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I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince anime Guisarme Rael Valhenvach profile

What is the work?[]

I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince is a light novel series which was adapted into a 2024 anime and was announced that it will receive a second season at some point. The series is about a sorcerer getting killed in a duel and he is reincarnated as the seventh son, Lloyd de Saloum, in the Kingdom of Saloum. You would think he would want to get revenge for his death or whatever, but nope. He couldn't care less about his murderer. In his new life, Lloyd becomes obsessed with studying magic to where he is actually an especially powerful character. He ends up getting a familiar in the form of Grimoire, a Baphomet-esque demon who was locked away years ago for trying to cause havoc in the kingdom. Of course, he quickly bends the knee when he sees how powerful the boy is.

Who is he? What has he done?[]

Guisarme Rael Valhenvach is the main antagonist of the first season. He is a demonic being known as a Majin, but unlike with others such as Pazuzu who was ranked "Class 8" in term of how powerful he was, Guisarme did not fit any class because he was a demon lord with catastrophic abilities. He and some minor Majins would invade the kingdom of Lodost and proceed to not only possess the people, but they essentially drain them of their original personalities until they became nothing but meat sacks they would maneuver. Where Guisarme is concerned, he possesses Jade, the third prince of the kingdom, and spends months eroding away at his will until there was nothing left. During that time, however, Jade was mentally looking for ways to perfect his teleportation spell, as well as attempting to kill himself but Guisarme thwarts his attempts, he tells him that he would meet someone someday who would defeat him.

Afterwards, Guisarme as "Jade" sends a letter to the Assassin's Guild to Lodost as a ruse to have his fellow Majins claim their bodies. To that end, Guisarme and his Majins would spread rumors to bring war to the rest of the Saloum Kingdom and the world. When he realizes that he has met his match with the young Lloyd de Saloum, he battles with him using whatever means of eradicating the boy... but Lloyd grows progressively more bored as they go on.

Eventually, Guisarme decides to use his signature spell "Mortal Dark Sphere" a special atmospheric technique that destroys everything it touches. However, much to his bewilderment, Lloyd easily cancels it since the spell was magic-based and it was the same attack. After figuring out Jade's equation, Lloyd uses the Void against him. Guisarme tries to escape, but since he was using Jade's body, rigor mortis sets in, ensnaring him. As he gets slowly consumed by the destructive orb, Guisarme tries to make the Assassin's Guild think he's Jade to no avail: Lloyd pinches his fingers together, crushing Guisarme into oblivion.

Mitigating factors? Freudian Excuse?[]

None. He is just a sadistic monster who relishes in killing and tormenting them since he deemed himself a superior being. With Lloyd, when they were fighting, Lloyd suggests they take their fight elsewhere and he does so which I have seen suggests that he views him as a worthy opponent. Except there are several instances where Guisarme tries to sadistically kill the boy and gets increasingly annoyed by how powerful Lloyd was in comparison to him. As for anything else, the anime does have some comedic moments like Lloyd sneezing during Guisarme's monologue, irritating him. However, at the same time, I wouldn't say that Guisarme is treated so much as a joke that his actions are not taken seriously. Him breaking Jade's will and rendering him in a husk of his former self without his personality is treated as very horrific as is his plan of waging a war to poke fun at Jade because the young man was a pacifist who hated conflict.

Heinous standard[]

So, for the anime, we have another Majin named Pazuzu, an ape-like entity who much like Guisarme, tries to take over the world. Here, he experiments with some bearwolves, splicing characteristics from other species to make them stronger and when he has the martial artist Tao Yuihua, at his mercy, he melts her clothes and gropes her. Whether he intended to do more to her is uncertain because Lloyd thankfully arrives and curb-stomps the fool. That, and he actually had some meaningful conversation with Grim over how he should have lived life to the fullest and grants the goat demon all his powers before he crumbled to dust completely. He also claimed to have killed the parents of the bearwolves, but that is offscreen.

Honestly feel that Guisarme edges out more because of how horrific the demonic possession he and his fellow Majins inflict on the people of Lodost. They are basically walking around in flesh suits after they destroyed their personalities.