• AngelOfLight666

    Ok, look, i know that we all know that Alan Yates is already in the PE category, since he is one of the most evil characters in all fiction, but i'm doing this proposal to have him as an approved evil character, ok?

    Let's start.

    Cannibal Holocaust is a 1980 italian cannibal horror film directed by Ruggero Deodato and written by Gianfranco Clerici, one of the main characters, Dr Monroe, portrayed by Robert Kerman, is an anthropologist from the New York University who leads a rescue team into the amazon rainforest to locate a missing crew of four filmmakers. At first, it seems like the crew were victims, but actually, they were the ones who started a conflict by attacking the indigenous people who lived in the amazon, going far enough to burn …

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  • AngelOfLight666

    Hello there, today i'm going to make a proposal of a mostly obscure and unknown character from a fighting b movie series called Kickboxer. The villain himself is named Tong Po who by the way, needs more work in his page. Is also worth to mention, that the new version of the character from the remake has nothing to do with him here, and is a different character that doesn't even have a page here yet. But anyway, let's go on the proposal.

    He appears for the first time in Kickboxer (1989) being the long time undefeated Muay Thai Champion and enforcer for the Mob Boss Freddy Lee. When the american Kickboxing Champion Eric Sloane and his younger brother Kurt arrive in Thailand as a first step to taking on the world's greatest after Eric has beat…

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  • AngelOfLight666

    Ok, since now we can't do more proposals in discussions, i do it here.

    PD: English is not my first language, so if you see some spelling mistakes, please forgive me.

    First off, his article:

    During his life, he was a child-murderer and a pedophile, who posed as an ice-cream truck driver so he could easily lure children in, the youngest of them being eight years old. His kill count at this point is 27 children.

    He tortured them in violent ways, including raping them, and then he killed them.

    The brutal murder of an eight year old girl had Kincaid finally put in prison, for a 22 year period, however, due to outside help, he got free after only six years.

    He then kills the 28th victim (who is the younge…

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