I take no orders from you, instead, I take your LIFE FORCE!! There is nothing like dining at home... or is that on home?!

Presenting the malevolent energy being Tornedron from the G1 Transformers TV series.

Who is he and what he has done?

The ancient mad scientist Primacron created the infamous planet eater Unicron to feed off all planets in the universe, but was betrayed as the latter believed that he should rule. Following Unicron's death at the hands of Rodimus Prime, Primacron vowed not to make the same mistake again by creating a being of a pure energy. To do so, he feeds a tiny atom with flames and an Energon cube, causing the atom to grow and develop into a new energy being, which Primacron named Tornedron. Tasked by his creator, Tornedron gleefully used his powers to feed off energy from all planets, even stars and comets are not immune to his powers and are rendered dark as coal. Tornedron later attacked Cybertron, disposing all of its energy sources and leaving all Autobots residing there completely lifeless. He would later attack Earth and its moon next, leaving all of the Autobots and Decepticons, and all living organisms on Earth, completely lifeless. Upon being told that the animal-based Transformers known as the Primitives (from both factions) are being assigned to stop Primacron and Tornedron at all costs, Tornedron tracks them down to the dead planet Methuselah, where he attacks them. When the Primitives attempt to distract Tornedron by spliting themselves up, Tornedron plays wise by separting himself into four separate forms and easily drained all the Primitives without breaking a sweat. Declaring his mission to be complete, Tornedron returns to Primacron's lab, where he openly betrays his creator by declaring that he will take any orders from him no more and disabling all the fail-safes that Primacron created in case he would rebel. Even when Grimlock, the only surviving Primitive, came to the rescue by breaking into Primacron's lab, Tornedron sadistically declaring nothing more than to feed off both his creator and Grimlock to cement his desire of draining the entire universe dry of life and energy for himself. Fortunately, in an act of animal instinct, Grimlock finds the reverse switch and uses it to reverse the energy polarity, destroying Tornedron and dispersing all the energy throughout the universe, thus reviving all organisms back to life.

Heinous Standards

Given to the fact that Tornedron has deemed all life in the universe (including his own creator) to be pointless, his actions were taken seriously in the series.

Freudian Excuse

None. His actions were nothing more than to satisfy his own desire of draining all life and energy around the universe for enjoyment.

Moral Event Horizon

Using his powers, Tornedron attacked Cybertron, draining all Autobots and rendering them completely lifeless. He would later subject Earth and its Moon to the same fate, rendering all Autobots, Decepticons and all living organisms on Earth lifeless; even the mighty Rodimus Prime and the notorious Galvatron were no match against him as they too end up being drained. After tracking down the Primitives, Tornedron plays wise to their moves by separating himself into four different forms, allowing himself to drain all the Primitives one by one, with the exception of Grimlock. After completing his mission, Tornedron betrays Primacron by destroying his fail-safes as he intends to kill him and an arriving Grimlock, thus securing his complete control of the universe for his own ambitions.

Individual Capability

He holds up the willpower to drain energy from planets, stars and even comets; even capable of separating himself into different forms to attack his enemies in different locations.

Moral Agency

He is aware that the universe holds massive life after exploring around it, but chooses to deem all life as worthless and beneath himself to satisfy his hunger and desire of chaos. He is also aware of the fact that he was created by Primacron to serve him, but later chose to betray Primacron by attempting to kill him.

No Groups

None, as he is capable of draining the universe of all energy by himself.

Redeeming Qualities?


No Sympathy

None, as he enjoys draining energy from trillions of living organisms for fun, even willing to submit his own creator to the same fate.

Screen Time

Appeared as the main antagonist in the G1 Transformers episode Call of the Primitives. Despite the fact that he only appeared in one episode, it was clear that Tornedron was capable of draining trillions of lifeforms without lifting a finger, proving himself to be far more dangerous than Unicron.

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