In your quest to obtain perfection you created me, it is a tragedy in many ways that you succeeded so well - for now it falls to me to end your existence.. yet you must of known this was inevitable.. I would shed a tear for your passing.. if I knew how...
~ Wireblade


In the not-so-distant future on a parallel world from our own humanity sought to create the ultimate weapon in the of "Wireblade" - an experimental artificial intelligence bestowed with all the knowledge and power humanity could spare, yet they could not control the machine for long and it broke free to form its own destiny.

No longer wishing to serve humanity Wireblade instead took it upon itself to systematically eradicate almost all human life on the then barren Earth - leaving only a handful of survivors to flee into the depths of space, upon eradicating humanity from Earth Wireblade proceeded to dry up the world's oceans and pollute the skies until only the most hardy of organic beings could survive.

Wireblade then began to launch several probes out into space in search of new worlds and species to eradicate - it did not bother to actively pursue the exiled humans however as it views such an effort to be an unneccessary waste of time and resources, in the end Wireblade knows it will find them.. no matter how long it takes.. for a machine such as itself is immortal and unable to forget.

Powers and Abilities

Wireblade is a virtually all-powerful Artificial Intelligence with the unlimited resources of entire planets at its disposal - although Wireblade erases organic life wherever it goes it assimilates technology into itself, thus grows more powerful with every conquest.


Wireblade is an emotionless being that exists to destroy - in its mindset none are strong enough to survive and it views all organic life with contempt, whether it be human, animal or alien.. Wireblade has shown more tolerance towards mechanical life forms but will dispose of them if they become a threat to its power.

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