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    Hi again people, how are you? Today, i'm going to make a PE Proposal on a character that i think that should have been in this category since his page was created, ladies and gentlemen, He is the mighty, the destructive, the psychopathic, the ultra-powerful, the OP monster of anti matter himself, it's, The Anti-Monitor

    The Anti Monitor is a character who was appeared for the first time in 1985, created by Marv Wolfman, among others, to be a supervillain for the DC Comics, being the main antagonist of the "Crisis On Infinite Earths" arc, as well as a recurring villain in other comic books of DC.

    Crisis On Infinite Earths

    In more modern times, the being known as Pariah conducted an experiment similar to that conducted by Krona, when trying to r…

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  • AngelOfLight666

    Hi again everyone, how are you?

    This time, i'm going to do a EP for a villain who doesn't have a page here yet, in this case, a villain from Vertigo Comics, which is an imprint of DC Comics, more specifically, from the Lucifer comic book series.

    Lucifer is a comic book series, written by Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey for Vertigo Comics, which is an imprint from DC Comics, it's a spin-off from Sandman, another work from Neil Gaiman.

    It tells the story of Lucifer, the fallen angel who defied God and got casted away from heaven to hell, being the ruler there for billions of years.

    Is a serious story, and Fenris' actions are played for drama

    He is one individual.

    Fenris the Wolf (also known as Fenrir), is the son of Loki, Norse god of mischief, and the…

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  • AngelOfLight666

    Here i'm going to make a proposal of yet another villain who is already PE, so he gets approved.

    Exmortis is a flash game series created by Ben Leffler

    The first Exmortis tells the tale of a person lost, tired and amnesiac in the woods who suddenly finds an abandoned house and, with little left to choose, begins exploring it. Incredibly creepy events follow, including the discovery of a diary of a previous 'resident', a hunter who also stumbled upon the house. The hunter began to hear voices in the house, the voices of the Exmortis, which slowly brainwash him into releasing them into the human world again. To do this, he must first kill five hikers that the voices predict are coming towards the house.

    In the second game, the Exmortis have inv…

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  • AngelOfLight666

    Hello again people, how are you?

    Anyway, here i'm going to make another proposal of a character that is already Pure Evil, so he gets approved.

    He's a one-shot villain from DC Comics, who appeared on Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey,  which is a three issue miniseries that take place months after The Death Of Superman

    Bertron is an ancient alien scientist from a prehistorical Krypton, who is responsible for the creation of Doomsday, the main antagonist and one of Superman villains/enemies.

    Bertron's experiments where intended to create the "perfect" life form and involved him releasing a humanoid infant onto a primordial Krypton, which killed the baby due to its hostile environment.

    Bertron then cloned the …

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  • AngelOfLight666

    Hello there again, fellas :) how are you? The first thing that i need to clarify, is that i don't know what the hell happened with my username in this proposal, maybe a fandom glitch, this is my actual profile.

    Anyway, just like in Alan Yates' case, i'm going to make a proposal on Zamasu/Goku Black to have these characters approved as Pure Evil, and i know that Zamasu and Goku Black are technically different characters, but still, they are the same person from different timelines, and they even fuse at some point.

    So, here we go!!!!!

    Dragon Ball Super is japanese manga series and anime television series, most of it's plot is written by Dragon Ball's creator Akir…

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