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Some time ago, someone added the PE category to Lobo, so, given how we now make removal proposals with characters that are not in the PE category just to make clear that they don't fit it, i'm going to make this one.


Lobo is a fictional character from DC Comics, he's an extraterrestrial anti-superhero/anti-supervillain who works as a bounty hounter, and one of his first actions was to kill all the life in his own planet, but let's see why he doesn't qualify.


Well, the first thing that you need to know about this character, is that even though he is from a serious omniverse which has a lot of serious characters (DC comics), Lobo himself is a comic relief character, who is meant to be a parody of the over the top hyper-muscular hyper-masculine hyper-violent sociopathic 80s/90s anti-hero, and even ignoring this, he has redeeming qualities, like a sense of honor, since he will never break his word, not to mention that he really, really cares about dolphins... I'm not joking, he will risk his life (arguably, since he is inmortal), just to save them. He even went to hell to save their lives. Not to mention, that he has moral agency issues, one of his lines that are on the top of his page suggest that he is mentally ill and doesn't really control all of his actions, among other things.

So yeah, cut.

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