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If anyone tries to say Joker's care for Harley is genuine, show them this gif. Poor Harley. She did not deserve this from her abuse towards the person she thought loved her when it really was not.

I got permission from Jester of chaos to make this proposal.

Well well well, today might be a better proposal I have published on this wiki right now. Anyways, I am now making my second Joker PE Proposal here but this time, it's a formality post rather than the actual proposal since the Arkhamverse Joker's lock was added by a user who is not an admin if you are wondering. If anyone did not know about this or not read my favorite villain's channel I am a massive superhero fan so it's not hard to see me making some superhero proposals here.

Anyways, this will be my tenth proposal here on this wiki as of now, so enough with the chit-chat. Without further to do, let's get started!

What's the Works?

The DC Animated Universe is produced by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini where it is a collection of DC animated movies and shows produced by them. One of the most popular creations is Batman: The animated series that follows Batman as he defeats many criminals to put them behind bars and one of them was his archnemesis, The Joker.

Who is He? What Has He Done?

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

In the past, the man was a criminal and a Valestra mob. The leader asked Andrea's father to pay them tomorrow or he will die but little did they know he and Andrea would fly to a new country. However, the man killed Beaumont and passed by Andrea when leaving leading her to find the body of her father. He then formed his own gang in order to rob the Ace Chemical plant but Batman arrives which leads to the man jumping into a vat of chemicals causing his skin to turn white, his hair green, and his lips red causing him to go insane and become The Joker.

Joker meets Valestra for business which is to kill Batman in exchange for some bucks. Joker of course agreed and decide to help Valestra in killing Batman. But of course, Joker kills Valestra and plays the recording tape knowing it's not Batman leading the vigilante to flee after the explosion. Joker then came into Reeve's office and reveals himself to be the real killer and mafia while also forcing Reeves to cancel the lunch date before giving Reeves Joker venom. Joker then encounters the vigilante who he figures out is Andrea before fighting her in the end escapes from her and turns on a big fan to kill Andrea but failed in the end. Joker then hides in a tower with many robotic vehicles to fight Batman and escape to blow up his hideout which will cause many people to die if the bomb finishes. Joker escapes but Batman catches him leading him to get captured by Andrea.

Batman: The Animated Series

In Christmas With the Joker, Joker escapes on a Christmas tree leading Batman and robin to chase after him on Christmas. On television, joker hijacked the television with the show called "Christmas With the Joker" wanting Batman to see his television kidnapping Gordon, Gleeson, and Harvey Bullock. He then shows everyone that he will kill everyone on the train which has Gleeson's mother on it by blowing up the bridge before Batman and Robin saves them. Joker then tries to kill both by using a canon but that did not work out in the end after the canon got destroyed. Joker then introduced a Betty Blooper Doll to Gleeson realizing it's from the toy factor which was the hideout causing him to play the Nutcracker before attacking Batman and Robin. He then has the hostages on the pot and threatened Batman to open the present which was a pie in the end. But in the end, Joker was sent to jail on Christmas.

In The Last Laugh, Joker sends a robotic clown of green garbage that made people laugh when they smelled it and used it to rob the town like jewels, leading to everyone causing havoc. Joker then sends his henchman but they failed to cause the robot to make Batman dizzy and send him into the trash can so he can drown but Batman escapes. Joker rids the dead robot to escape but in the end, joker tries to kill Batman but failed when being hanged by the cable saving him from the fire.

In Be A Clown, Joker was pissed for being compared to Batman leading to him coming up with a plan. He then disguises himself as Jekko and planed a stick of dynamite on a cake before batman stops his plan but little did he know Jordon's son got on the truck and chased after Joker in order to learn magic tricks. Joker then throws cards at Batman but misses leading to him throwing a gas card at Batman knocking him out. Joker traps him in a water tank trap but Jordon sides with Batman and tries to save him however, Joker ends up chasing him to do something while also throwing grenade dolls at Batman but Joker failed again to Batman in the end.

In Joker's Favor, Joker was riding a car which lead him to encounter a man named Charlie Collins while driving causing Charlie to lash out at him due to a bad say. This causes Joker to chase after him and decides to spare him in an unknown favor. Two years later Joker calls Charlie in the favor leading Charlie with no choice but to enter Gotham. He then asked Charlie to be Harley's right-hand man by delivering a cake to Gordon promising Charlie to return home when the deed is done. After the plan is done when all the victims are paralyzed as well as placing a bomb on Gordon, he leaves Charlie revealing he never promises to leave Charlie at home. Being cornered by Batman he throws Batman a bomb before encountering Carlie with a fake bomb in his hand. Due to this, he begs Batman to come to get him before finding out the bomb was fake and was sent to prison.

In The Laughing Fish, Joker introduced his fish as he hires G. Carl Francis for business and explains his plan. However, the fish cause others to laugh maniacally due to the Joker's venom before capturing Bullock into a shark tank. This causes Batman to sacrifice himself to save Bullock which leads to the tank getting shattered leading to Joker jumping off the building and presumably getting killed by the shark.

In The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne, Joker Two-Face, and the Penguin arrive with bags of money betting on Batman's identity only for Batman to trick Hugo leading the villain to turn on him before Batman destroys the plane's fuel leading to their arrest.

In Joker's Wild Joker and Ivy are watching the news and see his building called "Joker's wild" leaving him angry before faking his illness to escape Arkham. He disguises himself in the casino and plays with the people until he meets Bruce leading him to get beaten by him and Bruce finding out about Joker. He then rigs the basement of the casino with explosives in an attempt to blow up the place. After Batman tells him that Kaiser intended to destroy the casino for money, he decides to disconnect the explosives to catch up with Kaiser before leaving an explosion for Batman. He then cornered Kaiser on the helicopter and intend to kill him before Batman arrived to stop him leaving him behind bars.

In Almost Got 'Im, The villains are playing poker while telling stories to each other about how they almost won against Batman. Joker's story was about him torturing Batman on an electrical chair by making the audience laugh at Harley's joke until Catwoman saved him. Joker win's the bet and revealed that he will turn Catwoman into cat food when he knocked her out much to the villain's horror. Killer Croc throws Joker and revealed that it's Batman who was disguised to the others before arresting them on the spot.

In The Man Who Killed Batman Joker sends Harley to kidnap Charlie and decides to meet him to prove Batman is not dead. But when both he and Harley staged a pre-ambush museum, Batman did not come leading to them not stealing the jewelry stating that without Batman, there is no punchline. He then plans an ambush at Batman's funeral where Joker becomes The Joker. He placed Charlie in the coffin and put it on the conveyer belt with acid which is a death trap in the hopes of killing Charlie before leaving him.

In Harley and Ivy Joker and Harley are driving away from Batman on a car chase. When he asked Harley to hand him a gun, it end's up being a joke item instead of a real quick leading him into throwing a gun at Harley. Batman caught up which lead Harley to push the boost button escaping Batman in the process. Joker then rants about Harley screwing up in giving Joker the gun despite Harley stating she helped him escape from Batman. This caused Joker to throw her out of the hideout in rage. Joker then rants about why Harley did not come back only to find out she is the New Queens of Crime. This causes him to be enraged for being the best thief without him. He then acts cool to Harley saying he missed her in order to track her down. After he encountered Harley and Ivy, he tries to use his Joker venom on Ivy, but it did not affect her causing his goons to be defeated. When this happened he picks up a Tommy gun and shoots at Batman causing the chemical drum to start a fire and leading his goons to flee while Joker gets knocked down. In Prison, he rants about now wanting no woman in his gang.

In Trial Joker plays the Judge and after the verdict of not guilty was done, he still chose to punish Batman and Janet stating this was already planned from the very beginning. All the villains were about to reveal Batman's identity, but Janet throws a Batarang causing the lights to go out and letting Batman escape to defeat everyone.

In Harlequinade Joker encountered a mob and scares everyone with a joke bomb with gas inside for the leader and uses the bomb on Gotham. He went to Mayer's office and traps Mayer alongside the bomb in order to destroy Gotham but gets destroyed by Batman before reuniting with Harley but she turns on him and decides to leave them to die. In the end, his plan got foiled due to Harley's weapons, and manages to manipulate Harley to join him once again.

In Make 'Em Laugh Joker abducted Lisa from her apartment and brainwashed both comedians into mindless criminals causing them to lose their jobs. This leads to the Joker taking the trophy and introducing himself as the Joker in front of the audience before leaving to escape with the mop woman. In the end, he fights with Batman but almost wins when Robin came to save him leading to the Joker getting arrested again while also being humiliated by the public.

Superman: The Animated Series

Joker and Harley robbed the Dragon statue and decide to pay a visit to lex Luthor which is a plan to kill Superman interesting Luthor. Joker took out the guys and forced the guy's gang to vote on making Joker the leader. Joker finds Bruce, kidnaps Lois, and attempts to kill Bruce but decides to leave him after he survives. Joker breaks the statue in an attempt to kill Superman for his plan. He shows Superman showing Lois and his hideout and tries to attack him with the kryptonite but failed due to the suit. However, Joker figures it out and uses acid in order to affect Superman with kryptonite before Batman came causing Joker to trap everyone in the room before filling it with gas. This causes Superman to escape after the Kryptonite is destroyed before throwing explosive marbles escaping once again causing the other buildings nearby to get destroyed. He again encountered Lex who is furious about destroying his lavatory and decides to talk like a gentleman to explain what happened to lead to Luthor giving Joker the last chance before the deal is off. Joker meet's Batman and attacks him with the spider robot Luthor created. Lex decides to meet Joker one last time for payback but Joker being a smart-ass tricks Luthor into thinking it was kryptonite when it was party tricks leading them to it take and trap Luthor in the ship to kill Batman and Superman. He uses the ship to activate the giant robots and to destroy man buildings in metropolis but was stopped by Barman before presumably killing him.

The New Batman Adventures

In Holiday Knights Joker reveals on TV he will not kill everyone on Christmas but he intends to make up for the loss in his activity. He then plants a bomb once new years start while also stocking up Joker masks to hide. Fortunately, Joker was caught by Batman for his plans once the New Year hit leaving him trapped in the bell.

In Joker's Millions, Joker and Harley are broke and tried to plan a robbery but did not go well due to the fact they have no money leading him to ditch Harley. He gets a letter from Edward Barlowe who died leaving him with millions of dollars and having a good life until now. He learned that he owes the Internal Revenue Service $137 million for tax. However, he found out the money has Barlowe's face and a videotape revealing that he only gave Joker $10 dollars leaving Joker enraged about this. He then goes back to his crimes spree in order to rebuild his fortune given the fact if he does not pay the tax then Joker will go to jail. He does this by stealing lots of money from the Gotham Mint that was transported by the boat but was found by Batman and his allies leading him to go to prison and beaten by Harley in the meantime.

In Old Wounds Joker displays the radar disruptor for his next plan as he uses it to scramble nearby radar signals however, his plan was foiled by Batman, in the end, leading him to be arrested after he accidentally destroyed the radar disruptor.

In Beware the Creeper Joker plan on staging his own tribute and throws laughing gas on the others and the news reporter causing Joker to throw him in the vat of chemicals to the audience before encountering Batman. This causes Joker to give the man a cigar leading to the building to blow up before leaving. Joker then finds Harley celebrating his anniversary causing him to throw her out on finding out who is stealing his act. Joker then encountered the creeper and attacks him with an exploding chemical before trying to escape from Batman and attacking the creeper once again. Creeper comes on Joker's car and all of them got in the dumpster before getting thrown by Creeper.

In Mad Love Joker and Harley tries to kill Gordon in a checkup before encountering Batman leading to Harley using gas on him and throwing a bomb in the room with Gordon. Joker abused Harley while trying to make his plans. When Harkey asked to just kill him, he was outraged by it and plotted a plan on trying to make a piranha tank for Batman before throwing Harley in a room for interrupting him. In a flashback, Joker meets Harley for the first time as he manipulates her into a fake tragedy causing Harley to become a villain and ally of Joker. Joker became shocked when he founds out about Harley's plan and knocks her out of the window furious about her plan before letting Batman out and failing to kill him causing him to escape on a train. In the end, he was defeated by Batman after the fight and pushed into the shadows.

Static Shock

Static get's kidnapped by Joker and decides to recruit some crews but the others are left terrified after using his laughing smoke on a villain. He kidnaps a firetruck to rob a bank and escapes with his minions. Joker found out Batman tracked him but after Shiv stated how they are outnumbered by the heroes, Joker find out they do have an advantage and the fact Batman did not know about him in the city. Joker tells the bird girl to be the bait but Static calls Batman and Robin causing them to be beaten by Joker's gang and kidnapped. He asked his minions to film his killing of Batman and Robin before Static saves them and defeats the Joker.

Justice League

In Injustice For All, he interrupted Lex's group and decides to join his group knowing how to defeat batman by making them pretend to play poker while Joker knocks Batman from behind succeeding with his plan. He wakes Batman and urged Luthor to kill Batman before leaving after Lex refuses to listen. Joker then meet's Batman and decides to show a television of the Justice Ledge base planning to blow it up killing everyone and after the plan is done, Joker will get Batman. But of course, the justice ledge found out about the bomb causing Joker to cut Batman but Grundy doesn't allow him to cut Batman. Joker run's to Batman after the villains get defeated but find's him gone from his cell before getting beaten by Batman.

In Wild Cards Joker tells everyone to stay tuned to what is going to happen on his show. He hides the bomb in the city that will detonate in 22 minutes which only the Justice Ledge can track while also setting up many cameras in the city. After Superman finds the bomb, he brings the royal flush gang to stop them from succeeding but Batman and the others save the day and fight the royal flush gang. Joker reveals their backstory and how he manages to free them. The bomb was a trick all along instead of the real one revealing there are 25 bombs. The flash finds the real bomb and Joker reveals if he does any tricks the bomb will blow. After John finds another bomb, Joker blows it up anyway despite not finishing the countdown wounding him. The final bomb was disabled when the flash throws it out once the timer is over and Joker congratulate the justice ledge for winning. Joker then reveals Ace's power which is to make anyone crazy just by looking at her or on TV and due to the fact he is already crazy, he can't be affected by it which means every justice ledge, and everyone gets caught on Ace's power. However, Batman came to stop him but Joker tells ace to attack him leading Joker to beat Batman up while being dizzy. Unfortunately, Batman manages to pull the collar off the Joker causing Ace to turn on him and use her powers on him before leaving stopping The Joker once and for all.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Joker hired Harley to act like a defenseless woman in order for Tim to rescue her leading him to get knocked out and tortured by the joker for three weeks into telling him their secrets and becoming their mindless son in the original Arkham. He reveals he turned Robin into Joker. Jr before fighting Batman and showing him a video of his torture causing Batman to be enraged and attempts to kill him but Joker end's up stabbing Batman's leg before letting Tim deliver the punchline on killing Batman. However, Tim manages to break free and shoots Joker instead of Batman saying "That's not funny... That's not..." before dying. Or is it?

Joker was furious about what happened when his gang only brought in a big chip causing Bonk to get angry due to Joker not telling the plan and not giving money but only junk. This causes Joker to point a gun at him by first faking it now killing Bonk for real shocking everyone before talking about the past about how time changes and forcing his goons to be with him on his plan. Joker interrupts Bruce's speech and sends his minions to come after them before revealing to everyone that he has returned shocking Bruce. Joker then sends the wolf to defeat Terry before leaving and setting off the explosives due to the plan being complete. Joker breaks into Bruce's Batcave to say hello before giving him a laughing gas at him as well as painting the bat cave with his laugh.

Terry finds out that Tim is the Joker causing Joker to reveal that he was correct revealing that he has taken control of a Hyperion class defense satellite, intending to use it to bring Gotham under his control. This cause Terry to track down Joker and confront his goons which he defeated. Drake turns on Terry before transforming into the joker. Joker reveals how he is still alive by showing everyone he put a chip on Drake's neck when they met even after his death meaning Joker is still alive but in Drake's body. He reveals he will use the satellite to either destroy Wayne Manor, the hospital, or Terry's house. But before he can activate the satellite Terry calls ace to free him before fighting Joker. After Terry roasts Joker such as trying to make Batman laugh during their battle and being unpredictable to Joker unlike Batman, Joker becomes furious and pin's terry on the ground before choking him. However, Terry reveals he retrieved the joy buzzer before zapping Joker at the back of the neck destroying the micro-chip and killing the Joker once and for all.

Mitigating Factors

It's the Joker. What do you expect from a guy like him? He does not give a shit for his gang and Harley since he consistently abuses them and kills them for laughs, commits crimes for the evulz, and has no tragic backstory, unlike most villains. But while he may have comedic moments, they barely distressed from his horrific crimes he committed and lastly, he is just a despicable monster who loves causing chaos either way.

Hell even his henchman are scared of him, Poison Ivy hated him, and his own voice actor felt uncomfortable playing as him because of his horrific crimes in his final appearance in Batman Beyond film which really says a lot about him if you think about it.

I don't think this needs a long explanation.

Heinous Standards

He may just be a normal human with an organization but he still left a very big impact in the DC animated universe. The standards of the franchise are very high but in my eyes, I believe Joker still stands out. I don't think it's even fair to compare him to other villains who have god abilities such as Granny Goodness or even Darkseid. As a matter of fact, I am not letting this become the new Armin Zola proposal incident because of this, so please don't start this war.

Anyway, he is honestly one of the evilest villains in the universe I have seen right now. He may start out generic but as his arc continues, he starts to get even worse until Batman Beyond. As I said, he may be just a normal human but he made a very big impact in the story if you think about it. Let's look at how he stands out like the rest of the villains. He murders countless people with his Joker venom, murdered Andrea Beaumont’s making him the one responsible for Andrea becoming a villain, used his venom gas on making an entire town crazy, plans on turning Catwoman into meat after capturing her, poisoned the fish into Joker fishes causing many people getting affected by it, attempts to nuke Gotham while not caring if the Arkham prisoners are in there or not, blew up many buildings in Metropolis killing so many people, made a reality game where the justice ledge has to find a bomb or else they will explode in the city and even used Ace to drive 70 million everyone (including his crew) insane not caring what would happen to them or die until Batman finally stops him.

They may not look much, but by the time Batman beyond came I say he passes the standard since his crimes became very horrific in the film. He tortured Tim into both giving information and turning him insane for three weeks, planted a chip on his neck to continue his atrocities in his body, and even pushed him into killing his own mentor Batman. This act was so horrible that Batman actually tries to kill him for what he did to Tim and if that's not enough, his actions not just broke apart the bat family, but it took a year for Tim to even recover from his insanity leaving a very big impact even after he may seem gone. In his final act, he kills his own goon for turning on him, almost drives Bruce insane who is an elderly at the time while also wounding Ace who is just a dog, killing hundreds of people with buildings in a big city, and finally blow up the hospital where Dana is recovering, Mary McGinnis' residence and Wayne Manor with a satellite laser just to spite Terry but when that fails, he tries to kill terry one last time by choking him. So with that out of the way, I think despite the standards of the series, I still think the Joker stands out because of how horrific and vile his actions are.

Final Verdict

Easy yes for the final Joker in the Formality post. Oh, man. I really just did two joker proposals in this wiki which I really should be proud about.