Mercer and I think he did a fine job voicing him. However, this villain overall is pretty bland, but what do you expect from this bland movie overall!? LOL
  9. Paul Dugan - He's not too terrible of a villain. Michael Ironside did a good job with the role and this guy can be quite insane at times, even more so than Kreese himself. Sadly, that is the only positive things I'll say about him. Overall, he is basically "John Kreese 2.0" and a forgettable one at that, but a crazier one at that! LOL! Maybe if they bring him back in the TV series, Cobra Kai, he might be off my least favorite villains list if they did him right! ^^
  10. Electro (Spider-Man: The Animated Series) - The lamest version of Electro. Not only is this not Max Dillon, they made him the son of the Red Skull in this version named Rhienholdt (Kragov) Schmidt. While I have nothing against Philip Proctor, the voice for this version of Electro just does not sound right, even though he was meant to be Russian in this version. It's not like the other Electro voices I heard, such as Crispin Freeman's amazing voice performance as Electro in Spectacular Spider-Man. Look. I understand why they didn't use Max Dillon as Electro because of the canceled proposed Spider-Man film that he would be featured in (alongside Sandman) directed by James Cameron. However, I still can't bring myself to like this version of Electro because he's just your typical overpowered bad guy. While I do like hammy villains, this one just does not fit the character of Electro for me. So yeah, he's one of my most disliked villains and my least favorite antagonist in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Thank god they did Electro justice in both Spectacular Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marvel's Spider-Man (Video Game), and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Villains that I liked but everyone else hated.

  1. The Riddler - This version of the Riddler is played by the always funny Jim Carry! Good lord is he over the top here. But that is what makes it so enjoyable! Jim did a great job with this role! There are scenes with him that I just found absolutely hilarious, such as the scene with him becoming the Riddler and the scene where Batman confronts him in the climax. My favorite moment was when he said to Batman, "If knowledge is power... than a god... am... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!". Him saying "I" in that deep godlike voice almost made me fall off my chair laughing. LOL! xD!
  2. Mr. Freeze - From the Batman and Robin movie. The ice puns can be funny at times, but other than that, compared to the animated series version of him, yeah he is inferior. LOL! But hey, at least Arnold looked like he had fun playing the role.
  3. Poison Ivy - From the Batman and Robin movie. Just like Mr. Freeze, Poison was a guilty pleasure for me. She is entertaining and I love Uma Thurman's performance. :)
  4. Two Face - This version of Two Face is played by Tommy Lee Jones. Just like the Riddler, he too was entertaining. However, he's not as great as the previous baddies. The reason I said that is because the actor chosen to play Harvey Dent is the wrong actor, since he was previously portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in the first movie. What the hell guys!? LOL! Also, I heard from sources that Tommy did not want to be in the movie, but he decided to be in it after his son insisted he be in this movie. So he did, but he didn't had a good time during filming. Also, people say that Tommy did not liked working alongside Jim Carry, whom he hated and even told Jim that he hated him and cannot stand his buffoonery. Dang. That is harsh! They looked like they were having fun together on screen, but it was the opposite of it behind the scenes. You can even see Tommy in the movie staring at Jim Carry with an annoyed look on his face. Well, here's what I think. I think that Tommy was jealous of Jim Carry. I could be wrong. LOL! If that was the case, then they should've cut one of the villains out of the movie and have just one villain again, just like the first movie. :P But unfortunately, that didn't happen.
  5. El Supremo - Ohhhhh man! This movie, Freddie as F.R.O.7., was something alright! It is one of the lowest grossing animated movies of all time and it has gotten negative reviews from critics due to the confusing story and boring characters. Plus, the songs in it aren't that great, but they are a guilty pleasure for me, especially evilmania. El Supremo is what saved this movie for being terrible. He was a delight to watch and Brian Blessed sounded like he had a lot of fun voicing him. However, Supremo has done things in the movie that you should never do if you are a villain, such as not taking chances to kill Freddie when he surrendered. Also, that sword he has that is wobbly. The hell? LOL! We also don't know why and how he became evil in the first place, but I liked the idea where he was hypnotized or manipulated by Messina to team up with her and conquer the world together. Overall, El Supremo was a fun villain to watch, but he ain't the best villain as he has made some really stupid mistakes. xD!
  6. Messina - Messina is the second big baddie of Freddie as F.R.O.7. and she is not as enjoyable as El Supremo. Just like El Supremo, she too has made dumb choices, such as turning Freddie into a frog instead of killing him when she had the chance too. There is a minor explanation for this, which she says during her song "my mercy's not for sale". But it ain't enough. Also, she stayed in her cobra form the most, as that is her favorite form and it helped her to live a long life. LOL! I know, this movie is confusing and silly. Her song, Evilmania, is very catchy though. Billie Whitelaw did an okay job with her voice. Overall, she ain't as great as El Supremo, but she was meant to return in the sequel, but it never got made, due to the film bombing.
  7. Aloysius O'Hare - Now here is a baddie that many people did not like, but I find enjoyable. Aloysius O'Hare is an original character made for the movie and it's main villain. Most people find him unneeded, as he ruined the message that the film is trying to get across. I can see their points. But the character overall is not bad. Rob Riggle did a great job with his voice and I find him to be very entertaining at times, especially during his talk with Ted and during the climax of the movie. Do I think he deserve more screen time? No. I think he had a good amount of screentime. LOL! He is a greedy dirtbag, but an enjoyable one. He hates trees, as he prefers fresh air that cost money and would make him even more rich. His best moment in the film was when he was singing this. "LET IT DIE! LET IT DIE! LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND- come on who's with me, huh!?" Now that was funny and it quickly turned into a meme over the years! Overall, a good underrated baddie. LOL!
  8. Mr. Greene - At last, we arrived to Mr. Greene, the main villain of the critically panned Norm of the North. Like Sprout Cloverleaf, he is voiced by Ken Jeong. It sounded like he enjoyed voicing the character here, so I won't judge him. He did do a great job with his voice. The villain himself was not that bad. I mean yeah, most people say that he was a boring antagonist who has no originality and is not very smart at all, such as wanting to build houses in the Artic! Yeah, his plan was not that great! LOL! I can see why people didn't like this villain. But for me, he can be somewhat entertaining at times, but it was not enough to save the movie for being a bad film. xD! Plus, the way he moves. What is he, a tube man? LOL! The way he moves is similar to Chester V. x3 Oh, speaking of which...
  9. Chester V - Here's another baddie that I liked but many did not. He is pretty enjoyable and I love the animation on him. Plus, his voice was done by Will Forte, who did a great job with his voice! Too bad he got eaten by the burger. xD!
  10. Profion - I love Jeremy Irons as an actor. But this villain is just too silly and over-the-top. LOL! He's not the worst villain though, since Jeremy Irons looked like he is having so much fun playing him, but yeah! xD! I can see why people didn't like this villain, but he was at least entertaining to watch!

List of PE Proposals that I created.

  1. Red from All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 - Rejected due to being a standard demonic villain.
  2. Simon from The Walking Dead - Accepted because of committing mass murders on other communities who don't follow the Savior's and disobeying Negan's orders. He even attempted to betray him, which led to his downfall.
  3. King Sombra from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Rejected due to not being heinous enough to count as a purely evil villain. I kinda saw it coming actually. LOL