My ponysona's devious side! xD

Hello everyone, I am Bobby Gulley or Bobby G. First of all, I join this wiki because I love villains. They are the most enjoyable characters in all media. Some are pure evil, some are comical, and some can be sympathetic. Hope I have fun in this wiki. =)

Favorite Main Antagonists

My list of my favorite main villains in any media. ^^

  1. Lord Tirek
  2. King Sombra
  3. Queen Chrysalis
  4. Cozy Glow
  5. Negan
  6. Judge Claude Frollo
  7. Scar
  8. Zira
  9. Janja
  10. Sir Pentious
  11. Catra
  12. The Storm King
  13. Discord/Grogar
  14. Green Goblin
  15. Azula
  16. Firelord Ozai
  17. Alpha 
  18. Toffee
  19. Nywlo 
  20. Beta
  21. Simon 
  22. The Governor
  23. Makucha
  24. Steele
  25. Aku
  26. Joker
  27. Emperor Palpatine
  28. Sauron
  29. Saruman
  30. Smaug
  31. Thanos
  32. Doctor Octopus
  33. Venom
  34. Zhao
  35. Grogar G1
  36. Pony of Shadows
  37. Starlight Glimmer (in Season 5)
  38. Shere Khan
  39. Baridi
  40. Gul'dan
  41. Sargeras
  42. Aquamarine
  43. Spinel
  44. Warren T. Rat
  45. Madame Mousey
  46. Grand Moff Tarkin
  47. The Master
  48. Dalek
  49. Randall Boggs
  50. Nightmare Moon
  51. Lord Shen
  52. Niju
  53. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin
  54. Ocelot
  55. Samuel Norton
  56. John Kreese
  57. Terry Silver
  58. Carface
  59. Sharptooth
  60. Jafar
  61. Gaston
  62. Ursula
  63. Turbo
  64. Maestro Forte
  65. Tai Lung
  66. Wicked Witch of the West
  67. Hans Gruber
  68. René Belloq
  69. Chozen Toguchi
  70. Jenner
  71. Don Karnage
  72. Tirac
  73. Red
  74. Belladonna
  75. Dag
  76. Mr. Grasping
  77. Rotti Largo
  78. Freddy Krueger
  79. Michael Myers
  80. Pazuzu

And lots more. :3

Favorite Secondary/Central Antagonists

Here is the list of all of my favorite secondary antagonists in any media. ^^

  1. Tempest Shadow
  2. Nuka
  3. Vitani
  4. Darth Vader
  5. Johnny Lawrence
  6. Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze
  7. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
  8. Rattlesnake Jake
  9. Tamatoa
  10. Ludo
  11. Arnold Ernst Toht
  12. Byron Hadley
  13. Chief McBrusque
  14. Scuttlebutt
  15. Twitch
  16. Mister Negative
  17. Mike Barnes
  18. Tory Nichols
  19. Sato Toguchi
  20. Kaa
  21. Ushari
  22. Cheezi and Chungu
  23. Makuu

Favorite Major/Supporting/Minor Antagonists

  1. Gavin
  2. Jared
  3. Toplofty
  4. Ahuizotl
  5. Dr. Caballeron
  6. Garble
  7. Mane-iac
  8. Grubber
  9. Svengallop
  10. Timberwolves
  11. Daybreaker
  12. Herman Dietrich
  13. Bogs Diamond
  14. Mzingo
  15. Nne and Tano
  16. Kiburi
  17. Reirei
  18. Goigoi
  19. Dogo

Least Favorite Antagonists

Here is the list of the villains that I thought were plain bad, unenjoyable, lame, and are uninteresting. Remember that these are only my opinions and if you enjoy these villains, that is great. ^^

  1. Loki (From the Son of the Mask movie. Not the one from Marvel. That version of Loki I adore. But this version... yeah. He's a very weak villain overall from one of least favorite movies of all time.) 
  2. Jean-Claude (He is basically "Gaston 2.0". That's pretty much it about him! LOL)
  3. President Koopa (Yeah. He looked nothing at all like he did in the games. However, the late Dennis Hopper did an okay job as him.)
  4. Dingle Kringle (A dull villain. Nuff' said.)
  5. Owen (Walking Dead) (Compared to other antagonists in The Walking Dead, he is the weakest of them all. Though he did redeem himself in the end.)
  6. O'Bloat (Of all the factory owners, I find him to be the most uninteresting of the three in the movie.)
  7. Martin Brisby (The villainous version of him that appeared in the second film. Don't get me wrong, Eric Idle did an okay job as this baddie, but overall, he is weak compared to Jenner from the first movie and I was hoping Dr. Valentine was still the main villain instead. LOL)
  8. Sarousch (Though I do enjoy his voice and he is entertaining to watch at least. But overall, he is a weak Disney villain, compared to his previous villain, Judge Claude Frollo!)
  9. Profion (I love Jeremy Irons as an actor. But this villain is just too silly and over-the-top. LOL)
  10. Maximus Elephante (I love Matthew Mercer and I think he did a fine job voicing him. However, this villain overall is pretty bland, but what do you expect from this bland movie overall!? LOL)
  11. Mr. Freeze (From the Batman and Robin movie. The ice puns can be funny at times, but other than that, compared to the animated series version of him, yeah he is inferior. LOL!)
  12. Paul Dugan (He's not too terrible of a villain. Michael Ironside did a good job with the role and this guy can be quite insane at times, even more so than Kreese himself. Sadly, that is the only positive things I'll say about him. Overall, he is basically "John Kreese 2.0" and a forgettable one at that, but a crazier one at that! LOL! Maybe if they bring him back in the TV series, Cobra Kai, he might be off my least favorite villains list if they did him right! ^^)

List of PE Proposals that I created.

  1. Red from All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 - Rejected due to being a standard demonic villain.
  2. Simon from The Walking Dead - Accepted because of committing mass murders on other communities who don't follow the Savior's and disobeying Negan's orders. He even attempted to betray him, which led to his downfall.
  3. King Sombra from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Rejected due to not being heinous enough to count as a purely evil villain. I kinda saw it coming actually. LOL
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