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    PE Proposal: Holda

    February 13, 2020 by AustinDR

    So Gretel and Hansel (2020). Another retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. Much like with any other telling, Hansel and Gretel end up in the woods, in this case after their mother had a psychotic episode, and kind of threatened to hack her children up with an ax if they didn't leave (Gretel did try to get a job and went to an interview...but the guy quickly turned out to be a Dirty Old Man). Like the other versions, they end up meeting a seeming old lady (except no gingerbread house in this take).

    The Wicked Witch has a name in this version, that being Holda. The movie features a fairy tale within a fairy tale about how a village girl was stricken by an ailment, so her father went to an enchantress to heal her. While t…

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  • AustinDR

    PE Proposal: Nomura

    February 4, 2020 by AustinDR

    Another from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni...

    Who she kind of a mystery. Nomura isn't even her name for one. She is the overarching antagonist of the Higurashi series while Miyo Takano serves as the main antagonist. She represents a mysterious organization known as "Tokyo" where her main goals are still unknown even after the series concluded. All that we have to go on is that she was wanting to take the Old Koizumi, Chiba, and Okuno factions out. And she's willing to commit f*cking mass murder in order to achieve it.

    After Takano was humiliated in a way similar to her grandfather due to her research into the Hinamizawa Syndrome, Nomura takes her in as a pawn under the promise of funding her research in her return for her cooperation. So ba…

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  • AustinDR

    Putryphemus is a Brutal Death Metal band situated in Cochabamba, Cochabamba, that uses elements of cosmic horror in their songs. Their album Abominations from Beyond is about the different Lovecraftian gods entering our dimension through the open gates.

    Y'golonac is a Great Old One, the God of Depravity and Perversion. Unlike the rest of his fellow Great Old Ones but much like the messenger of the Outer Gods Nyarlathotep, Y'golonac has the full understanding of humans and their morality. Possessing the ability to comprehend any and all perversions that sapient beings can imagine, Y'golonac was locked away behind a brick wall in an undisclosed region but dreams of escaping it so he could rape and kill as much as he wanted.

    In the song, Y'golonac…

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  • AustinDR

    Following off Goosebumps candidate the Snatcher...

    Slappy the Dummy is pretty much the face of the Goosebumps franchise appearing as the main antagonists in the Night of the Living Dummy series and its spin-offs. According to Bride of the Living Dummy, Slappy was crafted by an evil sorcerer who then placed his soul inside of the dummy.

    If the magic words "Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano" which roughly translates out as "You and I are one now," it brings the dummy to life and he attempts to make whoever brought him to life and their families his slaves. That is his primary shtick in the series of books revolving around him.

    At first glance, this wouldn't be that bad...if not for a few things. For one, there are his multiple murder attempts on th…

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  • AustinDR

    The Defiler

    January 1, 2020 by AustinDR

    I haven't the faintest idea how I ended up getting into this position, but I am forever grateful that I managed to escape it. Ever since I was a child, I was an avid reader. I read just about anything: newspapers; comic books; obituaries, you name it. I'm certain that you had the same feelings I had. Of reading whatever you could get your grubby hands-on, you find yourself in a bind. Craving more knowledge, I am assured that you would've done anything to satiate your hunger.

    When I was allowing my mind to humor the imagined solutions to my plight, it happened. While I was browsing the town's bookstore, I bumped into a strange man. He was the spitting image of a walrus. He was a rotund man in the perfect shape of an egg. He had a double chin…

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