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Kind of have another song candidate to suggest (and I'll do the page when it gets there).

What is the work?

Everyone knows Randy Newman for his satirical music, but he also had made some songs that are more somber in their tone and are played entirely seriously. From his album Sail Away, we have God himself who is depicted as a vindictive, sadistic deity who genuinely despises mankind (Man means nothing he means less to me/Than the lowliest cactus flower/Or the humblest Yucca tree/I recoil in horror from the foulness of thee). In the song, God discusses several of his personal atrocities such as the slaying of Abel at Cain's hands, and causing several of Israel's children to die. He also giddily talks about burning human cities to ashes and taking the children of his devoted followers.

In the song, while he clearly dislikes humanity, he nevertheless revels in their worship of him. Which more often than not elicits a chuckle from him and his heavenly hosts. So, despite committing atrocious crimes, he mocks mankind for their unconditional worship of him, stating that was why he loved mankind.

Mitigating factors?

None. He is depicted as nothing more than a sadistic bully who craves being worshiped.

Freudian Excuse?

Again, no. He talks about how much he is disgusted by mankind for its sins, but in this context, he is squarely responsible for mankind's plights and takes glee at its suffering.

Heinous standard

Sets it.


I would personally say yes. The song paints God taking delight in his crimes seriously, and it's not intended to push any type of agenda. Like I said, a majority of Newman's works don't actually delve into Newman's actual views. Yes, Newman is an atheist, but that kind of stuff would be politics that is best to be avoided. I am not doing this as a means of displaying any hatred for God or religion, and we have a few incarnations of the Abrahamic God up so there isn't really too much issue there.

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