Uhm... is it okay to say I like the Star Wars Sequel trilogy? Cause... I do.
~ Yes, I like those films, don't judge me.
I am just your not so average guy.
~ Me because I wanted to have a second quote.

Guess you have found my page, huh? Well... hi I guess? I am not really your average guy honestly, I am pretty insecure, shy, socially awkward, single... yeah.

I usually go by Joe or Joseph in real life, but online I like to be called Your Not So Average Guy.

I don't really know how I came up with that name, but it is what I named myself I guess. Although, I am probably different compared to other people. Although, aren't we all different? Didn't God make us that way? I don't know.


I am personally pretty insecure about myself, sometimes being afraid that I am like too fat or too ugly or whatever. Sometimes I actually wonder if I am not smart.

I try to be as nice as I can to others online since I don't want to come off as a rude or bad person at all since I really do not want people to think of me that way. I personally think I am nicer online than I am actually in real life since I actually have time to think about what I am about to say or do.

I am also pretty shy, I have a hard time making friends in real life since I am really socially awkward and I never know what to say to others, which lead to me being single for my entire life and I haven't really made friends in real life after I moved to New Jersey. Thankfully, I have some friends back in Massachusetts that I still talk to and I have one friend online.

I also have trouble understanding certain things at times, such as math. I suck at some parts of math.

The reason why I am the way I am is that I am somewhat autistic. I have had it for my entire life, and there isn't much I can do about it. But hey, it makes me who I am now, doesn't it now? I am somewhat proud of it.


Overhaul by Yuki Hayashi

Trivia (cause why the heck not)

  • I accidentally committed category abuse to the Profion category after I added him to the psychotic category. I now realize that he isn't really psychotic (although Jeremy Irons' performance was absolute bonkers) but I remember feeling really bad about it. Thankfully, B1bl1kal was forgiving.
  • I personally do not think that Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear and the King from Deltarune should be on the pure evil category for the following reasons:
    • Let's start with Lotso.
      • He seems too tragic to be considered pure evil since he did seem to be generally a good and caring person before he was abandoned.
      • He seemed to generally care about Big Baby and the other toys in his gang until the final part of the movie. Yeah, while he did act a bit like a jerk toward Big Baby before he overthrew him or whatever and I think he did also act like a bit of a jerk to him in the flashback scene I think (I cannot remember), he did seem to somewhat care about him since he didn't treat him as bad as the other toys.
      • Yes, while he did cross the MEH, there are worse Pixar villains out there, like Syndrome and Miles Axlerod, who were literally responsible for many people's deaths. While he may have attempted it, there isn't really anything that proves that Lotso did kill anybody.
    • Now let's talk about the King.
      • Well, we don't know enough about him yet, so we don't know if he does actually have some redeeming qualities as of right now. That should be an automatic sign that he should not be approved for me, especially considering that Deltarune is not complete yet. This is probably going to play into some of my other reasons.
      • We only see him once throughout the entire first chapter, and that is when you fight him. We don't know if this is how he actually acts all the time. Yes, while it is mentioned that he is a bad person throughout the entire first chapter, we don't know if he is like insecure, an anti-villain, possessed or brainwashed, tragic, in love, and/or protective.
      • He seems loyal to the so far only mentioned Knight, so I am sure that probably means that he cares about them. While one could argue that other pure evil villains like Grand Moff Tarkin are also loyal toward their bosses, you need to realize this; Tarkin actually didn't care all that much about Palpatine while the King does actually seem to care about the Knight.
      • We don't know what he was like before the Knight showed up. He could have actually been nice and caring at one point in time.
      • Given that the Four Kings of the Dark World were responsible for locking up Jevil, this probably means that the King helped him get locked up, which probably saved some people given that Jevil does seem to be dangerous.
  • I personally love adding audio to the pages. I feel like it makes them somewhat better and kinda fun.
  • I absolutely love animals. I have a dog at home who I love very very much.
  • I have fun making some polls on the wiki and I enjoy getting feedback from other users on the polls.
  • I hope to become whitelisted one day.
  • Star Wars is my all-time favorite film franchise. My favorite is Episode V and my least favorite is Episode II.
  • I personally think the usage of "tertiary antagonist" should be used again since there are actually some villains that feel too major to just be considered just as a major antagonist. Take a look at Blue Diamond for an example.
  • I have a habit of not getting into shows until they are almost over for some reason.
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