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Hello guys, today i'm doing a proposal on a mostly unknown villain from the movie Platoon, this character, who by the way, needs more work in his page, definitely needs to be proposed, but first, his page:


Platoon is an acclaimed war film from 1986, about the Vietnam war, based on experiences of american soldiers during said war, so it's obvious that it's a serious work, and Bunny's actions are played seriously


There is pretty much no information about his past, but the only thing that we know, is that he was an american soldier during the Vietnam war, who early in the film, when it's said that a man had killed many of his "comrades" it turns out that the "responsible" was a disabled boy, and Bunny just beats him to death with a smile in his face, and then he does the same to the boy's mother who was just watching, without caring about the boy being actually innocent.

Later, he leads a gang rape on two young girls, mocking his "friend" Taylor for not joining him.

By the end of the film, he kills a lot of soldiers with a smile on his face, saying that he has done nothing wrong and that war is true freedom.

He is then killed, being shot in the head


He is a human, he knows that what he does is wrong and nothing can deny it


The other PE character in the film, Barnes, although is also an horrible monster, he never rapes anyone in the film, just kills people, which gives Bunny his own kind of evil in this movie.


During that time, weapons were obviously not that advanced, but that's besides the point, he barely had some guns, and yet he used them all at their fullest to commit his atrocities


Absolutely none, he is not depicted sympathetically at all, and though you could say that he was feeling bad about his comrades being killed by the disabled boy, who again, was innocent, and even if he was not, it still doesn't justify killing a disabled person in front of that person's mother, not to mention that Bunny enjoyed killing him too much, even making sarcastic remarks about how his brain was shattered, and then, after that, he pretty much threw anything redeemable through the toilet.


His actions are shown on screen.


I think that it is a very easy yes, what do you guys think? 

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