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Hello folks I’m back with a candidate that I haven’t seen anyone discuss but is worth an offer. Let me introduce a Gokaiger villain, in celebration of Gokaiger’s 10 year anniversary.

Does he remind you of anyone?

What is the work?

The work is Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger from the long running Super Sentai. This installment is known for connecting all the shows before it together as an anniversary commemoration. Therefore it begins with an evil space empire called Zangyack invading Earth to conquer it. This terrorizes the population of Japan and there is chaos. At that moment all the Super Sentai heroes fight together and repel their forces but at the expense of their powers.

A group of space pirates come and collect these powers that manifest as ranger keys and decide to destroy Zangyack and protect Earth. This is because Captain Marvelous, their leader, and every other member has conflict with the empire. Since it ruined their lives in some cases. Furthermore their new power is to get the grand powers of each time before the villains. Through that quest they have to confront the newly emerging second wave of attacks.

Who is he?

Our candidate is the head scientist of Zangyack, Great Scientist Zaien who is highly respected in the empire. Not long ago he captured a deserter of the empire called Sid Banick and relentlessly tortured him until he submitted mentally. Soon after he terriformed his body into a ruthless cyborg that joined the blood spilling empire.

After this Zaien grew an interest in making more of these cyborgs and at the same time the man’s pupil named Joe, Gokaiger blue, was now a broken person deep down.

What has he done?

Note: Since Zaien is a minor antagonist a lot of his actions will be impact related, so some parts may stray away from his direct biography.

Zaien is an alien that is implied to have at some point joined out of an obsession to further his scientific research that in nature was twisted and sadistic in nature. In the episode it is also revealed that he does most of his work in his home world.

Zangyack once had two human enforcers named Sid Banick and Joe, who served them well until they came across their atrocitus actions. Such as threatening innocents and ones who were poor in fact. After that they betrayed Zangyack and were marked traitors.

At one point they were caught and Sid, who was a mentor to Joe, allowed him to escape. Since the latter had already learned the sword skills wanted him to know and Banick valued his pupil’s life over his own. Ultimately he was captured, chained, and brought before Zaien.

The psychopathic scientist had created blueprints of making an organic being fully cyborg without keeping the human personality and instead only leaving the skills that they possess. Therefore, the first subject to test this on became Sid. The ex enforcer was tortured by Zaien relentlessly with his hands until his mind fully broke. Then this face began being enveloped in metal and got brainwashed into an enforcer closest to the prince.

Now named Barizorg, the cyborg served Warz Gill and participated in the invasion of Earth. It brought much misery and despair to Joe that this mentor was a cyborg and his techniques were being used for evil. Barizorg refused to admit Sid was his former identity.

Zaien finally decided to land on Earth and checked on Barizorg who he deemed was like his child and Sid was just an accessory to this. Impressed with his results on Barizorg, he decides on mass producing the cyborg as an army of soldiers. Therefore to find good skilled people in strength, he kidnapped people like boxers and other athletes.

Once the Gokaigers caught on to this they decided to save these innocents and stop Zaien’s first attempt in brainwashing a boxer. Although this wouldn’t stop the scientist at all. Meanwhile, Joe was researching with Jou from the Livemen who provided more information on the blueprints of the cyborgs. It was the sick truth that the transformation to an emotionless robot was irreversible. Meaning Joe can never save his friend and mentor and vows revenge on Zaien for his horrendous crimes.

The Gokaigers find Zaien and then decide to punish him, first of all freeing all his prisoners who proceed to run away as quickly as possible. Soon after Joe has a solo fight in which he uses Sid’s sword technique to completely decimate Zaien. He is soon grown and then Zaien is finally removed from existence by the Gokaiger’s robos.

Posthumously, Sid is never saved or reunited with Joe because of Zaien.

Heinous Standard

Zaien may seem standard but for Gokaiger he passes the heinous standard shearly through that one action with Sid and how twisted and impacting it was. All the action commanders are very standard and low impact. They just terrorize and mess with humanity.

Zaien eliminated the life Joe and Sid could have had with each other by experimenting with Sid and transforming him into a cyborg and causing him to live a life he never desired. Essentially as a cyborg slave to the empire. All while Joe for the longest time couldn’t recover from the pain of losing Sid. Knowing the unrecoverable fate he was being put through as a permanent slave by Zaien was very deep as a wound in his mind.

Not to mention he wanted to take more innocents and ruin their existences out of pure obsession and sadism, along with the strengths they possessed. In comparison the other Zangyack members haven’t done much gruesome things on screen. They are standard vague genocidal imperialists that don’t have much to show for it individually. As it was more of a collective effort, unlike a villain such as Ginis who directly ordered the deaths of millions. Zaien ultimately had on screen torture and mind breaking that was worse and more unsettling arguably than the the mundicide that happened to Ahim even though that was on screen too. Mostly because of impact, to which the former was more abundant in especially considering resources.

Lastly, Basco ta Jolokia is on another level than Zaien. He has more screen time and a different set of resources with Basco having Ranger keys and also the support of Zangyack. All Zaien had was his gadgets and an opportunity to experiment yet he stands out even with Basco being there.

Mitigating Factors

While he may appear loyal to the Zangyack royal family and polite, this just comes from his sophisticated nature. The only reason he joined Zangyack was for more chances to conduct sadistic experiments on innocents to further his own research.

Furthermore, he treats Sid’s life as just another expandable Guinea pig that is an accessory to creating Barizorg. To whom he treats as a creation and an accomplishment rather than actual living cyborg being.

Indirectly, he also impacted Joe’s life and took away his mentor just for his skill. This affected Joe and he never fully recovered from losing Sid. What makes it worse is that he willingly made the decision to have no cure for being robotized. Ultimately, proving to be a heartless and unempathetic experimenter who has no value for lives.

Final Verdict

A yes to this minor but pivotal obsessed scientist.