I wanna make one thing perfectly clear: I am in no way suffering in the same way others are, especially the elderly or the sick and they are in my thoughts. All I've battled is a cold but even then I'm still getting anxiety over getting corona virus. The thing that has been affecting me most though is the social distancing. I know it's for the good of others so I'm not saying we shouldn't but i just really need to rant about the situation. Please don't think I don't understand why we're doing it. I don't like the fact that my new counselor has to do phone service and that group therapy has been cancelled till further notice-before I've even had a chance to try it. I don't like that i can't talk to my friends or other family members in person. I'm trying to get out of my current lease and i don't want to move in with my parents we just have way too many issues, but I'm worried I'll have to if this virus is affecting rent and who wants me to rent a room from them. I have seriously been struggling allot with suicidal thoughts right now. I live in Colorado and i read that our governor, Jarrod Pollis, said social distancing should be mandatory or something along those lines. I'm sure he has his reasons obviously but it really doesn't feel good and I've gone through days where I just wish I was dead already. I feel like I've finally gotten a hold on my life, reaching out to other family members after my relationship with my parents has gone down hill and I wanted to start dating again. Now that has to be limited to electronic devices, dating has to be held off, and I'm reading articles saying this could go on for years. I just want someone to tell me I'm not alone and that you care. Cause I feel really alone right now. The only social life I have now is my work because I work at a grocery store. The customers all appreciate me working and I appreciate them telling me that but I'm just really not in a good place. I know it's not as bad a place as those of others, believe me. But I just need support right now. I'm so unbelievably scared.

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