Brothers. Sisters. Comrades of the United States of America.

I come before you all today as an American citizen who is standing up not just for his rights & freedom, but for the rights and freedoms of others who hold the same beliefs as me. Especially those in California.

This morning, before I ever went to church, I discovered something extremely shocking:

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, along with the state’s Liberal Party and Democrat Party, want to take away California’s freedom of religion  and speech, and ban religious texts such as the Bible!

If you don’t believe me, the proof of it is on this link:

California Gov. Jerry Brown To Ban Sales Of The Bible

Even though I’m no Californian, I am an American, and California is a part of America. What they are doing is nothing more than an act of cold-blooded tyranny.

America is the land where people are free to believe what they believe, and free to make their own choice. Governor Brown, and the Democrat and Liberal council of California, are trying to take away something that so many people believe in, as well as their freedom, and make them believe in something else in a force feed sort of way. At the head of it all, Brown is doing something that which Adolf Hitler tried to do to make the people of Germany worship him.

People of America, including California, we must take a stand against this act of tyranny which threatens to take away what America stands for. Even if you don’t believe in God, please...please help those that do believe to retain their rights and beliefs.

Christians are not really what most people think. We are a kind, caring, and generous people who welcome everyone around us into our hearts and lives. We even welcome those of other walks of life. Anyone who does the opposite is pretty much not a Christian at all. 

Please, welcome us into your lives just like we do with you.

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