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Another auto-approved villain whom I am making a formality post for just to ensure they are solidly confirmed.

What is the Work?

Speak is a 1999 novel which received a 2004 film adaptation. The story revolves around the aftermath and trauma dealt to the protagonist Melinda Sordino after being sexually assaulted. Today's candidate is the perpetrator in question.

Who is the Candidate?

Note that the majority of this biography is taken from his Pure Evil Wiki page, as I was the one who wrote it.

Andy Evans is a high school student at Merryweather High School, who shares the same school as Melinda. He is revealed to be a sexual harasser and rapist who was revealed to have raped and psychologically tormented female high school students.

Andy is first seen meeting Medlinda in a high school party. Melinda soon found out that Andy was a rapist, and proceeded to rape Melinda after pursuing her. This traumatized Melinda so much that she could not even describe what happened when calling 911. When the police reach the party, they shut it down and apprehend a number of innocent teenagers, but not Andy. This leads to Andy escaping scot-free, Melinda falling out with her best friend Rachel, and Melinda becoming mute, depressed, and outcast.

Throughout the events of the novel, Andy continues to torment Melinda and rape other high school girls (as shown by the list of victims written down on the walls of one of the school lavatories). Andy even begins to date Melinda's former friend Rachel, likely to make her his next victim. However, Melinda, regaining some confidence with the help of her lab partner David, discloses to Rachel the truth about Andy. On prom night, Rachel breaks up with Andy, telling him off for what he had done. Andy, understanding that only Melinda could tell Rachel about his true nature, pursues Melinda a second time and attempts to rape her again. However, Melinda stands up for herself and fends off Andy, buying enough time for Andy to be caught and taken into custody. Melinda is praised for her bravery, and becomes comfortable with speaking again.

Heinous Standard

Sets the standard as the sole villain. He doesn’t kill anybody but what he does to his victims is arguably worse, given the psychological damage he inflicts onto them. Said psychological damage to Melinda is the main focus of Speak, and given that his actions are extremely influential to the plot, it makes him look that much more scary.

Redeeming Qualities

Nope. Andy is a pure Hate Sink who has not one bit of good in him. He does date Rachel but there’s no indication he cares for her, and besides this relationship completely breaks down after Rachel exposes Andy as the monster he is.

Taken Seriously

His actions darken the tone of the story. Why would one treat a rapist who psychologically shatters his victims so frivolously? Needless to say Andy is treated seriously as a saddeningly realistic example of a serial rapist.

Freudian Excuse

Andy is presented with no form of valid justification for raping high school females. I really don’t have much to say other than this guy has no tragic past or excuse for his actions, and is not presented sympathetically.

Moral Agency

Considering he’s a human of sound mind, I have no doubts that he has a Moral Agency. He knows of the magnitude of the fallout of his actions, and does not care one bit about it.

Final Verdict

I’d vouch for a yes. He is a serial rapist who caused deep psychological scars in his victims, and the repercussions of his crimes is the main highlight of this work. He is an utter Hate Sink who presents not one redeeming quality, and he has no excuse for his actions. As well, he is taken very seriously and knows well that what he is doing is extremely damaging. I say he counts.

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