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What is the work?

The Minion is a 1998 horror/action film starring Dolph Lundgren and Françoise Robertson respectively as the lead characters. Minion takes place in New York in December 1999, the ending of the millennium. Eons ago, there were four figures: the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and the Antichrist (apparently God's brother, or something to that effect). The Antichrist grew to despise humanity, thus leaving Christ no choice but to cast the Antichrist out, and lock him away. The Antichrist had anticipated his release at the end of a millennium, and he tasks his servant, the Minion, with finding the key so that he could bring Armageddon to the Earth. With that being said, here's the Minion: 

Who is it?

The Minion is the familiar of the Antichrist who had made it its goal to obtain the key in hopes of releasing its master from the bottomless pits of Hell. The Minion has the ability of taking possession of people's bodies if they were to come into contact with one of its hosts. AS such, the Minion doesn't have a physical body, and it is incapable of dying. 

The Minion had been alive for centuries; enough to have left a mark on several religions. For instance, it is what many Native Americans refer to as a Wendigo, given its ability to BodySurf. 

What has it done?

In December of 1999, two city workers stumble upon a hidden chamber, buried within the sewers of New York. What's odd about this chamber is that a skeleton of a deceased Templar was in the ruins of the chamber. A Mohawk archeologist, named Karen Goodleaf, is called to investigate the discovery. She notices that in the skeleton's hand was an artifact that, when opened, revealed a key. The Minion is introduced killing one of the watchmen, and it attacks Karen with the intention of obtaining the key. Before it could do so, a man in priest garb comes out of nowhere and kills the Minion's host by using a spiked gauntlet. The mysterious man identifies himself as Lukas Sadorov, a member of the Knights Templar who (according to this take) have been assigned by Christ himself with keeping the key from the hands of the Minion. If the Minion were to obtain the key, it would release the Antichrist from his prison, which would result in the apocalypse. Formulating a plan, Karen agrees to help Lukas hide the key in return for him sharing secrets about the Templar so that she could write a book based on her discoveries. 

Since the Minion needs a human host, Karen decides that the best way to hide the key from its grasp is to immerse it in nuclear waste at a nuclear waste depository. Said depository happened to have been built on her childhood reservation. Since her grandfather, Michael Bear, works as a foreman for the company, she's convinced that he would allow them to hide the key there. It helps that he also had a dream regarding the Minion, whom he dubs as the Wendigo. However, the police arrest the two because they confused Lukas' killing of the Minion's hosts as ritualistic killings. While they are in custody, the Minion takes over the mind of one of the cops, and massacres a majority of the officers. Thankfully, the two are able to escape, and they head to the facility. Unbeknownst to them, the Minion jumps into Professor Schulman's body, and it informs the remaining officers that the two convicted killers were heading to the Wakanasake Nuclear Containment Facility. 

The Minion then murders Michael, and it takes over his body, tricking Lukas into handing him the key. A fight ensues, and he escapes to Jerusalem to release his master. It makes itself known in the Knights' sanctuary, and it slaughters several of the members.  It attempts to finish off the commander of the Knights Templar, but its host body is killed by Bernhard. Bernhard makes the unfortunate mistake of glancing into the host's eyes, and he ends up getting possessed by the Minion. The Minion takes the key, and it goes to open the gates to Hell. 

Minion!Bernhard is killed, and Lukas and Karen are able to reseal the door despite the Antichrist's temptations. The Minion, since it is a spirit isn't killed, which most likely means that it will try to unleash its master within the next millennium. Until then, Lukas and Karen, as the lone survivors of the Knights Templar, stay to keep watch of the key. 

Freudian Excuse? Mitigating factors?

The Minion says a few remarks in the film that seem to suggest that it cares for its master, referring to him as "sweet" is one such example. However, I felt that the Minion was more fanatically devoted to the Antichrist rather than genuinely loving him, making it clear that it was going to enjoy the chaos that the Antichrist would unleash onto the world if he were ever released. 

As for whether or not it has moral agency, the Minion has agency on the grounds of being a demon according to Christian folklore. It is also overly sadistic, choosing to massacre several innocents when it didn't suit its mission.

Heinous standard

Of a grander scale; with its scheme of releasing its master, the Minion was hoping to bring the Apocalypse to Earth which would lead to the end of the world.  That should be self-explanatory.

As for Lukas, he does kill a few people, but he only does so, because they were being controlled by the Minion. While he kills them, he never as much as bludgeons them to death; what he does is akin to giving them a mercy kill. Besides his career as a knight, he was a former Spetsnaz who had taken part in massacring an entire village in Afghanistan, but he was only following orders. That, and he clearly regrets what he had done, if him leaving the Soviet army was any indication.

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