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What is the work?

The Alice Killings is a Creepypasta story about an investigation on five murders. It later became a popular Vocaloid song. 

Who is the Alice Killer? Why should he be removed?

The main issue with the killer is that he is too enigmatic. He commits grisly murders because of some vague mumblings of nihilistic viewpoints such as death being more beautiful than life among other things. Some of his murders include things like sewing crowns onto children and leaving behind ominous calling cards.

Ultimately the reason as to why he should be removed is because he's barely even a character. We do have villains listed that do have one-note personalities and motivations, but the killer here doesn't even appear in the story proper. There is a part of the story where a hooded man is dragging a garbage bag that is bulging oddly, but it is never confirmed that the hooded man and the killer are one and the same. The story itself is not exploitative and has an actual plot to it. The issue is that the killer barely exists as a character beyond "Ha! Ha! Death's better than life, so I'll kill some people!" 

Again, not every candidate needs to have a compelling character and complex motivations. Where I feel the killer fails at is being nothing more than a plot device.


A cut IMO.

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