Vincent Calitori,Age 23, the Psychotic Hitman who escaped from an asylum has been know to have fun with his victums

one by one they bite the dust and i always kick their buckets until their dust ~ Vincent Calitori


when he was only 2 he was raised in Florida,Daytona beach with Mary Calitori and Sir Edward "Ripper" Calitori who made Vincent what he was now today without his parents but on his 5th Birthday both parents was killed by a car accident and he was then raised by his uncle Hannibal Calitori.

19-20 years later

Vincent then gone to collage where he happens to know that he was a perfect man to do a "job" for a former Hitman services so he became to known as "The Man In Black" since his style of choice is black clothing and he use awfully 80's weapons like

  • Kitchen Knives
  • Pistols
  • Ropes
  • Chains

The Asylum

When he was caught killing 19 people in a building and was acting like he was a madman he went to an asylum to get better but when his realese came upon the weekend he then man slaughtered the whole asylum building and escaped killing both authorites and criminals.


They couldn't find vincent anywhere but some people from the hitman services were dying one by one and authories discovered that Voodoo was involded the killings and so that becomes on of vincent's skill to do voodoo magic but in the evil way but was stopped by being caught again but this time in jail.

Vincent is now in jail for 20 years and is excepted to be realsed by 2031

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