I'm proposing someone now that I've got 500+ edits. This is Akasha I've rarely done PE proposals ever

Who she is and her crimes

Due to queen of the damned having 2 versions, I'm going to put 3 sections. Book, Film and Both for this main villain's crimes in said story


Disturbing vampires, power hungry sexist petty sadist xenophobic tyrannical murderer, child abuse, attempted planet domination and humiliating others etc


Multiple massacres in Egypt, distubring Lestat her love interest eventually and attempting to command him to and herself to him murder said love interest, blackmail etc


Hypnosis, unfair death sentences and petty attempts to make other women commit murder etc

Reedeeming qualities/excuses

None though she GIVES others these disturbing other vampires and even Lestat her love interest who himself is an EXTREME anti hero

Heinous standards

In terms of Black and Gray morality, her actions put her on Black scale WHOLE way through


Petty, Selfish and sexist sadist power obsessed tyrant to the point she was willing to exterminate whole genders and races even at the cost of kids, disturb her own love interest and fellow vampires in her quest to rule Earth near instant yep

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