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What's The Work

John Gavenue is the main antagonist of the 2010 thriller film Burning Bright. He is played by Garret Dillahunt, who played Krug Stillo in The Last House On The Lefts 2009 remake, Steve Curtis in ER and Ty Walker in the season six of the TV show Justified.

Who is the Candidate? What They Did?

In a period just before the events of the film, John Gavenue killed his wife because he wanted to leave him, causing her to take on a large quantity of antidepressants and pass this murder on suicide. Having discovered that Kelly and Tom, the children of the woman born from a previous marriage, are the only recipients of his wife's inheritance, he plans to kill them too to get their hands on the inheritance. In this regard, with the excuse of creating a "Safari Ranch", he decides to buy a ferocious animal to be freed inside their home, so that he will kill the two boys and then pass a premeditated murder for an accident. The vendor to whom he addresses offers to buy a Bengal tiger, but John is doubtful and does not believe that the tiger seems dangerous enough. At this point the vendor tells him a gruesome story of how the tiger would have attacked a horse during a circus show, terrifying the audience to death, and claims that the tiger "is bad" because he aimed that horse while completely ignoring the other engaged horses in the show. This convinces John to purchase the tiger. Back home, John has a fight with Kelly, who after taking Tom - suffering from autism - and having been refused the payment, called his bank, was informed that John had withdrawn all the money from his account. (to buy the tiger) and closed it. Kelly begs John to give her the rest of the money, but he explains that he spent everything on the tiger. Kelly is angry at him, telling him that his mother wanted the money to go to Tom and Kelly. However, there was no official will, so John took the funds for himself. Then John frees the tiger - who had been fasting for several days, and therefore hungry and furious - and leaves, after leaving a note in which he warns Kelly that he has gone out.

Kelly and Tom are therefore forced to fight all night to survive the tiger's fury, and they manage to arrive alive the next day with difficulty. Believing them to be dead, John returns home armed with a rifle with the intent to kill the tiger, which he no longer needs, but with surprise, finds the two stepchildren still alive. Kelly asks John to let them go, and that's when John reveals to Kelly that he killed his mother and passed the murder for suicide, he removed Kelly and Tom from life insurance and then confesses that he was responsible sending the tiger home to kill them. Suddenly, the tiger attacks John, breaking his back with one paw and, while the man is still alive, he drags him inside the corridor and devours him.

What they did

John's crimes are as follows:

  • Unable to bear the idea that his wife wanted to leave him, he killed her and took on a large amount of psychotropic drugs which caused her a fatal overdose.
  • He passed the woman's death by suicide.
  • In this regard, she buys a ferocious tiger, frees her inside the house to make the two boys tear them to pieces. Knowing that his wife's children are the recipients of the woman's inheritance, he decides to kill them by passing their death as an accident.
  • It completely drains the account of Kelly - the eldest daughter of his wife - who, in this way, cannot pay hospital treatment for his brother Tom, who is suffering from autism.
  • He plans to kill the tiger once it has killed the boys, and then the moment he no longer needs her.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

The only occasion in which he shows a minimum of humanity is when one of the bellboys in charge of transporting the truck with the tiger inside is injured in the hand by the animal. On this occasion John hands him a handkerchief to bandage the wound, and gives him some money, but he does it exclusively to avoid a complaint.

Heinous Standard

The killing of his wife made to go through suicide, the plan hatched against the children and the desire to kill the tiger on the finished plan.

Final Verdict

This character commits acts that are decidedly atrocious and close enough to MEH. So I think it's a real PE.

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