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This is one twisted psychotic girl. If you see this girl anywhere or even at your school, call the police immediately. She literally murdered her boyfriend Yasuke Matsuda out of despair, which demonstrates her evilness. Cold as fuck.

Well, guys, this is gonna be my second formally post on this wiki and at the same time my sixth proposal right now. This one is a character that I was surprised that she did not get a proposal because she was Auto-Approved which means she did not get a proper proposal before the rule came out. Today I am gonna do it, and I will introduce you all to this psychotic girl, Junko Enoshima.

Oh, by the way, I got permission from Jester of chaos to do this proposal so yeah without further to do, let's get started!

What's the Work?

The Danganronpa series focuses around 16 high school students, who are forced to participate in a mutual killing game. The students are told that there is a serial killer amongst them and must determine who is that killer, who is then promptly executed. However, if an innocent person is accused and convicted, they are promptly executed. If the students are unable to determine who is the killer, one by one they are eventually murdered by the true killer.

Who is She? What has he Done?

Junko is the main antagonist of the entire Danganronpa series. She is the mastermind behind the killing games and the one responsible for the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human history.

Her backstory is unknown but it was stated that she was born with a twin sister name Mukuro. Over the years, she ends up getting bored in life due to her having the power to predict everything whenever it's events or anything like that. This caused her to fall in love with despair since she believed that's the only thing that's made her happy over the course up until now.

She was seen leaving the taxi and waiting for her sister Mukuro before going in a limo while in it, she tries to stab Mukuro just to taste despair but due to being the ultimate soldier, she blocked all of them as well as the grenade Junko threw out her which caused the other car to get exploded killing the person on it. She then kidnapped a person in HPA and tortured them by scooping his eye out with a spoon covered with curry presumably killing him. After they entered the room Izuru is in and killed the guards, she manipulates and threatens to kill him, but Izuru defeats her and Mukuro with no effort. Due to this, she tells him how much she loves despair but Izuru was not interested in it. She then tells her the reason she loves despair it's the fact she is bored. However, Izuru knocks her out due to the alarm being set off. Both of them recovered and revealed that Izuru will be waiting for them before encountering Ryota thinking he would be useful.

She then uses Ryota's brainwashing technique into brainwashing Mikan while also planning on making the Student Council Killing Game show Izuru. After she watches the killing game end, she frames Izuru for starting the Student Council massacre while also revealing they were experimented on leading them to turn bad. During this, Nagito and Chiaki encountered her as Nagito attempts to kill her to stop despair only to get bodied by Izuru. She end's up brainwashing alongside lobotomizing Chisa painfully turning her into despair. She thanked Ryota for teaching her the brainwashing trick as all the reserve course students surrounds her as they also bid farewell to Ryota as well.

After being defeated by Juzo, she exposes him by showing him in the love of Kyosuke (Literally showing he is gay) which leads to her being released by him. After Mikan leads them to a trial, she made sure Class77-B can't move as they are forced to watch Chiaki getting tortured and killed in front of them turning them into ultimate Despair. With her plan complete, she watches as she sees the Class-77B graduating leading them to cause havoc around the city. After she kicks and stomps Mukuro saying that seeing a hopeful world fall into despair, she sees the reserve course students destroy everything in hopes peek and rewarded them by showing them a brainwashing video causing them to commit suicide after their duties are done stating they are useless to her due to their abilities. She then came to Class 78th to see them shut themselves in to keep themselves saved. While in it she throws a wrench at Makoto missing him stating that he is the only person she can't predict denying the chance to kill him.

In Danganronpa Zero, She tested the memory-erasing on herself for Class 78th taking on the identity as Ryota Otonashi leading to her spending time with Yasuke for some time until she regains her memory causing her to murder Yasuke just to feel despair before continuing her plan.

She then encounters the four children who are Monaca Towa, Nagisa Shingetsu, Kotoko Utsugi, Masaru Daimon, and Jataro Kemuri as all of them were about to commit suicide due to their past. Junko stops them and manipulates them into working with her causing them to form a group called the warrior of hope as they all plan on killing all adults in the city but the children lived. She then started a killing that involves Class 78th to be reinvited into Hope's peek before erasing their memories as well as killing Kirigiri's father Jin the headmaster. She then made Mukuro pretend to be Junko while she is controlling Monokuma to watch the students. Long story short, Mukuro died from Junko realizing this was not part of the plan but still happened.

Realizing Kyoko stole the key that can unlock everything, she staged her own murder breaking the rules by attempting to kill Makoto to frame Kyoko but failed as soon as she came into his room. She then used Mukuro's corps to start the trial to stop Kyoko but end up making Makoto the blackened leading to his execution but was saved from Alter ego. After Makoto figures out Junko is the mastermind behind everything she reveals herself to everyone as she admits to everything she's done from the memories wipe and the biggest most awful tragic event in human history shocking everyone in the trial.

In her final attempt, she tries to get everyone in despair by telling them if any one of the students chose “Despair”, Makoto alone will take a huge punishment and if anyone chose "Hope" everyone has to stay at hope's peek. However, hope boy aka Makoto manages to convince everyone to fight for hope defeating Junko once and for all. After the trial ended she decided to accept her execution in order to feel one last big despair killing her once and for all.

Heinous Standards

Of all the characters in the series, Junko is easily the absolute worst one of them all.

She manipulated Ryota by teaching her how to brainwash others and used it on Mikan while also kidnapping her just for her to be experimented on, forcing the Student Council to participate in a sadistic killing game by using items to motivate them which lead to all of them dying while she takes pleasure and filming them to frame Izuru that she manipulated. If that is not enough, she tortured Chiaki to death while also forcing her classmates to watch it leading to them being brainwashed and becoming ultimate despair. This would lead to them killing everyone, atrocities, and many more crimes committed until they were freed after many years.

She also brainwashed the reverse course students to murder the Main Course students and after they outlived their usefulness she used the suicide video to brainwash them into committing suicide which is a total of 2,357 dead from it. All of those actions lead to "The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind" killing millions if not billions of people and starting everything that happened in the series. Finally, she started the killing game for Class 78 leading to only six surviving while 10 of them died and even made one last attempt on making everyone feel despair by saying that everyone they loved was gone.

She doesn't just meet the standards, she sets it.

Mitigating Factors

Oh boy, this is gonna be tricky to deal with. For one thing, I think it's pretty clear that she knows what she's doing is wrong but still does it showing her moral agency despite being psychotic so that's out of the way.

While she may feel emotions toward others especially her classmates, in reality, she only loves them out of sheer despair not out of genuine care for them since the only time she will love them is if they are feeling pain in them which develops despair. To make matters even worse, she enjoys her own suffering just as much as others in order to feel even more despair in many circumstances such as feeling pain in her execution and killing Yasuke after she regains her own memory just to feel so much despair for herself.

Another thing I should point out is while she may have a twin sister by her side, she is willing to kill her to feel even more despair which happened many times in the series up until her death. She has done many attempts of trying to kill Mukuro from stabbing her to throwing a bomb to make her explode up until the killing game started. So yeah, it's safe to say she only sees Mukuro as a way to feel despair instead of genuine care.

Lastly, while you may say she has tons of comedic moments, let me assure you that none of them even distress from her heinous crimes of killing billions of people that nearly caused extinction to humanity. If anything she is still played dead seriously in universe. Not to mention her comedic moments just shows how psychotic and insane she is which means those comedic moments just helped her get closer to being evil. This is the same situation with Tzekel-Kan where there is a difference between only making your audience laugh and being funny in-universe. The reason why I am stating this is that both of them shared that trait since Junko and Tzekel were only funny to the viewers but in-universe they are still considered a threat.

So in conclusion here's your answer. Junko has zero redeeming qualities in her character. Only seeing everything and everyone as a way to feel despair on them.

Final Verdict

She is an overall yes for her twist in beliefs in despair, and how she literally killed billions of lives just because she was bored with everything. She never truly cares about everyone but herself and she ultimately has zero redeeming qualities.