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Cannot be both Lawful Neutral and Corrupt.
~ ZiilLosDiiDu

Hello, I am ZiilLosDiiDu. If you are reading this profile, you probably do not have anything better to do.

Favourite Villains

  1. Simon Gruber
  2. Lord Shen
  3. Erebus (Gameknight999)
  4. Henry Stickmin
  5. Hans Gruber
  6. King Boo
  7. Shredder (TMNT 2012)
  8. Joker (DC)
  9. Shion Sonozaki
  10. Killian
  11. Viggo Grimborn
  12. Dave the Octopus
  13. Lysandre
  14. Trevor Philips
  15. Baron Draxum

Favourite Villain Songs

  1. Biggering
  2. Hellfire
  3. Be Prepared
  4. Such Horrible Things
  5. Fear Garden

Pages I Created (In Order)

  1. Tony Vreski (Recreation) 
  2. Henry Stickmin (Recreation) 
  3. Albearto
  4. Mathias Targo (Recreation)
  5. Katya (Recreation)
  6. Mai Linh (Recreation)
  7. Calixto Corrium (Recreation)
  8. Amaund Motierre
  9. Henry Stickmin/Gallery
  10. Henry Stickmin/Synopsis
  11. Flats the Flounder (Recreation)
  12. Evil League of Mutants
  13. Han Cho Bai (Recreation)
  14. William Cooper (Recreation)
  15. Bryce Walker/Gallery


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