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Hi guys, it is time to finish all my candidates Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. This time I have the perpetrator of the thrill games in the show himself. So with that said let us get into it.

Yeah, this is a kids show. Ginis just hanged people. Probably the darkest scene in Zyuohger and definitely in top 30 of the whole of Super Sentai.

What is the work?

Note: I’ll keep this part from Domidoll’s proposal that I previously made because it applies here too.

The work is a show called Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger which is the 40th anniversary of the long running Super Sentai franchise by the Toei company. In this show a man called Yamato who is a zoologist who met other dimensional beings called Zyumen from Zyuland that is exactly like Earth but with Anthropomorphic animals as the residents. Through a device called the Link Cube five zyuman were stranded on Earth and teamed up with Yamato to survive. At the same time a group of genocidal thrill seekers known as Space Outlaws Deathgalien arrived on Earth for their blood game. Transforming into the Zyuohgers they need to defend against these recurring thrill games.

Who is he?

Our candidate is the leader of the space outlaws Deathgalien, Ginis. Nothing is known about his past except for one secret (that I will leave for later). The enigmatic being is known to have assembled a gang of aliens to conduct entertainment for himself, gradually. He and his gang travel across the universe laying waste for Ginis’ enjoyment and see who can win a ritual known only as the blood game. After so much destruction and death they arrive present day to Earth, so they can continue their one mission.

What has he done?

Ginis is not described much in the show but the only one hidden fact we ever learn is that he is made up of Moebas. These are lowly organisms that in Deathgalien are frowned upon. Therefore, when he decided to operate the blood game he kept this from all his subordinates.

To assemble this structure, he first searched for team players. Naria, who is his right hand, was inherently with him from the beginning. The first ones he collected were Kubar and Jagged. The former joined him out of fear and survival after Ginis obliterated his planet and drove the entire species to extinction. Lastly he got Azald who was a mysterious monster from Earth that he found and brainwashed in space. After this players joined Deathgalien and for a long time the blood game went smoothly.

Soon Ginis ended up seeing Earth himself and decided to invade the interesting and fresh world. The team leader Jagged was sent down with Moebas and they began to terrorize the population. Just then the Zyuohgers appeared who had recently formed due to circumstance. Jagged ultimately fell to their strength but Ginis found amusement and was intrigued by these new Zyumen who came from another dimension.

For a while the blood game continued but to the frustration of the Team leaders, every game ended up with failure as they could never win. The greatest challenge came when Ginis revealed himself to the Japanese public. There was a machine called the Massacre Machine Gift. When originally produced it had destroyed ten planets in one day. Soon the city was being ravaged by the machine. Only with the new robo we’re Yamato and his friends able to destroy the machine.

To level up the odds, Ginis ordered Naria to kidnap three Zyumen and in order to do this innocents were held hostage as they had limited knowledge on the species. Eventually three Zyuman were found; including a rhino, crocodile, and a wolf. Ginis proceeded to hang all three of them and then obtain a broken human. He told the human that they were the same and mentally tortured him by filling him with the energy of those Zyumen. Soon with a brainwashed soldier, he made him participate in the following blood game. Although this worked temporarily, Yamato was able to free his man who was Mondo Misao.

After a while a Megabest hunter called Bangray appeared and easily dealt with the Zyuohgers. After seeing this strength being displayed, he offered Bangray a place in his ranks. The hunter refused and continued his own quest, all while Ginis observed. On top of that he also relished the plot of Domidoll.

Not much notable occurred until Kubar’s betrayal after Bangray’s death. This came because Bangray unleashed his resentment. Kubar had never forgiven Ginis for what he did to his people and therefore kidnapped Misao and tricked them into fighting Ginis directly. Ultimately using a disk obtained from a second Gift used sometime ago, he transformed into Shin Ginis. Since without the mothership, Ginis would be vulnerable. Now as Shin Ginis he had the power of Earth and was essentially immortal.

Despite Kubar’s treason to Deathgalien, Ginis decided to use Kubar’s insecurity of him to see how far he could go. The ultimatum was that he was supposed to kill every being on Earth. Kubar was destroying and terrorizing blindly, until the heroes finished him off with the help of a recovered Misao. In the end Ginis is satisfied with Kubar’s death, as he had immense amusement from the clash.

Azald soon decides to lead another invasion to where Cube Whale which is the Megabest promptly attacks him. While surprised this blood game ends the same as it would ever, in failure. Although soon Azald remembers his past that he was a monster that terrorized Zyuland before it split from the Earth. He was exiled to space where Ginis found him. This newfound power destroys the Zyuohgers and they are left extremely weak. Gins then faces the victorious monster that proclaims himself as an equal to Ginis. This doesn’t go too well as later Azald is mutated.

Furthermore, Azald perishes to the Zyuohgers fury and might all while Ginis comments on Azald’s mistake in defying him. After this Ginis prepares the destruction of earth by creating an army of Gifts that threaten the Earth. With Yamato coming to terms with his own problems, the Gifts are defeated and the mothership is completely destroyed. Ginis now confronts and attempts to kill the heroes. Although they discover he is a collection of Moebas. Naria overhears and comments that she will always love him.

In Ginis’ mind compassion is a weakness and proceeds to brutally murder Naria to the horror of the Zyuohgers. They proceed to blow the wicked being to smithereens first small, then with their final attack when he enlarges. All as he contemplates how he could have been finished.

Heinous Standard

Zyuohger has a high heinous standard but Ginis sets it. The superorganism has layer waste to more than 10 worlds killing every being on said world except with some exceptions like Kubar. Not to mention, that he used the Gift machines on screen for one instance and the anarchy caused was visible. Though the rest of the many deaths were off screen he has more than enough acts to make up for it.

Some of which include hanging Zyumen on screen and torturing an innocent man for a long period of time. As well as killing Naria and being responsible for all the destruction caused by the Gift. Finally there were also bombs placed in the city by him.

There are only three villains who stand out with unique crimes in the show. First is Kubar who has meddled in other people’s lives by torturing them, abusing them, and killing them. Although Ginis was responsible for this which lets him stand out more than Kubar seeing as the blood games are his idea and Kubar is a villain because of him. Secondly is Bangray who breaks Yamato which is heinous, but Ginis too has killed millions who had to witness their deaths and broke Mondo Misao in his own way, making him more heinous. Lastly, Domidoll did break children and destroy planets but Ginis just has destroyed more. Ultimately, he stands out as the darkest and most heinous villain in Zyuohger.

One last thing to mention are other big bads. He stands out enough for committing mass genocide which is comparable to Dezumozorlya, Bazeu, and Vulgyre. Although those villains had different resources and are all diverse in their own way, allowing him to pass the massive Super Sentai heinous standard.

Mitigating Factors

Nothing with actual weight is mitigating about Ginis. While he does apologize to his team leaders when there is no blood game and does treat them well, he is perfectly okay to throw them under the bus. Therefore this politeness isn’t genuine and it seems he is rather showing it in the name of the Blood game. As he is egotistical and doesn’t have time to bother with others, hence is fine as long as he is happy even with their failure. As in his book the only defeat is his own.

Not to mention, he finds sadism in torturing Mondo Misao and relishes the plans of other villains. In a sense finding pride in causing misery to others. On top of that he is excited by Kubar and even before Jagged's death. Commentating their deaths just because they were fun to see. As well as that he turned on Azald out of spite, as he just asked to be equals.

Finally his biggest moral event horizon is killing Naria. She loved him the whole show and cared for him no matter what or who he was. Yet for showing compassion and morality, Ginis slew her instantly.

One bit about insecurity, while he hates what he is, he loves himself. Therefore it isn’t so mitigating because he isn’t searching for acceptance, it is simply an inferiority complex.

Final Verdict

Hard yes to this Genocidal thrill seeker who is even compared to Radiguet.